Best Home Office Chair For Long Hours

Are you looking for the Best Home Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours, then you are in the right place. Most people search the web for home or office chairs and are bombarded by thousands of choices. This simple task becomes challenging to find the right furniture. We have conducted some research to guide you in your choice of office chairs. The best office chairs are not necessarily the expensive ones but what they offer. What to look for in the best home office chairs for sitting long hours is good posture, back support and comfort. One of our top choice is SIHOO office chair, it provides comfortable sitting, it has highly adjustable headrest and armrest. Other things to look out for is how it fits with other furniture. Here are our top 10 choice of best home office chair for sitting long hours.

Chair for back pain

Home Office Chair. Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours

Chair for working long hours

Image Product Details   Price
SIHOO Office Chair Ergonomic Office Chair, Breathable Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair Breathable Mesh Design High Back Desk Chair Check Price
2 High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair Executive Chair with Flip-Up Arms and Lumbar Support, Black Check Price

10 Best Home Office Chair for Sitting Long Hours

1. SIHOO Office Chair Ergonomic Office Chair, Breathable Mesh

Top choice

  1. SIHOO office chair.
    SIHOO office chair has a cool ergonomicvideo chair design and is a high-back desk chair. We like the mesh design, adjustable headrest and lumbar support. The chair comes in two colors black or orange and is sold for less than $200.
    SIHOO office chair has 5 adjustments is very comfortable with back support for long hours at the office. However with repeated use you may notice a slight forward slant and the seat is rather hard.

Intelligent Adjustable Chair


SIHOO office chair is an office chair top in it’s class. It has ergonomic design, solid back support for scientific healthy sitting which helps you think and work better. You can adjust the sitting posture to your needs, and especially release pressure on spine and shoulders. Sitting and relaxing is more comfortable with the backrest. Work with the lumbar pillow or use the up- down adjustment to reinforce the back.


  1. Adjustable ergonomic design
  2. Recline backrest
  3. Rebound spongy cushion
  4. Aluminum and Alloy foot
  5. 90 -125 degrees backrest adjustment
  6. Multiple work positions
  7. Item weight 35.2 pounds
  8. Item model M18-014
  9. Adjustable seat height 18 inches
  10. Chair weight 16 kg

Our thoughts

The chair is highly adjustable office chair with good back support and is multiple functionality.


2. Executive Chair with Flip-Up Arms and Lumbar Support, Black

  1. Amazon commercial high-back chair

Our thoughts

Let’s be honest this chair looks great is moderately comfortable but has some issues
The chair is made from bonded leather which is basically reconstructed leather, the build quality is average and expect the cover to wear off after several months. However the manufactures have created a commercial high-back chair with good functionality at a reasonable price for home or office use. This Amazon commercial high-back chair has flip up arms, lumbar support and comes in 3 colors black, brown or cream. It sells for less than $200 and made from faux leather material.

About the chair

Amazon faux leather chair comes with a high-back with average upholstery. However the entire chair is durable but expect some wear and tire after few months from repeated use. The design is stylish, has segmented padding, a strong durable frame and 360 degree swivel.

What to expect

  1. Ergonomic high-back bonded chair
  2. Comfortable chair
  3. Dynamic adjustments
  4. Elevated headset
  5. Sturdy design
  6. 360 degree swivel

Item description

The item weight is 42 pounds, dimensions 31 x 28.5 x 44.75, model 50610, weight 48.9 pounds.


3 Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft

Best Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours
PU-Padded Mid-Back Office Computer Desk Chair with Armrest – Black
  1. Amazon basics office computer Chair.
    Amazon basics is fulfilled by Amazon, It is shipped and sold by them. It costs less than $100 has a classic style with Puresoft PU padding. Material used in the product is polyurethane bonded leather. The chair is perfect for all-day comfort and is fitted with rolling caster wheels. Adjustable it weighs 28.2 pounds and can accommodate 275 pounds.

About the item

Amazon basics has polyurethane bonded leather material. Other features are pneumatic seat for height adjustment and KD metal frame. More include rolling caster wheels and PU padded mid-back
L W H measurements are 25.75 inches deep, 24.25 inches wide and 38.25. – 42 inches height. Item model is 51206.


  1. Rolling caster wheels
  2. 275 pounds max weight
  3. Classic style
  4. Puresoft polyurethane
  5. K D metal frame

Our thoughts

We like the Puresoft PU- padded mid-back and pneumatic seat height adjustment. The K D metal frame offers some good strength.


4. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair. Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours
best home office chairs: Office Task Desk Chair
  1. Hbada office task chair
    Habada office chairs are perfect for home office for sitting long hours. They come with flip up arms, 360 swivel, adjustable height and they come in black and white. The chairs are comfortable have sleek design, adjustable mid-back desk chair. Hbada office task chair are ideal for multi-purpose use like conference room, living room and office.

Enjoy flexible support for your lower back with 120 degree tilt tension. It has pneumatic height adjustment and maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds. It has a heavy duty base and is great for small spaces because of the compact and sturdy build.

Our thoughts
This chair has a sleek design with a cool adjustable mid-back. You will appreciate the ergonomic backrest, and heavy-duty base.


5. Amazon Basics Padded, Ergonomic, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair 

Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours

  1. Amazon basics padded
    Amazon basics padded have ergonomic design and adjustable. It features swivel motion and good desk chair with an armrest. They come in black, brown and white colors. The good news is that they sell for under $100. Sold and shipped by Amazon you get a quality product.
  2. About the item

Amazon basics padded is an ergonomic office chair with armrest. Made from black bonded leather and durable polyurethane. Adjust the height, use the angle tilt control and paddled armrest. Maximum weight is 275 pounds, item dimensions 25
98 x 25 x 39 inches


  1. BFMA certified
  2. Max weight 275
  3. Tilt control
  4. Adjustable height
  5. Model HL 002566
  6. Dual caster wheels

Proposition 65 for California considers exposure to the chemical Bisphenol a causative part of birth defects.


6. Flash Furniture High-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours

  1. Flash furniture high-back
    Flash furniture high-back is an executive chair sold for less than $150. It comes with a swivel ergonomic design, flip up arms and adjustable headrest. You get different combinations of two- tone black or blue. It is made from foam material and brand name is flash furniture
    The style is high-back, item dimensions L W H 24 x 25.5 x 52.5


  1. Dual wheel caster
  2. 360 degree swivel
  3. Tilt lock
  4. Item weight 33 pounds
  5. Material: foam
  6. Adjustable headrest

About the item
Flash furniture high-back chair with wheels are stylish chairs. They are good for home and office use. The chair manufactures conform to BFMA and ANSI standards. It has chrome base, padded flip up armrest including adjustments and footrest base.


7. Amazon Basics High-Back Executive

  1. Amazon basics high-back executive chair.
    Amazon basics high-back executive chair has a striking appearance with a solid look. However it is made from that dreaded bonded leather. Our opinion on bonded leather is that it doesn’t last. However the manufacturers have made up for this “flaw” by designing are very comfortable chair with clever additions. The padded seat has a butterfly shape to curve around the contours of the body. This offers good comfort for long hours of work. The chair is fitted with 360 swivel, adjustable height and angles including caster wheels.


  1. Black bonded leather
  2. High-back
  3. Solid armrest
  4. 360 swivel
  5. Smooth rolling

About the item

Amazon basics high-back executive chair is comfortable with black bonded leather. This chair is black, stylish, item dimensions 29.1 x 26.2 x 45.5 inches. The polyurethane bonded leather upholstery has a pewter finish. Pneumatic seat high adjustment, 360 swivel with assembling height 22.5 inches. It has BIFMA certification can carry maximum weight of 35.29 pounds.

Our thoughts

A nice executive chair for office and home. However the bonded leather will wear out in several months. It has many good attributes like the price less than $100, butterfly shape seat, striking appearance. If you want a moderate chair with daily use functionality then Amazon basics high-back executive chair is perfect.


8. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair. Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours
best home office chairs: Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly Ergonomic mesh office chair.
Gabrylly Ergonomic mesh office chair is a seat with good lumbar support. You get tilt function, flip up arms and adjustable headrest. They come in grey and black have PU wheels with loading capacity of 280 pounds. Brand name is Gabrylly, material mesh design, item dimensions L x W x H 25.6 x 22 x 45.3 inches. Item weight only 0.22 pounds.

Product features

  1. Breathable and cool feel
  2. Rolls quietly and smoothly
  3. Adjust seat height and tilt tension
  4. High quality lift
  5. Stable chair base

About the item

The chair is ergonomic office chair with 4 support points for your hips, neck, hand and back. You have the height adjustment, headrest, backrest and flip up arms ideal for long hours. Tilt the backrest 90 to 120 degrees with maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds. The breathable mesh resists abrasion and the chair is easy to install.

