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Best Video Chairs for Short People

Video chairs for short people is difficult to find because most are made for average sized individuals. If you are in the short range then you need a perfect fit to enhance your skill while offering comfort and support for long sessions.

Common denominators of regular chairs are high-back, tall backrest and lumbar support. A short individual using a larger chair would experience poor circulation especially in the legs and highs because of dangling feet.

Therefore, it’s very important choosing “the perfect chair†with all the exciting features for your unique size. Here we will highlight best video chairs for short people to help enhance your gaming pleasure.

Best Video Chairs for short People

Image Product Details   Price
Footrest,Gaming Computer Chair Soontrans Gaming Chair Footrest,Gaming Computer Chair Check Price
Soontrans Red Gaming Chair Soontrans Red Gaming Chair Hight Adjustment, Lumbar Support  Check Price
Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Chair Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair with Backrest Armrest Height Adjustable  Check Price

Best video Chair for Short Person.

What to look for in a chair for short people is the ergonomic features tailored for short stature individuals. People regarded to have short stature range from people 5″ to 5.7″ feet.

key function of best video chairs for short people are height of seat from the edge to the bum. Others are seat depth and height of backrest. Perfect height requirements is when the seat edge is aligned with back of knee and inner thighs.

Minimum seat height recommended is 16.4 – 17 inches for person’s 5.1″ to 5.3 “. Person’s from 5.4” to 5.7 feet can use seat height of 17 to 18 inches. The importance of low seat depth for short stature people can’t be overemphasized. The seat depth is measured from the distance of the front edge to seat backrest.

chair for back pain

  1. Soontrans Chair
Best Video Chairs for Short People
Soontrans Chair

Soontrans chair

Soontrans is a leading furniture maker of ergonomic chairs for all-sizes. This product is perfect for both short or average sized people. It is a computer chair racing style with height adjustment for the headrest and lumbar support.

Styled in a classic version, materials used in the construct are carbon fiber PU leather. You have a choice of storm blue, dark blue in the blue range with furniture finish leather.


  1. 90-150 reclining backrest
  2. Retractable footrest
  3. Removable & adjustable head torest pillow
  4. Extra pillow support
  5. 360 swivel
  6. Heavy-duty base
  7. Weight capacity 250 ibs

About the item

The product is made from premium material and high density foam. The computer chair has ergonomic design, dimensions 15/19 WL, bottom seat 12-15 H, wheel base 26 D, overall weight 45-48.

What we like

We like retractable footrest, removable and adjustable pillow. Others are the 90-150 reclining backrest, extra lumbar pillow and universal application. Use as office or video chair.


2. Soontrans Red Chair

Soontrans Red Gaming Chair
Soontrans Red Chair

Spoontrans red

Spoontrans red is an upgraded version of the former. It has all the features of Spoontrans blue with a few additions. The only reason Spoontrans red is placed second is this big & Tall chair is better for tall people. However shorter people can use the adjustment to ” customize” to your preferred positions.


  1. Item weight 37.6 IBS
  2. Linkage armrest
  3. Lumbar support
  4. Computer chair
  5. 360 swivel
  6. Big & tall gaming chair
  7. Maximum weight 250 IBS
  8. Retractable footrest

About the item

Spoontrans red computer chair has universal application. Use the racing style design to play games, work at the office or play video games. Maximum weight capacity is 250 IBS, item weight 37.6 IBS. It has linkage armrest, lumbar support, reclining 90- 160 . Move smoothly with the 360 swivel action.


Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Chair
  1. Mr IRONSTONE chair

Focus on your epic battles with Mr. IRONSTONE ergonomic video chair. It has swivel control seat, racing style design and adjustable armrest/backrest. They come in different colors of white, red, blue, black-red. Item dimensions are 26.3 x 19.29 x 43.3 inches, furniture finish leather, maximum weight capacity 250 pounds.

