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Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair Which is better?

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair
Which is better Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair both have dual function and not interchangeable. It does not matter If you are in the office or into gaming, comfort is your primary goal. A comfortable chair provides good backrest, armrest and neck-rest, it reduces stress, neck or back pain and are perfect for long use.

Regardless of comfort, many chairs are now built for specific users, they are loaded with features to enhance gaming experience or working long hours in the office. This is why choosing the right one is moderately challenging. Before you buy any chair you need to learn how to differentiate a gaming chair from an office chair. To determine which is best for your purpose you need to look for key features. Here we will highlight features that differentiates a gaming chair from an office chair.

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Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

What kind of Furniture is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are generally built with ergonomic features for total play experience. Manufacturers have produced different types based on the type of gamer and design, common types are floor, rocker or racing style chairs.

Floor gaming chairs

floor chairs are semi-structured, similar to rockers and cheaper that the other two. Highly foldable, they have moderate adjustment, no armrest or headrest, most are fitted with high-back rest, plush padding perfect for casual or armature players.

Rocker gaming chairs

like regular rockers they seat on the floor and rock with your legs resting on floor. Use them with console and multiplayer game console. They are perfect for video games and fit seamlessly with your room furniture.

Racing gaming chairs

These are the real deal, built for top level gamers in a racing style design. they are ergonomic, perfect for desk play with sleek luxury features like headrest, footrest, backrest, spongy or full grain seats. The chairs are comfortable, sturdy, with padded back with attractive color.

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair

There are some similarity between Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair, they both have armrest, padded seats, wheel casters and swivel bases. They include adjustments, tilt action, ergonomic design, high or low-back chairs. However the similarities ends there, gaming chairs have high accentuated style and function. There are however telling structural differences in appearance. Gaming chairs are sometimes used as office chairs however office chairs are more comfortable with simplistic clean designs.

Gaming chairs are more specialized, have brilliant color, high-backs. Common features of the chairs are waterfall seat, adjustable seat height, adjustable arm, footrest, lumbar support. Additional features include steering wheel mount on racing chairs, headphone output, speakers, Bluetooth compatibility. Office chairs are cheaper, have fixed armrest, backrest, waterfall shape.

Feature Office Chair Gaming Chair

Adjustable Seat Height ✔ ✔
Rocking Function ✔ ✔
Back Support Mid-back Full-back
Adjustable Armrests x ✔
Reclining Backrest x ✔
Lumbar Support Adjustable x ✔

Features of gaming chairs

  1. ergonomic esign
  2. recliner
  3. adjustable armrest
  4. lumbar support
  5. adjustable seat eight
  6. brilliant flashy colors

Additional features for some gaming chairs

  1. steering wheel mount
  2. acing chairs
  3. headphone output
  4. speakers
  5. bluetooth

Office chairs

  1. low/mid-back/high-back
  2. ergonomic
  3. clean design
  4. sturdy frame
  5. desk chair
  6. cheaper

Gaming chairs or office chairs which one to Choose?

Your preference depends on the purpose for owning the chair, if you want to furnish an office then you need an office chair. This does not mean that some gaming chairs are not ideal. Racer style chairs with speakers are purposely made for gamers while flashy chairs are not ideal for office use. While choosing the perfect fit consider basic functions, comfort and price. Office chairs are generally sturdier because they are built for traffic and long periods of work.

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