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How to Clean Video Game Chair?

How to Clean Video Game Chair?

Video Game chairs don’t come cheap with regular use there is no way your chair remains spotless. Occasional dirt or spillage from beverages, food or drink is inevitable. It is important to have a cleaning culture to retain the pristine look of the furniture. Type of gaming chair dictates the method used in cleaning the furniture. Most high-end furniture come with instructions on how to maintain or clean them. Common methods for cleaning include a wipe down, brushing or handheld vacuum cleaner. Others include warm water treatment, scrubbing or use of cleaning solution.

Common methods for cleaning video game chair

  • a wipe down
  • brushing
  • handheld vacuum cleaner
  • warm water treatment
  • scrubbing
  • rubbing alcohol
  • leather conditioner
  • use of cleaning solution

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how to clean video game chair

Things you need

There are a few things you need to put in place before cleaning your chair. Make sure you know the material used in the construct. Next try to assemble cleaning tools like vacuum cleaner, duster, cleaning solution.

How to Clean Video Game Chair? Step Guide

1 determine type of upholstery on your chair

Although top grade chairs have similar functionality they are made from different materials. Different upholstery requires different cleaning method. Some have different plastic components, alloys, tempered steel. backrest and seat. Material finish include textile material, PU leather, Bonded leather, PVC leather and textile. Upholstery finish are cross-section, textured, stitched or bonded. A simple way to determine the type of upholstery material is from the instructional manual or review.

Types of video chair upholstery

  1. PVC Leather
  2. Fabric
  3. Mesh
  4. P U Leather

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1. Assemble cleaning equipment

Once you have determined the type of upholstery the next step is to assemble the cleaning equipment. Cleaning material are warm water, dish cleaner, liquor or solvents, commercial grade leather cleaner. Others are brush, foam, clean cotton cloth, vacuum cleaner, dry towel.

2. vacuum and dust

To start cleaning the chairs start by vacuuming the chair, all you need is a handheld vacuum to remove debris. Once the debris is removed use a duster to dust the chair. Finally vacuum again to remove any residue from the duster. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum on mesh or fabric chair.

Use a solvent to remove marks and spills or water based solvent. You can use regular dish washing cleaner, or commercial cleaner, gently apply the solvent wipe with soft sponge or foam to blot out any stain. Make sure you scrub dirty spots directly until it disappears, some people prefer warm water for simple home stains.

3. Tough stains

Tougher stains require a slightly more drastic solution, there are many commercial grade solvents that treat tough stains. A common household stain remover is rubbing alcohol, a liquor cleaners can harm the leather therefore use very little or test the reaction on a tiny surface of the material. Mesh material is very delicate therefore take great care not to tear the mesh.

4. Clean other parts of the chair

Apart from the upholstery the chair is made from different material. Therefore clean wooden parts with wood polish, steel, plastic or alloy with appropriate cleaners.

5. Wash frame and armrest

Use warm water to wash the armrest, frame and base, use a cloth, bowl of warm water or sponge and introduce mild detergent. Once cleaned use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry it.

6. Chair maintenance

Once you have removed tough stains, vacuumed and cleaned the chair then the next step is maintenance. To maintain the chair tighten loose screws and clean the wheel casters. Maintenance tips include keeping the chair away from direct sunlight, regular cleaning and use of leather conditioner to seal cracks on leather material.

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With regular use your chair gets dirty easily, it is essential to clean when dirty. having regular maintenance will extend the life of the chair and offer better gaming experience. Therefore getting rid of the dirt requires knowing the right cleaning agent, brush or vacuum.

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What causes dirt on our chair

Causes of dirt include eating habit, home environment, long sessions on the keyboard,

Type of chair material.

Some material are more durable than others. types of material the finish are fabric, mesh, leather bonded leather.

Types of dirt on the chairs

Common dirt in chairs are household dirt, spillage or debris.

Dirt in mesh or fabric chair

Dirt in mesh chair is difficult to clean because of the holes this is because mesh is made of threads. Fabric chairs can get very dirty because both spillage and dust stick to the fabric. spillage is worse.

leather P U chair

Leather PU chairs are usefully quality gaming chairs. The material is easier to clean than fabric material. Leather is dirt resistant and household dirt don’t stick and are easily removed. Things that cause dirt on leather chairs are debris, dirt and spillage.

Steps to clean chair

Assemble the tools

The first step to cleaning your gaming chair is to assemble the tools. Assemble the bushes, cleaning agent, vacuum cleaners, cotton cloth. next identify the material finish of the chair. type of stain, dust or debris.

Type of material

Gaming chairs are made from different types of material. their seat are made from PU leather, Fabric, bonded leather, cross-section, fabric or textured material and PVC leather. other materials are found n he wheels, armrest, legs or frame.

Surface dust and debris

Get rid of surface dust and debris with a soft brush or handheld vacuum. dust or debris are easily removed with the aid of vacuum cleaner, especially in leather. Fabric is a bit tougher because the dirt is buried with h fabric threads.

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