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What’s a dispatch chair?

What’s a dispatch chair?

A Dispatch chair otherwise known as 911 chairs are heavy duty chairs in constant use. This type of chair is used by emergency service 24/7, they keep emergency service worker alert and focused during long hour shifts.

24/7 911 Dispatch Chairs

If you are looking for the best high performance 24 hour chair look no further. Check out our list of best dispatch chairs in the market.

Dispatch chair
Dispatch chair

Why buy a dispatch chair?

24/7 911 Dispatch Chairs are public safety 911 chairs used in the public safety and communications industry. They offer good service by keeping workers focused in an Emergency situation, during alerts or long call shifts. Therefore the chairs are very useful for high-pressure emergency service providers.

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Why do Public Safety industry choose 24 Hour Ergonomic Chairs?

Dispatch chairs are a perfect choice for 911 Operator Performance, this is because they keep the operators focused therefore increasing productivity.

The best type of dispatch chairs have ergonomic design, are rugged, tough and durable. In order to contribute to workers efficiency the chair should withstand constant use while remaining relatively comfortable. It’s extremely important to provide your staff, chairs they can rely on.

Why dispatch chairs are a great value

Dispatch chairs are a great value because they offer 24/7 comfort for emergency service workers. They are engineered to last several years are durable and long lasting.

What is the strongest upholstery fabric for dispatch chairs?

Best heavy duty upholstery fabric perfect for 24 hour chairs are a blend of nylon with other fabrics. The nylon element adds easy to clean properties and strength to the fabric

To withstand heavy duty use, this type of chairs are rugged and durable. They are made from heavy duty material that are resistant to spills or constant use. The chairs are engineered to last several year thereby cost effective and a good investment.

During the chairs lifetime it will serve hundreds of emergency service workers. More type of material are fabric upholstery, synthetic textiles, mesh, and vinyl.

Type of dispatch chair upholstery

  1. Heavy duty material
  2. Fabric upholstery
  3. Synthetic textiles
  4. Mesh
  5. Vinyl.

Benefits of dispatch chairs

Dispatch chairs or 24 hour chairs have many benefits for workers, they help them remain focused in emergency situation. Other benefits include good lumbar support, prevention of injuries in the work place.

More benefits of Big and Tall chairs are increased productivity because of the ergonomic design. A comfortable chair aids circulation which reduces the long term effect of extended sitting. Finally dispatch chairs are good value for money.


  1. Increased productivity
  2. Comfortable chair
  3. Aids circulation
  4. Reduces thelong term effect of extended sitting
  5. Good value for money
  6. Dispatch chairs help workers focus in emergency situation
  7. Good lumbar support
  8. Prevention of injuries in the work place.

What are the features of a Dispatch Chair?

In high-pressure dispatch environment it is essential to have a quality furniture. This is because the chair is in constant use by emergency service workers who respond to out-calls 24/7.

To remain focused and alert and perform this vital duties they need a heavy-duty task chair,24/7 dispatch chairs are purposely design to withstand constant use

Before you buy a dispatch chair there are a few things to consider, features to look for in a dispatch chair are comfort, durability, material, ergonomic design and weight capacity.


A 24/7 working environment needs to have comfortable chairs for staff optimum performance, therefore the minimum requirement for a dispatch seat is comfort. The chair should be ergonomic, have material that encourage airflow, breathable, has lumbar support and sturdy construction.

Weight capacity

The minimum weight capacity of a dispatch chair is 250 pounds and maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. It should be heavy-duty, with sturdy design and tough fabric. It can have a star base with 10 gauge steel frame.


Although this is not a serious criteria the chair should have minimum adjustment options include seat height adjustment, armrest height, tilt lock, tilt tension. It is important the chair accommodates different height, weight or body types.

Added features

Some dispatch chairs come with added features like Padded armrests,
Seat angle control, waterfall seats, hard-shell backrest, high backrest with neck support and adjustable lumbar support.

Quality craftsmanship

Quality chairs are made by the best craftsmen in the business. They are made from quality material that is durable, well constructed and ergonomic. Therefore a good dispatch chair that serve for many years need quality parts.

Features of dispatch chairs

  1. Quality craftsmanship
  2. Padded armrests
  3. Seat angle control
  4. Waterfall seats
  5. Hard-shell backrest
  6. High backrest with neck support
  7. Adjustable lumbar support
  8. Seat height adjustment
  9. Armrest height
  10. Tilt lock
  11. Tilt tension
  12. Weight capacity 250 pounds to 500 pounds
  13. Comfort

Where to buy a dispatch chair?

There are many places that sell dispatch chairs. Visit a commercial furniture store or purchase from reputable online stores like Amazon.


If you are looking to buy a high performance chair for your office then you need a 24/7 dispatch chair. They are durable, rugged and long lasting, they offer good comfort while keeping the workers focused.

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