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Things To Consider Before Buying An Office Chair

Things To Consider Before Buying An Office Chair

Are you looking for a new chair for your office then you need to conduct due diligence. This is because there are many products in the market with different specifications. To select the right one there are a few things to consider before buying an office chair. Some include frequency of use, weight limit, lumbar support or warranty. Others are type of armrest, replacement parts, wheel casters, padding and high-back or mid-back.

Things to consider

  1. High-back or mid-back
  2. Warranty
  3. Casters
  4. Swivel action
  5. Availability of spare parts
  6. Lumbar support
  7. Weigh limit
  8. Padding
  9. Ergonomic design
  10. Headrest, footrest, armrest
Office Chair. Before Buying An Office Chair

Things To Consider Before Buying An Office Chair

1. Weight limit of the chair

One of the first thing to consider before buying an office chair is the weight capacity. The.maximum weight capacity of a standard chair is 250 IBS -300ibs. This capacity is sufficient for an average individual, however for large or heavyl person’s you need heavy-duty chairs that accommodate from 350 to 500 IBS.

2. Warranty

Make sure a warranty is included in the sale. This is because furniture degrades rapidly with time and some come with defective parts. If you order a chair and find out it doesn’t meet the description or expectations, it is good to have a warranty, replacement or return policy.

3. Type of casters

A wheel caster angle top to bottom angle of the steering axis and suspension components meet the wheels. The caster adjustments are important because their alignment and adjustment generally occur on the turning wheels. Casters also increases steering effort. There a two types of casters the rigid or fixed caster and swivel caster. The fixed caster has only a forward movement while the swivel a 360 degree movement.

4. Padding

Type of padding will dectate your comfort level at work. Look for a chair with thick padding and a smooth surface. Material used in padding are foam or sponge material. A well padded seat offers good support for long hours at work.

5. Type of armrest

Not every chair comes with an armrest, however having one is very important. An armrest offers support for the arms in a restful and more natural position. There are different types of armrest, however common ones are the fixed or adjustable ones.

6. Mesh backrest

Mesh fortified backrest are common in gaming chairs. This is because the mesh is breathable allows more air circulation. It reduces sweat while offering full back support and comfort. For office use look for a high-back or mid-back chair.

7. Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design utilizes materials in a creative interactive way to solve need of the user. It fits with the users purpose for comfort and wellness of the individual. It improves posture, reduces lower back pain and supports arms, neck ,back and spine.

8. Lumbar support

Good lumbar support improves posture and prevents injury in spine region. Therefore you need to look for furniture that has extra support for lumbar region in their design.

9. Swivel action

Only a handful of heavy-duty furniture have 360 degree swivel. However many standard chairs come with swivel capabilities. The swivel depends on the type of casters. Although it is not mandatory to buy one that moves 360 degrees, it is a cool design feature.

10. Spare parts

There is no point buying a furniture that doesn’t have spare parts. This is because parts get damaged or deformed and require replacement. It is easier and cheaper to replace a damaged part of your favorite chair than to purchase a new one. Look for merchants who stock spare parts of your choice furniture.

Buyers guide

Before buying a furniture determine the essentials you need in a chair. Essentials are ergonomic design, high-back with lumbar support. You can buy one with or without swivel, neck rest or Headrest. The choice of padding is relative either foam or sponge. See if the manufacturer has included a 1 year warranty. Once you have a basic idea of what you want narrow your choice further based on the price you can afford..

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