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What Type of Chair Does Ninja Use?

What Type of Chair Does Ninja Use?

Video chairs were made popular by top players like PewDiePie, DanTDM and Ninja. The chair is ergonomic with many adjustable features, they are perfect for home and office and they encourage good posture.

Today we will turn our attention to the popular Twitch/YouTube sensation Ninja. We will look at the type of chair he uses during his live streaming.

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Richard Tyler Blevins
Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja

Who is Ninja on YouTube?

Ninja is a popular YouTuber with over 23.8 million (main channel) 23.84 million (combined) subscribers, that is equivalent to a small country.

His real name is Richard Tyler Blevins born (born June 5, 1991). He’s a professional online streamer who broadcast live stream to his audience.

His fame increased in 2017 when he played Fortnite Battle Royale, on March 2018 he played with JuJu Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott and Drake on stream, breaking a peak viewer count record of 18 million .

On his channels he hasTotal views 2.45 billion (main channel) and 2.45 billion across all channels.


As one of the top in the video playing genre people look up to Ninja for inspiration. People around the world follow his tips and eagerly look at his type of pc and chairs.

What Type of Chair Does Ninja Use?

Ninja has used different types of chairs over the years. Some of the notable ones is a NeedforSeat custom designed Maxnomic gaming chair ,AKracing chairs, Techni and the popular Dxracer.

Such chair don’t come cheap they are ergonomic with loads of customization. Let’s look more closely at what exactly is a video playing chair and the type of chair Ninja used in the past.

What’s the Deal With Video Playing Chairs?

What’s the Deal With video playing Chairs? A playing chair is a seat specially made for video players, they have high backrest, and good support for the back. They have good lumbar support with headrest and footrest.

Highly customizable the ergonomic features allow adjustments to individual comfort. The first gaming chair was launched by DXRacer in 2006, using high-end seat design of luxury cars.

It gain popularity because of popularity of live-streaming platform like Twitch. Since then there are three types of gaming chairs in the market.

There is the Hybrid chairs, Platform chair and PC chair. The platform chair are similar to recliners and perfect for television playing the PC chair are the racer seat types and hybrid have swivel glider and a mix between PC and Platform chairs.

Akracing Chair

AKRacing NITRO Chair is a popular choice for players, it has a high backrest, recliner with swivel action. It has adjustable features like tilt and seat height adjustment.

Maxnomic chair

Maxnomic chair is a premium quality chair, it is ergonomic and highly adjustable. They come in different sizes from pro series medium sized chair for people between 5’5″ – 6’1″ , OFFICE SERIES
5’9″ – 6’4″ and up to 285 lbs, XL. SERIES

Video Chairs by Techni Sport

Techni Sport PC Chair has Foam Seat and Padded Arms, it has recliner action Height and Tilt Adjustment.

Benefits of Playing Chair

There are a few benefits if you use a chair. PC or television playing chair. It requires several hours of sitting in a chair, this can be stressful to the body.

You need an ergonomic chair that is adaptable and comfortable. Benefits of a good chair are lumbar support, neckrest, high backrest, and good back support.

It should be highly adjustable, customizable and fit perfectly to your form and body type. Benefits include good posture, reduced back pain, support muscles in the back.


If you are looking for a good playing chair you can start by looking at what top players use.

If they are good enough for PewDiePie, VanossGaming, DanTDM or Ninja then they have good endorsement.

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