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What type of chair is the PewDiePie chair?

What type of chair is the PewDiePie chair?

The PewDiePie Chair is a gaming chair manufactured by Clutch Chairz brand, and produced in honor of the YouTube sensation PewDiePie. The chair has an ergonomic design, leather seat, firm back, is highly adjustable with lumbar support.

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Who is PewDiePie?

PewDiePie’s name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg a Swedish national best known for his ‘Let’s Play’ videos on YouTube. His comedic formatted videos enjoy extensive play making him one of the top content creators on the channel.

With over 111 million subscribers and
28.2 billion total views his YouTube channel is highly synonymous with YouTube gaming.

PewDiePie gaming chair

Why was PewDiePie chair made?

PewDiePie chair was made in celebration of PewDiePie’s (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) achieving 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

Manufactured by CLUTCH CHAIRZ it has the ultimate blend of comfort and Ergonomics in one dynamite Gaming Chair. This limited edition is named the Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair LED 100M.

PewDiePie chair

Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair LED 100M



The Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Chair LED 100M is an ergonomic chair perfect for gaming or office use. It’s perfect for gaming, office work with good lumbar support pillow. Use the chair for long hours on your computer or sit back and relax to cool music.


Product information
Chairz PewDiePie Gaming Chair

  1. Manufactuer/Brand Name CLUTCH CHAIRZ
  2. Item weight 44 pounds
  3. Age Range for Teen or Adults
  4. Chair has a Solid back
  5. Form factor metal, recliner
  6. Recommended for Office or Gaming
  7. Product dimensions : 32.68 x 28.74 x 13.78 inchesItem Weight‎44 pounds
  8. Maximum weight capacity 2000pounds
  9. Frame material Aluminum, Alloy steel
  10. Seat material Leather

What type of chair is it?

  • Ergonomic Gaming Chair,
  • Vdeo Game Chairs
  • Office Chair
  • High Chair
  • Chair with Lumbar Pillow
  • Computer Desk Chair
  • Color Black
  • Throttle Series

More About Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie Gaming Chair LED 100M

The type of chair is Pewdiepie Led Edition 100m, type of chair Video game, material/seat type Leather, brand name CLUTCH CHAIRZ.

Made from high strength tubular steel frame, it has non marking polyurethane coated castors and 70cm heavy steel base.

You should expect an oversized Lumbar support with high density foam and adjustable recliner backrest upto 85-135 degrees, 12 degree tilt lock and a neat swivel tilt mechanism.

Features of Clutch Chairz Pewdiepie LED 100M

  • Pewdiepie Led Edition 100m
  • Type of chair Video game
  • Material Leather
  • Seat type Leather
  • Brand name CLUTCH CHAIRZ.
  • High strength tubular steel frame
  • Non marking polyurethane coated castors
  • 70cm heavy steel base
  • Oversized Lumbar support
  • Hgh density foam
  • Adjustable recliner backrest UpTo 85-135 degrees
  • 12 degree tilt lock
  • Swivel tilt mechanism

Question and Answers

Is the PewDiePie gaming chair actually comfortable?

It has good lumbar support with backrest and is highly adjustable making PewDiePie actually comfortable.

What is the price of PewDiePie’s  gaming chair?

The price of the chair is from $399, however a used one is from $150.

Who makes PewDiePie’s gaming chair?

PewDiePie has an exclusivity contract with Clutch Chair makers of Throttle Series line of gaming chairs.

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