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DUOREST Alpha Office Chair for Back Pain

DUOREST Alpha Office Chair

Back pain is commonplace in a working environment and a major cause of disability. It is rarely treated by surgery because it responds to home treatment. There are many ways to relieve or treat the condition through low impact aerobics, flexibility or muscle building, maintaining a healthy weight. If the reason is attributed to bad posture then an Ergonomic chair with adequate lower back support will relieve the condition.

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Cause of back pain

There are many causes of back pain like smoking, physiological condition, improper lifting, disease, bad posture, lack of exercise and excess weight.


  1. Smoking
  2. Physiological condition
  3. Improper lifting
  4. Dsease
  5. Bad posture
  6. Lack of exercise
  7. Excess weight

Why is it important to have an ergonomic chair?

It is important to an ergonomic chair because it provides good lumber support for your lower back. Thereby reducing lower back pain because you sit in natural position. Are you interested in buying a good ergonomic chair then DUOREST Alpha Office Chair for Back Pain is a good choice, let us take a look at this office chair.

DUOREST Alpha Office Chair for Back Pain

DUOREST Alpha Ergonomic Office Chair is a durable chair that’s perfect for your office or workstation. The desk chair is fitted with lumbar support ideal for your posture. If you have a bad back this chair will offer some relief while you work in total comfort.

DUOREST Alpha Office Chair has different colors

This brand of chairs come in different color so you have a choice of the one you like. Colors include white/blue, white, black/blue, and black.

DUOREST Alpha Office Chair


  1. white/blue
  2. white
  3. black/blue
  4. black

Product Details

Brand name is Duorest, Furniture Finish leather, material mesh, best for office use. Apart from the ergonomic backrest design, you can customize the chair to fit your body shape and size.

Features of DUOREST Alpha Office Chair

  1. Product Dimensions are 23.15″D x 26″W x 48″H
  2. Home Office Desk Chairs,
  3. Office Chair
  4. Lumbar Support
  5. Best Office Chair for Posture
  6. Mesh Office Chair
  7. Office Chair for Bad Back & Back Pain (Black)
  8. Furniture Finish is Leather

Pros & Cons


Fully Ergonomic
Very comfortable
Easy to assemble
Good customer service


Dual backrest become uncomfortable after long hours use

Why dual backrests?

DUOREST Alpha has dual backrest perfect for people with back pain, especially in the office. The space age design cradles your entire back while the two separated backrest wrap your spinal muscles. Dual backrest cover a wider range than single backrest providing better comfort for your lower back.

Why dual backrest design is practical

  1. Perfect for people with back pain
  2. Use in the office
  3. space age design cradles your entire back
  4. The 2 separated backrest wrap your spinal muscles
  5. dual backrest cover a wider range
  6. They are comfortable

Sit for long time without fatigue

Did you know that the dual-backrests design minimize back strain and distributes pressure evenly over body muscles. Therefore you will experience true comfort, enjoy the breathable mesh seat and adjustable backrest and headrest height. Adjustable Backrest Width is 2 inches, Adjustable Seatpan Depth 18.5 to 23.6, Adjustable Seatpan Height, with synchronized tilting.

Things to know about the chair

The chair is made in Korea, maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, many adjustment options.


If you want a reliable office chair you can consider DUOREST Alpha Office Chair for Back Pain. It is purposefully designed to reduce back pain while it covers entire back and lumbar region.

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