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Leather vs mesh office chair pros and cons

Leather vs mesh office chair

An all important question about leather vs mesh office chair is which is better. If you have experienced physical discomfort and back pain from sitting long hours at the office then it is time to change your chair. A bad office chair is a real health hazard that cause neck or back pain, including poor productivity in the office.

Knowing the difference between a good leather chair vs office chair will make a significant improvement in your productivity, mental state and health. However only a handful of office chairs make the grade. Most are built with substandard material or just plain poor craftsmanship.

To purchase the right furniture you need to spot quality products, know key features between leather vs mesh office chair to make informed decision. We have put together this article to aid in your choice of quality of chair.

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What to expect in leather office chair

It doesn’t matter if you work from home office or commercial office you have come in contact with a leather office chair. This is because leather office chairs are the top choice in heavy traffic offices. Leather chairs are rugged, durable, attractive and easy to clean.

Determinants of a leather chair is leather as the primary material used in it’s construct. However the frame, legs and support structure are made from more sturdy material. Most quality leather chairs are made from cowhide, however other leather like sheepskins or goatskin are popular. Common frame material are steel, alloys, wood or heavy-duty plastic.

Leather vs mesh office chair

What are different types of leather in office chair

Leather chairs are categorized by the type of leather finish, different types of leather are faux, Nubuck, full grain and corrected grain leather.

Different Types of leather

  1. Faux
  2. Nubuck
  3. . Full grain
  4. Corrected grain leather.

Faux leather office chair

Faux leather office chair is the most common type found in the furniture market. This is because they are cheaper to make and low cost chairs. Faux leather is genuine leather straps blended together with synthetic fabric. They have apealing look however the chair is subject to damage with constant use.


Nubuck are leather chair with modefied grain. The grain is corrected to achieve better grain through sanding or meticulous buffering.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather goes through buffering to iron out any imperfections. They are sanded, smoothened and heavy-duty.

Full grain leather

The highest quality leather chairs are made from full grain leather. Full grain have intact grain are luxurious, quality textured.

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