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How to adjust your office chair (Guide)

adjust your office chair

An enabling office or workstation experience depends on a comfortable space to work. Things that affect productivity in the office are posture, height of desk to floor, keyboard position and the seat. It’s very important to have a fully adjustable chair for long hours in the office.

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adjust your office chair

What is an office chair

An office chair is any furniture ( chair or stool) you sit on in the office. It is either static or dynamic (adjustable). Best choice of office chair are ergonomic chairs or fully adjustable chairs.

Why Select an Adjustable Chair

We are all built differently some of us are short and fat other tall thin. There are countless physical characteristics from height or weight of an individual. Finding the right chair that fits all is impossible, however an fully adjustable chair will solve this problem.

The person can adjust the chair to his or her prefered height for best results. Although fully adjustable chairs accommodate most of the population there are extremely sho4 or tall individuals who need customized products.

Type of fully adjustable chair to consider

When shopping for a fully adjustable chair there are a few things to consider. Features to look for are adjustable armrest for proper positioning of the the arm,, simply adjust the forearms to 90 degree angle to the upper arms.

Make sure it has swivel action with wheel casters that roll on different surfaces. The chair should have a stable 5 point base, backrest shaped to body requirements, especially the lower back.

It is important to have a breathable backrest, the seat front edge should curves towards the floor. Best seats are those that don’t put pressure on back of thighs with adjustable seats fitted tilt mechanism or height adjustment.

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Features of fully adjustable chairs

  1. Breathable backrest
  2. Adjustable seats
  3. Tilt mechanism
  4. Height adjustmen
  5. Wheel casters
  6. 90 degrees Swivel
  7. Adjustable armrest
  8. Adjustable footrest or neck rest

Some important chair adjustment

  1. Adjust from floor to seat 35.52cm
  2. Back of seat 15.30 cm
  3. Allow room for legs under desk
  4. Extend armrests 25 cm (10 inches), from back of seat

How to adjust chair to appropriate height

Best way to adjust height of chair is to stand In front and adjust to highest point of horizontal seat. To fit the hollow of your back adjust the backrest backwards and forwards till it fits snuggly. Then seat upright and make sure armrest are 90 degrees, check clearance from front edge of seat and lower part is 4cm. Sit on chair with feet flat on the floor. It is essential that your legs for under your workstation with arms flat on the table.

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