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What can I use to Clean Leather Chairs

What can l use to clean leather chairs is a frequent question by furniture owners. Leather chairs are durable, stylish easy to clean depending on the stains. They are easy to clean, maintain with the right cleaning agent or technique. Most leather furniture are rugged able to withstand common dirt, grease and stains.

With regular use they get dirty or start losing their luster. Cleaning them regularly help maintain the material making them look like new. There are a few ways to clean leather chairs. The techniques we will highlight will preserve the material and make them clean, shinny and elegant. Here are different methods to clean leather furniture.

What can l use to clean leather chairs

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Determine the type of leather on the chair.

Before you start cleaning your chair you need to determine the type of leather used in it’s construct. Types of leather finish are suede, Nubuck, pull-up, embossed and dry milled leather. Others are pigmented full grain, semi aniline and aniline finish.

Types of leather finish

  1. Nubuck
  2. Suede
  3. Pull-up leather
  4. Embossed leather
  5. Dry milled
  6. Pigmented full grain
  7. Semi aniline finish
  8. Aniline finsh

What can I use to clean leather chairs

1. Liquid soap and water

One of the simplest ways to clean leather chairs is with liquid soap and water. Use your basic household liquid soap with water as an effective cleaning agent. Type of liquid soap is mild ones bought at supermarket or online store. However some liquid soap are better formulated for cleaning leather. Distilled water or tap water devoid of harmful chlorine is best.

2. Handheld vacuum cleaner

Another straightforward remedy is use of vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuum cleaner is effective against surface dirt or dust. Use the vacuum on the surface of the leather in corners and crevices. The vacuum should have a soft brush with dirt bag. Once you finish vacuuming, use a cotton cloth to wipe the surface. Note: Vacuum cleaning is only effective against surface dirt or dust and will not remove deep stains.

3. Vacuum and liquid wipe your leather chairs

The most effective method to clean your leather chairs is combination of vacuuming and liquid wipe the leather.
Step one. Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the chair. While you wipe note any tears or holes.
Step two. Use the handheld vacuum as illustrated earlier.
Step three. Wipe with dry cloth after vaccum.
Step four. Use liquid soap and water as illustrated earlier.
Step. Five. Wipe with microfiber cloth.
Step six. Condition the leather.

How to wipe leather chair

Here is how to wipe the leather chair after cleaning with liquid detergent or vacuum. Use a cotton cloth or microfiber cloth to clean the surface. While using the Liquid soap, check for damages to the sofa. Dip in cleaner and clean well. Be careful with amount of liquid soap and water to avoid soaking. Then wipe entire surface of chair.


Conditioning is necessary to restore the chair to look like new. After you have vaccumed or cleaned you need to condition the leather. To condition the leather use leather reconditioning agent or olive oil. Olive oil will work, however a leather conditioner is specially formulated to repair scratches, restore, dry and scratched leather.

Use a minute amount of oil to cover a large surface area. Try to avoid too much oil or your chair would look odd or brownish. Be careful with the application to avoid spoiling the leather. If properly applied and dry cloth for finish your chair should look brand new.

Types of stains

Different type of stains require multiple methods of removal. Common stain on leather chairs are food based stains, ink, grease stains. The most problematic is ink stains. Ways to remove stains include use of commercial stain removing agents, lemon juice, vanish.


To remove discoloration using household products use lemon juice and tartar mix. Mix in equal proportion and mix till a foamy paste is formed. Next apply in stain region and leave for 10 minutes before wiping with cloth.

Another readily available cleaning agent is olive oil and vinegar. Others are baby wipes, or hairspray. A good way to test the efficiency of the cleaning agent of choice is to apply on a tiny surface to see if it is agreeable with the leather.

How to maintain leather chair

To keep you chair in best shape for years observe these few tips. One keep chair way from heat sources, clean immediately when strained, and keep away from direct sunlight.

Here is a Product you can use to clean leather chair

Chemical Guys HOL303 Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Care Kit

Chemical guys is made in the US and sold by Amazon. You get good value for money and it is easy to use. The leather cleaning conditioner care in 9 piece kit comes with 3 chemicals 3 towels 2 applicators and a brush.

Leather cleaning and conditioner care kit

  1. 3 chemicals
  2. 3 towels
  3. 2 applicators
  4. 1 brush

This chemical guys leather cleaning and conditioner care kit provides all in one solution for your leather chair cleaning. It offers 9 products to work seamlessly to achieve a clean brandnew look for your leather chairs.

Clean leather surfaces with the 16oz bottles of Leather Cleaner and Conditioner, and use smaller 4oz Leather Quick for your vehicle. You will appreciate the microfiber towels, 2 applicators and horsehair brush for more effective cleaning.

Restore stained or dirty chair with little effort and get great results everytime. There is nothing better than products specifically made to work with each other. This products saves money, reduces time spent cleaning and restores leather to pristine condition.

How it works

To clean the leather use the horsetail brush and leather cleaner. Brush or scrub gently to reach deep embedded dirt or oils. Then use the gentle PH balanced cleaner to remove food residues dirt, sweat. Others stains that don’t stand a chance are body oils, grease, light strains. Perfect for any type of synthetic leather, sealed leather or fine natural leather. Clean without stretching or staining the leather.

Where to use it

Use it on leather chairs, steering wheels, shift knobs. It works on car seats, leather accessories. The formula is water based blended with vitamin E, Aloe extract and other nutrients.

  1. leather chairs
  2. steering wheels
  3. shift knobs
  4. car seats
  5. leather accessories

What’s Included

1) Leather Cleaner 16oz

(1) Horse Hair Leather Cleaning Brush

(3) Premium Tan Microfiber Towels

(2) Tan Microfiber Applicators

1) Leather Conditioner 16oz

(1) Leather Quick Detailer 4oz

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