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24 hour chair: A Guide to 24/7 Chairs

24 hour chair

What is a 24 hour chair?

A 24 hour chair is a seat made for 24/7 use, they are very durable and built for all-day comfort. This brand of chair is popular in emergency service centers, reception halls, dispatch or call centers.

Perfect for multi-shift environments, 24 hour chairs are ergonomic with adjustable features for long hours in the office. Common features are high-back, adjustable backrest, wide memory foam and lumbar support.

Each branded chair is different based on the manufacturers design same applies to seat material like vinyl, cotton, fabric or leather upholstery, however the common denominator is the chairs are built for long hours in heavy traffick areas.

24 hour chair

Types of 24 hour chair

If you work in a 24/7 facility then you need a 24 hour office chair, this type of chair are ergonomic heavy duty task chairs. Made for intensive use they are comfortable, durable, adjustable chairs.

There are different types of 24 hour chair some are big and tall chairs, hour chairs, drafting stools, computer chairs, executive chairs, ergonomic chairs. If you are looking for a good 24/7 chair then check out our Best 24 Hour Office Chairs.

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Types of 24/7 chairs

  • Big and Tall chairs
  • Hour chairs
  • Drafting stools
  • Computer chairs
  • Executive chairs
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Desk chairs
  • Office chairs

Big and tall chairs

Big and tall chairs are large chairs with wide seat, high back. Some are ergonomic with tilt function, adjustable height, swivel action and good weight capacity of 275Lb to 500Lbs.

Some Big and Tall chairs are 24/7 Big and Tall Mesh Back Ergonomic Task Chair with Arms, 24/7 Big and Tall Chair with Leather Front and Vinyl Sides, 24/7 Big and Tall Chair with Headrest in Vinyl, 24/7 Big and Tall Chair with Leather Front and Vinyl Sides

Hour chairs

Hour chairs are designed for constant use, they are either ergonomic or static. Heavy duty, they are perfect for emergency services or government offices.

Drafting stool

Drafting stool are high stools made for architects, laboratory workers or engineers. They are tough, durable, resistant to stains or dirt. Not your typical 24 hour chair they allow perching or leaning forward while you work. Some are multipurpose office desk chair with adjustable footrest with deluxe mesh back for long hours in the office.

Computer chairs

A computer chair is an office or desk chair designed for desk in an office. They have adjustable height with good mobility. The chairs are fitted with wheel caster for smooth rolling on different surfaces including swivel action.

Executive chairs

An executive chairs is a premium high-back chair that supports the entire body for good comfort. The difference between an executive chair and task chairs is the size of the chair. Task chairs are usually mid-back small size chairs in comparison to large luxurious executive chairs.

Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are high performance chairs with many adjustable features. They conform to a person’s preferred comfort level for long hours of work or play. Examples of ergonomic designed chairs are office and gaming chairs.

24 hour chair brands

There are many choice brands in the market like the SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, Office Hippo 24-Hour High Back Office Chair, Office Hippo 24 Hour High Back Office Chair, SONGMICS Executive Office Chair

Common features on 24 hour chair

Common features on 24 hour chair are lumbar support, adjustable arms, tilt function, wide seat, hight adjustment, good weight capacity, memory foam and spring suspension seats.


  • lumbar support
  • adjustable arms
  • tilt function
  • wide seat
  • height adjustment
  • huge weight capacity
  • memory foam
  • spring suspension seats

Weight Capacity

Because of constant use the 24 hour chair should have good weight capacity. Average weight capacity to look for in a 24 hour chair is from 275Lb to 500Lbs.

Height adjustable

Since the chair accommodates different body frame it is important to have height adjustable features. The chair height is adjusted downwards for short people and upwards for tall people, median height is from 18″ to 20″ for most people.

Seat adjustment

Some have seat adjustment for a more comfortable sit. Sagging seat is very uncomfortable including seat that tilt forwards, try to adjust the seat to your preferred comfort.

Memory Foam with Spring Suspension Seats.

Comfort is the primary function of a 24 hour chair, therefore the chair needs to have memory foam for heavy duty sitting and tough spring suspension for load bearing. Floating spring suspension effectively reduces pressure from continuous sitting while providing the user all-day comfort.

Wide seat

A wide seat is more comfortable than a narrow one. Heavy duty task chairs generally have wide seat for different size individual. The type of seat material depends on the manufacturers specifications. Different materials you find on 24//7 chairs are vinyl, leather, PU leather.

Tilt function

Tilt function enables a person recline the chair backwards or forwards. The mechamisms is usually under the seat or beside the seat. The tilt is set to a limit allowed by the chairs mechanism.

Adjustable arms

T-adjustable arms have adjustable range of 110mm and fit into smaller space. They offer a more comfortable sitting experience for the person.

There are some adjustable chair arm that control both the width and height to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is a device that gives you additional support in lumbar region. A good lumber supports the lower back region for proper posture or upright sitting.

Questions and Answers

Are 24 hour chairs dispatch chairs?

Yes they are, another name for 24 hour chairs is dispatch chairs.

How durable is a 24 hour chair?

The chair is very durable because it is made to last despite the heavy traffick.

Are big and tall chairs 24 hour chairs?

Yes, this is because the chairs are built rugged with wide seats and adjustable options.


24 hour chairs are rugged, durable, heavy duty, and made for 24/7 working environment. They come with ergonomic design perfect for comfortable sit.

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