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What is a perching stool?

What is a perching stool?

A perching stool is a slopping seat that allows a person perch in an upright position. Although perching is new it has started to show signs of future prospects, the benefits have opened a flood gate of new products.

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What is a perching stool?

What do we mean by perching?

Perching means to alight or rest on something, or implies someone sitting high and narrow on the edge of something like a stool. Therefore a person using a perching stool is neither sitting or standing, this unique position opens the hips and chest while tilting the pelvis forward.

Benefits of perching stool

According to researchers perching offer a neutral posture that reduces back pain while engaging the core muscles. The researchers say because this unique position addresses the neutral spine posture it is ideal for people with lower back pain. They recommend the perching stool because it is easier on the lower back than sitting or standing.


  • Encourages neutral posture
  • Reduces back pain
  • Engages core muscles
  • Easy on the lower back

Disadvantages of perching stool

The stool comes with many challenges like short hours of work, wobble or fatigue. It is impossible to maintain the sit/stand posture for several hours so you have to take a break regularly.


  • work periods
  • Stool has a wobble
  • Fatigue

Work posture

Types of work posture

There are three types of work posture, sitting, standing or perching. Interestingly standing puts lots of pressure on the lower back while sitting with lumbar support is very beneficial, however perching provides the most benefit for the lower back.

It is important to have a dynamic desk setup for better productivity, this means using an ergonomic chair with adjustable features or perching stool if your workplace is elevated. Therefore achieving a neutral posture depends on your sitting or perching position and your body dynamics.

The beauty of perching

Interestingly perching stools have opened the way for a new hybrid posture in the workplace. We can imagine a Steve Jobs using a perching stool to develop more cutting edge technology.

Keeping your body in motion in response to your muscles has enormous benefits for the user, however a major drawback is the short periods on a leaning stool, they are not design for all-day comfort like an ergonomic chair.

Types of perching stools

Types of leaning stool are Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool, Professional Ergonomic Saddle Stool Rolling Chair, WOBBLE STOOL Standing Desk Balance Chair and Seville Classics Airlift Non-Slip Desk Stool.


  1. Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool
  2. Professional Ergonomic Saddle Stool Rolling Chair
  3. WOBBLE STOOL Standing Desk Balance Chair
  4. Seville Classics Airlift Non-Slip Desk Stool.

Features on a perch stool

There are ergonomic features on a perch stool like rocking, wobbling tilting motion. Others are seat height 28 Inches, paddled seat, pneumatic gas lift, adjustable seat foam, non slip base for wide range of motion.

The stool is perfect for users 5th grade to adults, seat height: 18.5” – 28” (adjustable include seat height: 18.5” – 28” (adjustable), Vinyl upholstery and steel gas lift center.


  • Rocking
  • Wobbling
  • Tilting motion
  • Seat height 28 Inches
  • Paddled seat
  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • Adjustable seat foam
  • Non slip base
  • Perfect for 5th grade to adults
  • Seat height
  • Vinyl upholstery

How do you sit on a perching stool?

To sit on the stool use the adjustment to set the height of the stool so your feet are flat on the floor when you sit and peach.

Questions and Answers

What is a perching stool used for?

A perching stool is used in the office or at home, it has unique design that allows sitting and standing at the same time.

What is a leaning stool?

A leaning stool is the same as a perching stool.

Are perching stools only for office?

No perching stool are not built only for office use. There are stools for the disabled, perching stool for cooking, stools for shower.

Are wobble stools good for you?

Wonble stools encourage dynamic movement which promote active sitting or standing.

What is the correct height for a perching stool?

The correct height for the stool is waist height to avoid leaning to far forward.

Are active stools good?

Active stool are good because they promote motion.


Leaning stools have their merits and demerit, they are innovative, unique with some health benefits.

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