Our thoughts
It has 4 support points for arms, neck, hips and head. It has large mesh seat, tilt backrest upto 120 degrees. Use it as a home office chair and rest your back on this high-back desk chair. It is a good solid quality chair appropriately priced.


9. KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

best home office chairs: KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair. Office Chair For Sitting Long Hours
KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair
  1. KOLLIEE mid back mesh office chair.

Our thoughts
Don’t be deceived by the nineth position on our count down, we really like this chair. We like the mid back mesh for lower back support and the different adjustment. The style is bold and brash Americana. The item dimensions is 18 x 40 x 50 L x W x H. We also like the budget friendly price less than $80. For such a cheap chair it is full of character.

About the item

Specs are chair thickness 2.8, adjustable chair seat 18.5 x 19.7, chair back size 17.3 x 19.7. The chair has good quality material. It has high density mesh, easy installation and flip up arms with lumbar support. It has 360 swivel action, adjustable height


10. BERLMAN Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

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BERLMAN ergonomic office chair.
BERLMAN ergonomic office chair is a computer chair perfect for office and home application. Use the flip up arms and adjustable lumbar support for extra comfort. The chair comes in two colors black or white, item dimensions 26 x 26 x 49 inches, seat depth 20 inches.

About the item

The item is BERLMAN ergonomic office chair for computer and office use. The comfortable chair has high density sponge, wide seats.


How to know a good office chair?

Every office needs a good office chair for long hours working at your desk. A proper chair prevents back ache, bad posture and spine problems. Therefore it is important to give serious consideration to the type of chair purchased or used at the office. Although chairs come in different structure, frame or design, the best time for your needs is an ergonomic chair.

What is an ergonomic chair?

Although you have a huge selection of chair designs that are suitable for office ergonomic chairs are better. Ergonomic chairs are adaptable, adjustable and supportive. They are built to accommodate the needs of the user from tilt fiction, headrest, mesh backrest and other key features or design elements. In this article we will look at traditional office chairs and ergonomic office chairs.

What are the features of an ergonomic chair?

Inorder to identify an ergonomic chair you need to look for key features. Ergonomic chairs seat, height, width and depth are adjustable. The chair has lumbar support, backrest with good upholstery padding. Other features are swivel action, including armrest.

Swivel action

Many ergonomic chairs have 360 degrees swivel action. This provides easy movement around the desk. The movement is facilitated by wheel caster.


Resting your elbows or arms is important during long game sessions or working. Ergonomic chairs have adjustable armrest.


Make sure the chair of choice has adequate padding especially the seat region. Best cushion are foam fillings, synthetic material, the cloth fabric should be breathable.


Best office chairs have sturdy frame with solid backrest. Good frame material is steel or premium wood. Make sure the backrest supports the lumbar region with tilt mechanism.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support has to do with the lower back region. It is very important for long hours of work and posture. Good lumbar support protects the spine region while providing good comfort.

Seat width and length

Average seat width is 20 inches adequate to accommodate most people. Make sure the seat is firm to avoid forward dip.

Seat Height

One good feature to look out for in an office chair is the height adjustment. Make sure the chair has pneumatic adjustment. Standard adjustable seat height is from 16 to 21 inches.

Purchase an office chair with height adjustment mechanism. This is important so the person is able to place the feet flat on the floor

Top office chair brands

Now you know what to look for in a good quality of chair the next step is to know the brands. Top office chair brands areCosm Chair by Herman Miller, Different by Humanscale and Amia by Steelcase. Others are Liberty chair by Humanscale, Mirra 2 by Herman Miller, Freedom chair with headrest by Humanscale, Embody by Herman Miller, Leap chair by Steelcase, Gesture by Steelcase and Aeron by Herman Miller.

Top office chair brands

  1. Cosm Chair by Herman Miller,
  2. Different by Humanscale
  3. Amia by Steelcase
  4. Liberty chair by Humanscale
  5. Mirra 2 by Herman Miller
  6. Freedom chair with headrest by Humanscale
  7. Embody by Herman Miller
  8. Leap chair by Steelcase
  9. Gesture by Steelcase
  10. Aeron by Herman Miller.

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