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Kneeling chairs: What is a kneeling chair?

What is a kneeling chair?

When seated on a regular chair the angle of your knees are 90 degrees, however with a kneeling chair the angle of your knees drop to 60″ or 70″ degrees with part of your weight supported by your buttocks and shins.

What is the purpose of a kneeling chair

Purpose of the chair is to reduce lower back strain, it does this by distributing the body weight between buttocks and shins.

Common candidates for the chair are people with tailbone pain or coccyx as a result of long hours in the office. An ergonomic kneeling chair opens the body’s angles by lowering the angle of the lower body, this helps keep the spine aligned.

A major misconception is that the body’s weight is borne by the knees, this is not true because most of the weight remains in the buttocks and some weight on the shins.

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Health benefits of kneeling chairs

Kneeling chairs were the first type of furniture designed for computer use, the thinking of the designers was to build a chair that helps reduce or avoid health problems associated with standard computer chairs. The chairs are designed to take pressure from your back and are known to have many health benefits.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Most kneeling chairs fall under the ergonomic title especially those with adjustable features. Ergonomic features include adjustable seats, adjustable height, wheel casters, backrest.

Ergonomic features on kneeling chairs

  1. Adjustable seats
  2. Adjustable seat height
  3. Wheel casters
  4. Backrest

Types of kneeling chairs

There is a huge selection of kneeling chairs based on subtle design changes and function. They are built to reduce the effect of sitting long hours in the office. They are designed in a way that your knees are at 60″ to 70″. Different types of kneeling chairs are executive kneeler, deluxe kneeling chair, double padded kneeling chair, single padded kneeling hair. Others are saddle kneeling chair, kneeling office chair, kneeling stool.

Different types of kneeling chairs

  1. Executive kneeler
  2. Deluxe kneeling chair
  3. Double padded kneeling chair
  4. Single padded kneeling chair
  5. Saddle kneeling chair
  6. Kneeling office chair
  7. Kneeling stool
  8. Rocking kneeling chair

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Most kneeling chairs fall under the ergonomic title except some with more adjustable features. Ergonomic features include adjustable seats, adjustable height, wheel casters, backrest.

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Executive kneeling chair

Executive kneelers have a sleek design and are made with premium grade material. Perfect for home or office they come with memory foam pads for long hours in the office. The luxurious pads are bound in leather while the frame is either steel or polished wood.

Double padded kneeling chair

A double padded kneeling chair is designed with two separate pads for the legs with opening in the middle. The two separate pads relieves pressure points and keeps the knees at an angle.

Double padded rocking kneeling chair

The double padded rocking kneeling chair has the same features as the basic double padded kneeling chair, however the difference is the arched base that allows rocking movement.

Single padded kneeling chair

Single padded kneeling chairs are affordable, durable and made from wood material. The chair has a simple design with seat cushion and cushion for the legs and it has wheels.

Deluxe kneeling chair

Deluxe kneeling chairs are the luxurious furniture in this class of chairs. They come with backrest, 4 to 5 wheel base design, knee pads, lumbar support and adjustable height.

Kneeling office chair

Office Kneeling Chair has durable metal frame with pneumatic gas lift for height adjustment including wheel casters. They have comfortable leather padding for all-day use in the office.

Saddle kneeling chair

Instead of the standard flat seat this one has a saddle or bicycle shaped seat. It has double knee pads with four wheel casters.

Kneeling stool

This stool has two basic pads, wooden frame and four wheels, they are low cost stools with benefits of the unique kneeling design.

Advantages and Disadvantages of kneeling chair


There are a few disadvantages to this style of chair. First it is difficult exiting the chair after use and challenging to use the chair for long hours. The chair is not ideal for people 6″2 and above, and not suitable for elevated workstation.


Advantages are improved posture by aligning the shoulder, back and hips, and it reduces back pain.

Questions and Answers

What is the point of a kneeling chair?

The point of a kneeling chair is to reduce lower back strain by transferring weight between shines and buttocks.

Are kneeling chairs a gimmick?

They look like a gimmick however they encourage movement, break static position and relives pressure on the body

Is a kneeling chair better than an office chair?

Will not go that far, both type of chairs have their merits and demerity

Who invented the kneeling chair

The original kneeling chair was invented in 1979 by Hans Christian Mengshoel and developed by Oddvin Rykken, Peter Opsvik, and Professor Svein Gusrud 3 Norwegian designers.

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