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PU Leather vs Fabric Chairs which is Better

PU Leather vs Fabric Chairs

PU leather vs Fabric Chairs which one is better? Both chairs have their pros and cons depending on the users requirements.

Gaming although not a contact sport feels like that after several hours on a console. The eyes, back, neck and arms ache from long hours in the chair. The type of chair, material used in the construct becomes very important.

Gaming chairs are built from leather, mesh or fabric material. Choosing the right chair reduces body pain, neck and back pain. Gaming chairs are ergonomically design to improve posture and prevent back pain.

With so many options in the market choosing the right chair is moderately challenging. One such choice is choosing between PU leather vs fabric chair. We will examine the pros and cons of each material to help you make informed decision.

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PU Leather vs Fabric Chairs

PU Leather vs Fabric Chairs which is Better?

What’s PU Leather?

PU leather is an artificial material made from split leather material and and polyurethane finish. The split leather is leftover animal hide. This makes the chair cheaper than full grain leather chairs. The application of polyurethane gives the chair a glossy finish.

What is fabric chair?

Fabric is a generic name for different types of material. Common fabric found on gaming chairs are mesh fabric, cloth, linen, cotton, polyester. Each type of fabric has its pros, however mesh fabric is noted for breathability.

Types of fabric material in chairs

  1. mesh fabric
  2. cloth
  3. linen
  4. cotton
  5. polyester

Pros of PU Leather Gaming Chairs

Pros of PU leather gaming chairs are affordable, durable has good asthenics. They are easily customized, resistant to spills and are easy to clean.

Pros of PU leather chairs

  1. affordable
  2. durable
  3. good asthenics
  4. easily customized
  5. resistant to spills
  6. easy to clean

Easy to customized

PU leather chairs are especially customized. Very stylish the polyurethane material offers different color variations and designs. Some manufacturers customize the chairs to their clients specification at extra cost. Another key feature is the property of the material, PU leather is long lasting with little degredation of quality.


PU leather is split leather coated with polyurethane for a glossy look. However the material is cheaper than top grain leather therefore the chair costs less. This makes them very affordable and cost 4 times cheaper than full grain leather chairs.

Handy Functions

Gaming chairs are loaded with handy function like footrest padded with PU leather, adjustable headrest and armrest.


Let’s state facts PU leather is not full grain leather, however it stands rigorous use and will maintenance it’s integrity for several years. PU leather with regular use conforms to a person’s body shape is comfortable and durable.

Easy to clean

Spill beverage, food or drinks on the chair and all you need is a regular household detergent, wool cloth to clean the stain. However some Spain’s require alcohol based Leather stain remover.

Resistant to spill and stains

Polyurethane is resistant to common spills and stains. With simple cleaning tools or a handheld vacuum it will retain a new look. Dirt will only stay on the surface or corners. Use a light brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. If there are spills or stains simply use water and wool cloth to remove the stain.


Gaming chairs are ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially if the seat material is leather. PU leather allows easy color variants and patterns. Although not top grain, it takes a keen-eye to spot one. This is because they look identical to regular leather.

Cons of PU leather chairs

Disadvantages of PU leather chairs are limited breathability, cheap looking, not very strong. PU leather chairs are moderately durable, however not strong. They have a cheap look despite the design and a person with long use will have to contend with sweat.

Pros of fabric chairs

Fabric chairs look elegant with premium finish, they are adorable, breathable and durable. Easily customized their cost depends on the structural material or wood finish. Fabric chairs made with mesh seats are breathable effectively reducing sweating.

Cons of fabric chairs

Fabric chairs stain easily are difficult to clean and maintain. They are more difficult to clean than leather chairs.

Which to choose fabric or leather chairs

Choice of chair depends on the users preference and budget. PU leather is easier to clean and maintain, however the material is not durable. Although Mesh fabric is breathable it is prone to damage.

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