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Proper Sitting Posture at Computer Desk

Proper Sitting Posture at Computer Desk

If you work long hours at a computer you need proper support for your back and arms. Proper sitting posture at computer desk is recommended for good blood circulation, relief of back pain. A desk jobs require minimum of seven hours work time, however this prolonged period is potentially hazardous to your health.
Common health conditions from long hours on our keyboard are arthritis, backache, spondylitis. A simple change in position or proper sitting posture at computer desk will correct any underlining conditions. Proper posture requires your upper legs flat against the bottom of the chair. Another straight forward fix is the type of chair you use at the computer desk. However there are simple remedies to prevent health related issues from long work sessions.

Proper sitting posture at computer desk

How to sit properly at your computer

  1. dont use a cushion
  2. advoid sudden backward movement
  3. place wrist in natural position
  4. adjust montor resolution
  5. adjust screem glare
  6. avoid bending forward for long periods
  7. keep feet flat on the foor
  8. use an adjustable chair
  9. sit up straight
  10. recline back of chair 100-110 degree angle

Adjust your chair

A simple fix is to simply adjust your chair and sitting position. If you support your back it reduces your risk of back pain. Try to adjust the chair in such a way that your lower back is resting firmly against the back of the chair and trust backwards. Make sure the chair is adjustable to the right height, tilt to position that is comfortable. You should note the position of your knees by lowerig the hips slightly, this position is recommended for better posture.

Where to place your feet

Where is the best place to place your feet you might ask? flat on the floor. It is important to place your feet squarely on the floor as you type on your keyboard. Place your feet flat on the floor or use a fotrest. Some people cross their legs while typing on the keyboard, this will restrict circulation, therefore sit n a more natural position.

Best Office and Gaming Chairs

Sitting long hours at your computer requires the best office chairs and gaming chairs. This is because not every chair is adjustable. you need a chair easily adjustable to your desired height. This offers easy access to your keyboard and a direct view of your computer monitor. Proper height impacts positively on your wrists, forearms preventing repetitive strain injuries.

Position your keyboard

Did you know our keyboards position can affect Proper Sitting Posture at Computer Desk. Most people place their keyboard on the table with the monitor, this is the usual practice but not good for your posture. Best position is to place the keyboard and mouse at arms lenght a little lower than he monitor. if you are using a laptop then the chair should be adjusted so your arms are parallel.

Where to place your monitor

Best postion for screen or monitor is directly in front an arms lenght away. Make sure the top of he screen is eyes level, if the montor is too close use a stand and try to reduce the brightness to avoid eye ache.

Adjust screen resolution

To prevent eyeache or damage to your retina adjust the screen resolution. This will reduce the glare and aid longer hours of work with less strain. To adjust the screen go to settings, system display, under sound, notification and power you can adjust the sceen resolution. Another thing to avoid on the screen is the reflecion. too much screen reflection is damaging to your eyes, use anti-glare to reduce the reflecion. Best mouse position is close to the keyboard, place it close enough to rest the wrists.

Change posture at intervals

Sitting in one position is drimental to your back, ribs and spine. go for short intervals and change your posture on the seat. This will keep the circulatio going and relief strain in back, wrists and eyes.

Rest your wrists

A good practice after working for sevral hours is to rest our wrist, place them on the table or gently rub them to relieve strain. Striking the keyboards key to hard will hurt your fngers therefore rest your wrists and reduce pressure on the keys.
Occassionally while you type, place the mouse beside he keypads at your most natural position. Use he mouse on a mouse pad to imit the motion.

Take a break

After working on your computer or several ours it is reasonable to take a break. Prolonged use will strain your back and eyes, therefore take a break at intervals.

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