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Best Office Chairs for Short People

Please note: we will use words like short, petite or small to describe short people, however this post is not for people with dwarfism.

Best Office Chairs for Short People

Granted we are all built differently therefore we have different needs when it comes to type of chair. Generally office chairs are built for people with average size so what happens to 1/3 of the population who are neither tall nor average.

People 6″2+ have a choice of big and tall chairs that have good weight capacity of 400 to 500 pounds, If you are short in stature 5″6 or less then you need an ergonomic or petite chair.

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KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair
KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Things to consider

There are many ergonomic chairs for short people all you need to look for are certain customization or features. Things to consider before making your choice is seat span width, seat height, seat depth.

Seat adjustment

  1. seat span width
  2. seat height
  3. seat depth.

Features for Office Chair for Short People

Apart from actual small chairs, most chairs are built for average sized people. The difference with ergonomic chairs is the level of adjustment. If you are short you need a chair with many adjustable features. Types of features are seat span , seat height adjustment, seat depth, adjustable armrest, lumbar support, backrest, and neckrest.

Features of ergonomic design

  1. Seat span
  2. Seat height adjustment
  3. Seat depth
  4. Adjustable armrest
  5. Lumbar support
  6. Backrest, and neckrest

Seat height for Office Chair for Short People

Some chairs are rather tall and not ideal for short people, a regular chair with adjustable seat height well work. Most seat height are about 22″this is the height from end of inner thigh to the floor. Look for an ergonomic chair with adjustable seat height then adjust the seat height to 18″” or less to your preferred position. Another easier way to adjust your position on the seat is to introduce a footrest.

Seat depth for Office Chair for Short People

The seat depth has to do with the position of your buttocks to end of inner thigh when seated, then make sure there is 2″ space from back of knees and chair seat. If the seat span is deep the legs of a short person will dangle rather than touch the ground. Best position for good posture is when the feet rest squarely on the floor. Appropriate seat dept for a short person is 18″ or less.

Backrest for Office Chair for Short People

Backrest are not made equal, some are high-back, or mid-back chairs. You can decide to use a mid-back chair which immediately solves the problem, however if you want to use a high-back chair then make sure it has a tilt mechanism or recliner function. Use the tilt mechanism to adjust the back slightly forward. The objective is for your back to rest squarely on the backrest.

Lumbar support

Look for a chair with lumbar support if you intend working long hours in the office. A lumbar support provides support for your lower back or lumbar region, some are depth adjustable, however another alternative is to use a lumbar pillow.


It is important to use a fully adjustable armrest with appropriate width. To adjust the armrest make sure it is closer to your body and well padded. If your chair has detachable option then there are many detachable armrest to suit your purpose.

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The footrest is advantageous if the seat height adjustment can’t go bellow 20″. Use the footrest to elevate your feet from the floor so you are properly seated.

Best Office Chairs for Short People

There are many ergonomic chairs perfect for short people, they are adjustable, durable and easy to customize. Some good office chairs for short people are Herman Miller Aeron Chair, Hbada Task Chair, Steelcase Amia Task Chair, Superjare Drafting Chair.

Best office chair for short person

Questions and Answers

What is a good office chair for a short person?

A good office chair for a short person is one that is ergonomic. Some good brands include Steelcase Leap v2, Neutral Posture XSM, Herman Miller. More are Aeron Size A, BTOD Petite, and OM Seating Paramount Petite.

How do I know what office chair is right for me?

Things to look for in an office chair are adjustable features like an height, backrests, lumbar support. It is important that the chair has sufficient seat depth, width, breathable mesh, paddled armrests. For easy movement look for a chair with wheel casters and swivel action.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Best office chair for long hours should be comfortable with the right adjustments. Best office chairs for long hours are Steelcase Leap, SHOO Ergonomic, NEO office chair, ErgoChair Recliner, Homall gaming chair with PU Leather.

What size desk chair do I need?

If you are short person17 inche wide seat will do. When you sit make sure you back is square with the backrest with 2 inches between back of knee and seat.

What position should your legs be at whilst seated?

Best position is back on backrest straight, feet flat on the floor. Use a chair that has lumbar support to help with your posture.

Are ergonomic chairs worth it?

Yes they are worth it and good value for money. They are highly adjustable and easily customized to your preferred standards. A quality office or gaming chair have a lifespan of 15 years.


If you are a short or petite individual you need a chair that is comfortable and functional. Your best choice is an ergonomic chair with lots of adjustable options.

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