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What is the best chair for sitting long hours?

What is the best chair for sitting long hours?

We’ve all had uncomfortable cramps, aches or pains after long hours in the office, but a simple quality office chair would solve the problem. They are purposely design to support your body for long hours in the office. Ergonomic, these brand of chairs have gone through multiple tests on different body types for best results.

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What we did

After several weeks of tests we have found the best chairs for sitting long hours sold on Amazon. Unlike ergonomic chairs that go for thousands of dollars our selection of chairs are affordable( less than $400) with advanced features not found in other chairs.

What you get in this publication

In this publication we will try to answer all your questions pertaining to best chair for sitting long hours. We will focus on posture, comfort, best office chairs, type of material in the chair and furniture finish.

The research: Why trust us

We have research hundred of chairs and written about technology based products for the past 7 years offering our readers research based reviews or articles to make informed choices.

Features we test on the chairs include ergonomic design, footrest, neckrest, furniture finish, material, weight capacity. Types of chairs we have reviewed include kneeling chairs, floor chais, office chairs and gaming chairs.

Who is this article for

According to research we spend 1/3 of our time sleeping, walking or siting, therefore buying an office chair is an important decision that affects your productivity and health. We sit about 13 hours 5 days a week in our office, regardless of the type of arrangement. If you have a full time desk job it’s essential you give a thought to the kind of sit you use at work.

Why we like DUOREST Alpha Ergonomic Office Chair

We like DUOREST Alpha office chair because it is very adjustable, perfect for any height with good weight capacity and swivel action base movement. With plenty of choices DUOREST Alpha Ergonomic Office Chair is the best most comfortable office chair sold on Amazon based on our panellists findings. The panellists found the seat comfortable, good height, beautiful design , perfect for long hour use.

Other good office chair

There are many good seats to consider when buying an office chair. Top choice are HON Ignition 2.0, Herman Miller Sayl, and Steelcase Gesture. More include Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+, Autonomous ErgoChair Recliner, AvoChair, Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair and Humanscale Freedom Office Chair.

Top three office chairs

HON Ignition 2.0,

HON Ignition 2.0, is inexpensive, adjustable, comfortable with standard adjustments. However this chair is not suitable for short people because of the seat height that starts at 17 inches.

Herman Miller Sayl

Herman Miller Sayl is ergonomic with advanced adjustment options. The chair had a distinct look, is appealing because of its plastic-webbed back.

Steelcase Gesture

Steelcase Gesture is the best office chair for sitting long hours in the office. Built to last it easily accommodates any weight size. The chair has advanced features and most adjustable. The bad news is the chair sells around $1000.

What does it take to experience true comfort in the office?

To experience true comfort in the office you need quality ergonomic chair, it should be adjustable, have good height, back and lumbar support for good posture

Types of posture and posture problems

Posture is the way you hold yourself when running, bending walking or sitting. There are two types of posture dynamic or static, dynamic posture is when you bend, walk or run while static is when you sit. Five types of posture problems are Healthy Posture, Kyphosis Posture, Flat Back Posture, Swayback Posture, Forward Head Posture.

Do office chair for posture work?

Ergonomic Office chair for posture help improve posture, reduce tension on spine because they are adjustable to prefered height and weight for a comfortable sit.

Do posture correctors actually work?

No they don’t. Posture correctors actually cause more harm than good, whereas a good ergonomic chair encourages good posture.

What is good posture called?

Proper body alignment is the key to good posture, it is when the joints of the body are well aligned.

Do chair lumbar supports work?

Yes a lumbar support works because it fills the gap between lumbar spine and seat encouraging good posture.

Which lumbar support is best?

There are different types of lumbar support like the one that covers the entire back such as Niceeday Lumbar Support Pillow. Another type is the
Firm Roll Shape like that of OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll or a
memory foam lumbar support Back cushion.

What is the difference between lumbar support and ergonomic chair?

Both ergonomic or regular chairs have lumbar support, however ergonomic chairs support different adjustment.

How do you know if you need lumbar support?

If your lumbar area or mid back section feel uncomfortable you need lumbar support

Office chair with lumbar support

Are mesh chairs good for long hours?

Chairs with upholstery like vinyl or leather tend to get hot if you sit on them for long hours, however a mesh chair because of its design allows better airflow that provides cooler sitting experience.

Which office chairs last the longest?

Although mesh chairs offer cooler sitting experience, leather or fabric chairs have a longer lifespan.

Are gaming chairs good for long hours?

Yes they are, gaming chair have ergonomic design that keep the spine properly aligned this provides good comfort, reduces stress, increases energy levels for long hours of sitting.

Are kneeling chair good for long hours?

Kneeling chair promote active sitting breaks you from static posture, however for sitting long hours? not likely.

How long can an office chair last?

Herman Miller Aeron office is guaranteed to last 12 years.

What makes an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is one that offers different adjustment like seat height, adjustable armrest, or footrest.

What is the most durable material for an office chair?

The Furniture Finish of a chair determines the durability of a seat. Vinyl a durable plastic is regarded as the most durable material in a chair.

What height should your chair be at your desk?

To determine correct chair height to your office desk make sure your knees are lower than the level of your hips and both feet are flat on the ground.

How much space should be between desk and chair height?

To sit comfortably allow 12 inches between table or counter and chair seat

Thanks for reading if you want us to answer any questions on the topic please don’t hesitate to use the comments section below.

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