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What Is An Ergonomic Chair?( Buyers Guide)

What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs use adaptive technology to conform to a users requirement, they come with adaptive features, adjustments and flexible functionality. Highly customizable unlike regular chairs the seat height are adjustable including, neck rest, armrest to different degrees. Ergonomic chairs are popular features on gaming chairs and some office chairs. Office chairs with seat height adjustment, tilt function, are also considered ergonomic.

Key features of ergonomic chairs are lumbar support, high-back or mid-back chairs, adjustable arms, seat height control mechanism, neckrest adjustment, and tilt function. The purpose of all these function is for comfortable use, long hours of work or gaming. These features support good posture, for general wellbeing. lower back support. To qualify as an ergonomic chair the design is taking into consideration with a minimum of 5 to 10 adjustable functions.

Things to consider when choosing a gaming chair

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

Soontrans Gaming Chair
Soontrans Gaming Chair

Features of an ergonomic chair

  1. Lumbar support
  2. Adjustable armrest
  3. Adjustable seat height
  4. Adjustable seat depth
  5. Adjustable headrest
  6. Adjustable tilt fuction
  7. Chait heiht adjustment
  8. 360 degree caster wheels


The question is what is an ergonomic chair? things to look for in an ergonomic chair are flexible arm support, ideal seat height, flexible seat height. Others are seat depth adjustment, rotating armrest, adjustable armrest. More include quality wheel casters, seat design, neck support, flexible backrest and lumbar support.

Flexible armrest support

A key feature on an ergonomic chair is flexible arm support, most office chairs have fixed armrest and are not regarded as ergonomic. Although they offer good support ergonomic chairs go further, their armrest are adjustable to your preferred specification. Adjustable armrest help position the arms in a more natural position for work, gaming or relaxation.

Height of seat

Chairs that have ergonomic design accommodate different size of individuals, however these designs have limitations. Ideal seat height depends on the position of the knees and feet when seated.

Adjustable seat height

Another feature in ergonomic chairs are adjustable seat height. Adjust the seat in such a way that your feet are flat on the floor this provides good circulation and posture. Make sure the knees are 90 degrees and keyboard at appropriate distance.

Adjustable seat

Adjustable seats offer good support for thighs and leg position, adjust the seat depth to your bodies requirements. Proper adjustment accommodates seat edge, inward thighs, buttocks and weight displacement on the chair.

Adjustable armrest

Some ergonomic chairs have rotational armrest that support the lower arms, elbows during work or rest.

Tilt mechanism

Tilt mechanism inclines the seat to your preferred specification, located under the seat they can change the backrest position, tilt forward or backwards. Use the tilt mechanism to change position through the day or lock the tilt to our comfort point. Recline the chair is different tilt function. Reclining function leans back the chair to a more natural rest position for sleeping or resting.

lumbar support

lumbar support aids the lower back aids good posture and long use, it reduces the prevalence of backache, bad posture and tiredness.

Neck support

We have all been their after long hours at computer you feel neckache. Ergonomic chairs reduce neckache because of the additional support for the neck. The manufacturers have added adjustments to the neckrest to find your preferred support.

Seat design

Ergonomic chairs are designed for long use, comfort and general wellbeing, they are strong, durable, easily assembled, offer different adjustments and support.


There are different types of casters based on the manufacturers design, highly functional ones have 360 swivel action on the wheels. Good wheel casters should travel easily on different surfaces like tiles, carpet, hardwood floors. Some caster have break functionality while others move only forward.

What is the meaning of ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chairs is design to adjust to the human body. it supports posture, comfort and wellbeing.

Do I need an ergonomic chair?

If you are into gaming or work long hours in the office you need an ergonomic chair. it prevents discomfort, supports good posture.

How do I identify an ergonomic chair?

There are key features in an ergonomic chair for easy identification such as adjustable neckrest, adjustable sea height and lumbar support.

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