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How to Choose a Drafting Chair or Stool

Drafting Chair or Stool

What is a drafting chair or drafting stool?

A drafting chair or stool is purposefully designed for elevated surfaces or drafting tables. Made for draftsmen, engineers, laboratory workers or architects, they come in different colors, designs or specifications. A common design aspect includes different height adjustment, forward leaning, preaching and a foot support perfect for raised work environments.

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What is the different between a drafting chair and a drafting stool?

Both seats are made for draftsmen, however a drafting stool is an elevated seat without arms or back support. On the other hand drafting chairs are elevated, have height adjustment, back seat, arms (optional), foot-support ring.


What are My Seat Options

As far as raised work place or drafting desks are concerned there are four options to consider, they are drafting chair, drafting stool , leaning/perching stool and office chair.

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Drafting seat options

  • Drafting chair
  • Drafting stool
  • Leaning/Perching stool
  • Office chair

Office chair

A standard office chair does not have the elevation you need to work on a drafting table, however some have moderate height adjustment features. Therefore three options remain the drafting chair, leaning/perching stool or drafting stool.

Drafting chair

Drafting chairs are elevated seats specifically designed for raised workstations. The chair has a backrest, foot support, adjustable height and optional arms.

Leaning/perching stool

The leaning or perching stool is a new modern design for elevated work. Not your typical chair, the user leans into the chair for a perfect balance between sitting and standing.

Drafting stool

A drafting stool is less complicated than a leaning or perching stool. It is built for elevated sitting doesn’t have height adjustment, seat back support or arms.

How to choose the right one

To choose the right seat for your elevated working environment you need to determine your workstation height, then find out which features you need on your drafting chair. Once you have made up your mind then choose best drafting chair for work.

How to choose the best drafting seat

  1. Determine your workstation height
  2. Determine which features you need
  3. Purchase the seat

How to determine your work surface height

Before you buy a drafting chair you need to know the height of your work surface. Standard drafting height is from 30″H to 37″H therefore your choice of seat should reach these heights. Luckily draft tables adjustable to these heights.

How to choose the drafting chair

To choose your drafting chair look at what they offer. Quality drafting chairs are ergonomic with many standard features like adjustable backrest, waterfall seat edge, contoured seat cushion.

Others are detachable/ optional armrest, height Adjustable Foot Rest,
pneumatic seat height adjustment, seat tilt mechanism.

Drafting Chair Features

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Waterfall seat
  • Contoured seat cushion. Others are Detachable/ optional armrest
  • Height adjustable footrest,
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment, Seat tilt mechanism.

Waterfall seat

A waterfall seat design has moulded foam with rounded front on seat pan, that slopes slightly down to relieve pressure on back of thighs. It offer good support improved blood circulation while reduces pressure behind the knees.

What is a contoured seat cushion?

A contoured seat cushion encourages the alignment of thighs and pelvis by evenly distributing the body weight thereby providing good comfort for the user.

Detachable/ optional armrest

Some drafting chairs come with an option of a fixed or detachable armrest. The armrest provide a resting place for your arms when you are tired.

Height adjustable footrest,

Chrome Foot Rest Ring for Drafting Stool or Office Chair is a good example of a height adjustable footrest. It has a chrome and black color, item dimensions are LxWxH20 x 20 x 3.5 inches with frame material alluminum, and alloy Steel.

Height adjustment

A drafting chair has a cylinder tube that extends to your preferred height. Standard drafting height is 30″H however some chair extend to 37″H.

Adjustable backrest

Only a few brands of drafting chair have backrest, many come without one. It might come with a backrest and it is static, however some premium brands have adjustable backrests.

Seat tilt mechanism

The tilt mechanism adjusts the angle of the seat forward, it can tilt the front of the seat up or down, effectively relieving pressure on lower back.

How much is a drafting chair?

The price of a drafting chair is determined by the quality and features, they cost from $89 to $200 on Amazon.

Questions and Answers

What is a drafting chair used for?

A drafting chair is used on elevated surface in the office.

What is the difference between an office chair and a drafting chair?

A drafting chair is a taller office chair with a higher seat 30″ while a standard office chair is a perfect desk chair.

How is a drafting chair different?

A drafting chair has an elevated seat with an elevated foot ring.

How low do drafting chairs go?

Office chairs reach 22″H however drafting chair reach 30″H

Why are drafting tables so high?

The height is deliberate so it accomodates the eyes perception and allows detailed work.

Is a drafting chair good for your back?

It is good only if you use a premium drafting chair with excellent lumbar support, mid-back backrest and a waterfall edge seat.


Once you have established the height of your workstation then you need to determine the type of chair or stool you want. Look at the features that best appeal to you and make an informed choice.

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