About the item

This product is made with players in mind. You easily heightened you gaming experience in total comfort. Ideal for short people, it has 5 star base, 360 swivel wheels for smooth movement on different surfaces. Mr IRONSTONE is fitted with high quality durable metal legs good weight capacity and is easy to assemble.


  1. Maximum weight 250 pounds
  2. 360 swivel
  3. Durable metal base
  4. Large seat
  5. PU leather
  6. Soft padded seat

What we like

We like the price under $100, durable metal legs and wide seat. The overall size is 23.8 w 19.29 d 47.3 h. We also like the multi-purpose use and assembling tools included in the package.

What’s in the package

  1. chair
  2. Assembling tools
  3. Instructional manual

4. RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style
RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style

4. RESPAWN 110 Ergonomic Chair comes with a footrest and a recliner function. It is designed in a – racing style high back chair similar to racing car seats.

Perfect for PC computer desk, the office chair is very comfortable and firm.

Other features include 360 Swivel action, Adjustable Lumbar Support, a Headrest Pillow, and Padded Armrests , this particular chair is red. More color variations are red, blue, green, grey, purple.

Brand name is RESPAWN, product dimensions is 28.5″D x 28″W x 51.5″H, style 2019 series. The seat material is made from bonded leather, while furniture base movement is swivel.


5. OFM Essentials Collection

OFM Essentials Collection
OFM Essentials Collection
  1. OFM ESS Collection High-Back Chair

OFM racing stylechair is a high back seat with bonded leather perfect for playing video. It comes in green, blue, grey, purple, red and white.

Product dimensions are 30.5″D x 28.25″W x 48.25″H, style modern with adjustable features. This rare style computer video playing chair is perfect in your office or study.

It is a high back swivel chair fully padded for long hours on your PC. It has SofThread leather , flip up arm, recliner function.

This chair is the ESS-3086 series, however there are many other identical chairs by the same manufacturer.

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6. YOLENY Chair

YOLENY Gaming Chair
YOLENY Gaming Chair


7. OFM ESS Collection Racing

OFM ESS Collection Racing
OFM ESS Collection Racing


8. AutoFull Chair Office

AutoFull Gaming Chair Office
AutoFull Gaming Chair Office


9. Flash Furniture X20 Chair

Flash Furniture X20 Gaming Chair
Flash Furniture X20 Chair


10. Lukeline

Lukeline Gaming
Lukeline Gaming chair

Lukeline Gaming Chair

Lukeline Chair is a racing style leisure gaming chair built for intense concentration. Perfect for short people it has swivel action ideal for smooth movement on dfferent surfaces.

Fitted with PU leather the chair is high-back made for adults, this product is red in color has a functional headrest and lumbar pillow. You can easily adjust the height to your preferred specification.

About the item

Product is Lukeline chair ergonomically made for adults. Brand name is Lukeline, material faux leather, item dimensions are 27.55 x 27.55 x 49.21 (L x W x H).

You can expect a sturdy stable office chair with high density foam for absolute comfort. it has ergonmc design, relative thick steel plate, thicker metal frame for long lasting appliction.

You will not expirience fatigue with this product becuse of the functional headrest and lumbar pillow. Roll over surfaces with ease with the rollers the use he adjustment for height and 90-180 tilt.

Chair for back pain


  1. product is Lukeline gaming chair
  2. ergonomically made for adults
  3. Brand name is Lukeline
  4. material faux leather
  5. item dimensions are 27.55 x 27.55 x 49.21 (L x W x H)
  6. sturdy stable office chair
  7. high density foam
  8. ergonmc design
  9. relative thick steel plate
  10. thicker metal frame
  11. headrest and lumbar pillow
  12. 90-180 tilt.

Our Thoughts

You will enjoy he 90-180 degree tilt action, heavy duty foam, headrest and lumbar pillow. play our your favourite game or take a nap without feeling fatigue. We like the rollers and unique color an design.


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