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How much weight limit for standard office chair?

How much weight limit for standard office chair?

The question is how much weight limit for standard office chair in oppose to heavy-duty chairs. Are you looking to buy chairs for your office then it is important to know the weight limit of certain brands of office chairs.

This is because office environment accommodates people of different sizes from tall, short, lightweight to heavy individuals.

Some workplace entertain huge traffic while others have regular staff. Knowing the best chair for your staff becomes cost effective if you make the right choice.

How much weight limit for standard office chair? Chairs

How much weight limit for standard office chair.

Standard office chair

The weight limit for standard office chair is 250 IBS. This chair capacity is recommended for low traffic environment and average size individuals. Most office chairs easily meet this weight requirement, however frequency of use by heavy person’s can cause the chair to sag or bend forward. Some show signs of depression in the seat from frequent use.

Heavy-duty office chair

A heavy-duty office chair will accommodate all comers and offer good comfort. They are durable, rugged and cost effective, use them in regular office environment or heavy trafficked environment.

Weight limit for heavy-duty office chair is from 400 to 500 IBS. A good solid chair with a maximum weight capacity of 350 IBS is sufficient.

Which is better heavy-duty or standard chair?

Which is better heavy-duty or standard office chair? Each has it’s own merits and demerits. We recommend a mix of both, this is because different situations require a holistic approach.

Therefore you need to first determine the traffic and weight requirement of your office. The look for features like seat width, material used in the construct, and maximum weight capacity.

Things to consider when choosing an office chair

Once a weight limit is determined 250 to 500 IBS then you need to look at other features. Features to look for in a good chair are ergonomic design, high-back or adjustablilty. Few heavy-duty chairs have fewer adjustment than standard chairs.

More features are lumbar support, comfortable armrest, durable leather, high density foam to carry the heavier weight. Finally check the base material of the chair. Appropriate base is sturdy metal frame, alloy or rubber wheels.

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