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Executive Office Chair Parts Name (Guide)

Office Chair Parts

Today’s executive chairs come with state of art designs, are beautiful, well made, and ergonomic. They aid productivity, good posture for long hours of sitting in the office. This class of chairs don’t come cheap, therefore using replacement parts is a good idea.

If you have an executive chair and want to assemble or know the executive chair parts name or replacement parts we have you covered. This guide covers different executive office chair parts.

Complete list of Executive Office Chair Parts Name

  • Office Chair Base Replacement
  • Replacement Adjustable Arms
  • Tilt Control Mechanism
  • Office Chair Caster Wheels Set of 5
  • Office Oasis Chair Cylinder
  • Material for Office Chair
  • Backrest
  • Lumbar Support
  • Seat Span
  • Headrest

Materials for Executive Office chair

An executive office chair has different furniture finish, and material. The type of material used in the construct depends on the manufacturers specifications. Common material found on the backrest, seat or padded arms are vinyl, leather, mesh, or fabric.

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Types of material on executive office chair.

  1. vinyl
  2. leather
  3. mesh
  4. fabric

Vinyl chairs

Vinyl is a synthetic resin or plastic that has polyvinyl chloride or a polymer used as a covering material in many industries.

It has wide application like vinyl coated wire, vinyl based latex, seat material, easily recycled the versatile material is a popular choice by manufacturers. It is a good material for chair upholstery for the seat, backrest or padded arm.

Leather chairs

Leather is a flexible, durable, material made from tanning of animal skin. Animal leather includes cow, buffalo, sheep or goat skin. It is used in making bags, shoes, sports equipment and furniture.

Different grades of leather are top-grain leather, full grain leather, Corrected grain leather, split leather and bonded leather. Many office chairs are made from bonded leather which are shredded leather scrab with polyurethane.

Fabric chairs

The question is “What kind of fabric is used for chairs?. There are different types of fabric materials used for chairs, common ones are cotton, nylon, wool, leather. Others are rayon, nylon, silk, polyester, acetate, linen. Upholstery fabric are either blended or made from single yarn.

Mesh chairs

A chair fitted with a mesh backrest are refered to as mesh chairs. A major advantage of mesh material is good airflow to your back region, thereby reducing sweating. Many executive office chair or gaming chair have mesh design.

Chair mechanism

Chair mechanism depends on the adjustment features incorporated into the design. A standard executive office chair has many adjustment powered by different mechanisms. List of chair mechamisms are chair height adjustment, backrest tilt lock, tension adjustment. More are forward tilt, seat height adjustment, tilt angle.

List of executive chair mechanism

  • chair height adjustment
  • backrest tilt lock
  • tension adjustment. More are forward tilt
  • seat height adjustment
  • tilt angle

Office Chair Base

Office chair base have different designs and made from different material. The chair is either static or has mobile from wheels or casters.

Most stable chair base are those with wide diameter and 5 star legs, while common base material are steel, alloy, aluminum, plastic materials.

Aluminum is lighter than steel with better mobile profile but steel is more durable. However some executive chairs have polypropylene material for the base movement.


The difference between a chair with wheels and one with casters is that wheels spin on a single axis and roll in one direction. Casters are more sophisticated and incorporate wheel in the design, a caster has a mounting that hold the wheels.

Casters are attached to base of the chair adding mobility, the type of caster determines the surface it moves. There are two types of casters hard caster or soft caster. Hard casters.ove on tough surfaces like carpet while soft casters move on soft surfaces.


The backrest supports the upper part of the back while the lower part is attached to lumbar support. The backrest supports the back and spine while seated, it is either fixed or has recliner function. There are many types of backrest based on the material in the construct, material include plastic, leather, or mesh backrest.

Lumbar support

A lumbar support fills the gap between chair and lower back offering good support for the lumbar region. This enables proper posture reducing the possibility of back pain. Many executive office chair and gaming chair have lumbar support system. To adjust the lumbar support glide backrest back and forth, adjust lumbar height not more than 190 mm above seat surface.

Seat pan

A seat pan is the flat surface of a chair that we seat on. Affixed to the base some have adjustable options like seat height, and backrest recliner function. You can tilt your seat span to accommodate your preferred comfort level by manipulating the paddle up and down.

Make sure the seat span depth is not greater than 43 cm, with your back squarely again the backrest make sure the front end of seat is not touching the crease of your knee.


Office chair headrest supports the head while you work or rest. Only a few chairs come with this option. Some headrest are adjustable while some are detachable, others fixed.


When it comes to armrests there are two types of seats, the one with armrests and the one without. The function of an armrest is to rest the arms while working on your computer or seated.executibe chairs have adjustable armrest for different heights. There are flip-Up armrest, padded armrests, T-armrests and fixed armrests.

Questions people ask about office chair parts

Is vinyl good for dining room chairs

Yes, the are good for dining room chairs. Vinyl is a good upholstery fabric that easily complement both classic or contemporary furniture.

How long does vinyl fabric last?

They last 10 to 20 years

What makes a comfortable office chair?

An office chair is comfortable if it is ergonomic with adjustable features for backrest including lumbar support. Make sure to adjust seat height, and armrest to your preferred comfort.

How can I make my chair more ergonomic?

There are a few adjustment to make your chair more ergonomic. The first thing you can do is support your lower back then add a seat cushion. Make sure you feet a flat on the ground, rest your wrists and raise your PC monitor to eye level. Other external things are make sure the office has good lighting , remove clutter and add some greenery

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