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How Durable is a Mesh Chair?

How Durable is a Mesh Chair?

The most popular choice of office chairs are mesh chairs because they are affordable, moderately durable, easy to install. So how durable is a mesh chair? Before we answer the question we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of chair.

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How Durable is a Mesh Chair?
Mesh Chair

What is a mesh chair?

A mesh chair is an office chair with a mesh back designed for desk use. Some come with adjustable features including wheels for movement. They have mid-back or high-back for long hours in the office.

How do I choose a mesh chair?

To choose a mesh chair you need to study the chairs proportions. Then narrow down your search to chairs with adjustable features including ergonomic qualities. Make sure it has wheels for good swivel action or movement.

Choosing a mesh chair

  1. Study the chairs proportions
  2. Narrow down your search
  3. Look for adjustable features
  4. it can be ergonomic
  5. wheel casters for good swivel movement
  6. Is it mid or high back

What are the different types of office chairs?

Apart from the mesh office chair there are different types of office chairs. Some are the 24 hour chair, Big & Tall, Standard, Computer chair
More include ergonomic chair, executive chair, kneeling chair, drafting chair and conference chair.

Different types of chairs

  1. Mesh office chair
  2. 24 hour chair
  3. Big & Tall
  4. Standard
  5. Computer chair
  6. Egonomic chair
  7. Executive chair
  8. Kneeling chair
  9. Drafting chair
  10. Conference chair

What are the different types of mesh chair?

Mesh chair are easily classified by the type of back in the design. We have the mid-back or high-back, breathable mesh back, it’s ergonomic has tilt acting, with seat height adjustment.

What is executive mesh chair?

An executive mesh chair is a high quality seat with high-back, thick foam, and lumbar support.

What are the features of a mesh chair?

Common features of a mesh chair are lumbar support, tilt mechanism, mesh-back, seat height adjustment, breathable mesh.

What to look for in Best chair for long hours

Before buying a chair there are a few things to look for. Make sure the chair has Lumbar Back Support, Leg Rest (optional), Breathability (mesh), Seat Depth, Sturdy frame.

What is a 24 hour chair?

24 hour chairs are rugged and made for office use were they have shift workers, it can withstand constant use for long periods.

Which chair is best for studying long hours?

A high or mid-back mesh office chair is ideal for studying long hours.

Does a mesh chair sag?

Yes mesh chairs will eventually sag after constant use.

How long will an autonomous chair last?

Most office chairs last from 5 to 10 years

Advantages of mesh chair

A major advantage of this type of chair is the weight, they are lightweight, easy to assemble. Because of this main feature they are moved from one office to the next with relative ease.

Some mesh chairs have wheel casters for good movement over different surfaces. Unlike leather chairs, mesh is easy to clean or wipe down, and are perfect for small spaces.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Rasy to assemble
  3. Easy to moved around
  4. Many have wheel casters
  5. Good swivel action
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Perfect for small spaces

They are not prone to wear and tear

A mesh chair can withstand rough handling so long the mesh back is not placed against any sharp objects. Leather seats rip or tear while fabric is even more fragile. Because of their sturdy structure mesh are not prone to wear or tear and are resistant to rough usage or handling.

They are adjustable

Ergonomic mesh chairs are highly adjustable making them good for long hours of work. Some come with multiple adjustment for seat height, neck rest, armrest, footrest.

The are comfortable

Leather chairs have more rigid frame than mesh. Many mesh brands have ergonomic design have lumbar back support, adjustable seats for maximum comfort.

The Mesh is breathable

The mesh design offers good airflow reducing the stress level of the user. This simple features adds another level of comfort a fabric or leather chair can’t offer.

Perfect for small spaces

Granted leather chairs come in different sizes based on the manufacturers specifications. However mesh brands are smaller in size, more portable and ideal for small spaces, this makes them the perfect office chair.

Disadvantages of mesh chair

There are many disadvantages to the mesh chair like limited designs, poor to average durability, no cushion , not suitable for skin or clothes.


  1. Average durability
  2. They have limited designs
  3. Don’t come with cushion
  4. Poor warmth
  5. not suitable for skin or clothes
  6. Affordable


Leather is more durable than fabric or mesh. On the other hand mesh have low weight threshold, and the seat back tend to sag from prolonged use. Unlike leather chair that have good longivity, mesh will last only 6 to 8 years.

No cushion

Fabric or leather chair are the epitome of comfort because of the extra padding or cushion. Mesh don’t have any padding or cushion and have poor weight distribution.

Limited designs

Limited designs are a big problem for mesh chairs, manufacturers tend to create multiple brands with same designs or frame finish.

Not suitable for skin or clothes

Some people have very sensitive skin or are allergic to mesh material. Although some people surfers the same fate with leather, there are very few complains about fabric.


On cold winter nights it is easy to curl up on a snug leather chair than a mesh one. Mesh is not built to offer warmth but to encourage airflow.


It is important to strike a balance between the advantages of having a mesh chair. Like any piece of furniture it has its limitations, despite this they are the first choice of office chairs.

So How Durable is a Mesh Chair?

On a scale of 1 to 5 we give them 4 stars.

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