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Best Budget Ergonomic Video Chairs Under $100

Here is a list of the best ergonomic video gaming chairs under $100 in the market:

Best Office PC Chairs Under $100

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

This PC chair, sold by Amazon, is awesome. It is ergonomic with a support flip end. You’ll appreciate the executive high-back capsule chair. The BestOffice PC chair is perfect for both male and female. You have a choice of different colors from the black/white combo, blue, Cambo, grey, pink, red and white.
The PC Chair is made from leather material. Item dimensions n L x W x H is 27.3 x 28 x 44.5 inches. The recommend maximum weight is 250 pounds while the item weight is 34 pounds.


  • Material: leather
  • Dimensions: 28″D x 27.3″W x 47.6″H
  • Maximum weight: 250 pounds
  • Item weight: 34 pounds
  • 360 swivel action
  • Padded flip arm
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Solid build


The BestOffice PC Gaming Chair is one of the best under $100 built for comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design and size. It is wider than regular chairs or desks. Long-lasting, it is made from durable material. Other notable features include the locking mechanism to keep your back upright for stress relief. It is easily adaptable for taller people with a cool 360 swivel action.

Our Thoughts

The BestOffice PC chair offers wider seats and good comfort. It has a choice of colors, a stylish build and a great low cost. This chair is one of the cheapest in the market without compromising on design.

Seatingplus Video Gaming Chair

Seatingplus is one of the chairs under $100. It is a low-cost, cheap adjustable chair perfect for most people. It is made from faux fabric, a 360 swivel seat and casters. You can use the desk chair at your home office or room and adjust the armrest to your preferred position.


Specs are height adjustment 4.17 – 4.57 seat width 18.9 It’s made from fabric material, has padded armrest and 360 swivel seats & casters.

  • Height adjustment: 17.2″-21.2″ inches”
  • Width: 18.9″
  • 360 swivel seat and casters
  • Padded armrest


Seatingplus chair is an office chair perfect for adults. Made from comfortable fabric, the office chair with backrest has an ergonomic design. It is easy to assemble and curves at your waist for good support. The items weight is 27.9 pounds and comes with padded armrest and 360 swivel function.

Our Thoughts

It has a low cost price and ergonomic design. The chair offers moderate comfort.

X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Chair

The X Rocker Extreme III is a premium chair for serious gamers. It provides all-round entertainment and a groundbreaking immersive experience. This state of art sound chair is innovative and revolutionary. It offers interactive music audio powered by an exclusive AFM technology incorporating advanced audio and portal power. The X Rocker Extreme III video game chair uses open spaces in the chair to magnify sound quality and vibrations to intensify a gamer’s experience.


  • Material: polyester
  • Dimensions: 26″D x 17.5″W x 17″H
  • Color: black and red
  • Foldable

FLOGUOR Floor Chair

The FLOGUOR flour chair is a bonafide beast of a chair. The video gam chair has good back support and is adjustable to astounding 42 positions. It comes in either blue or brown, is fitted with skin-friendly fabric and sells for less than $100. The dimensions are 43.3 x 19.7 x 4.7 inches and it weighs 8.14 pounds.


The chair back is adjustable to 42 angles and it comes with a foldable design. This offers easy storage when not in use. You will enjoy superior comfort facilitated by the Japanese KoYo mechanism. Other key features are the neck support and high-back support, making it one of the best floor chairs.


  • Neck support
  • Impressive design
  • High-back
  • 42 angles

How to identify a good video game chair

Are you interested in buying a video game chair and feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone. We have this comprehensive buyer’s guide to help make an informed choice.

To know a good video chair you need to look at the features, and brand name.

What are video game chairs and who needs them?

Video game chairs a purposefully designed chairs specifically for playing video games. The design is specific to the needs of the players like mobility, comfort for long gaming sessions and customization features.

Most are ergonomic and adaptable to a player regardless of their height, size and weight. Some are better suited for certain height, weight or preferred level of comfort. Some are also perfect for office or leisure use.

Where to use video chairs

Video chairs are perfect for playing video games and you can use them in the office. Most of the offer good mobility and have good back support.

  • Perfect for gamers
  • Use them in the office
  • Work from home

What are the different types of video game chairs?

There are different types of video game chairs that fall into four broad categories. We have the racing chair, bean bag chairs, PC chairs and console chairs. The type of chair you finally decide to buy will fall into on of the categories mentioned above. If you want an office chair then you need a PC chair, however serious players prefer a console or racing style chair.

Types of video chairs

  • Racing Style chair
  • Bean bag chairs
  • PC chairs
  • Console chairs

Console video game chairs

Console chairs are more adaptable than PC chairs, they are made for console use. Most have headrest, armrest, back support and recliner function. However the are stationery chairs and some have rocker feature. Despite all the cool features they are not ideal desk chairs or PC chairs and better suited for leisure play with console or pad.

  1. adaptable
  2. headrest
  3. armrest
  4. back support
  5. recliner function
  6. stationery chairs
  7. rocker feature
  8. leisure play
PC Chair

PC chairs

PC chairs are perfect for office and home. Use them at your desk with you computer to play games or work. Features are 5 star Wheelbase for good mobility, with swivel action, and high armrest. PC chairs have upright high or low back, moderate upholstery work and sturdy frame.

  1. perfect for office and home
  2. use them at your desk
  3. good computer chair
  4. 5 star Wheelbase
  5. good mobility
  6. swivel action
  7. high armrest
  8. upright high or low back
  9. moderate upholstery work
  10. sturdy frame
gaming chair
racing style chair

Racing Style chairs

Racing simulator chairs are racing style chairs purposefully built for serious gamers. These chairs are ergonomic with cockpit design, wheel caster and thick upholstery.

Bean chair

Bean chairs are fun sac chairs filled with foam. Designed for gamers they are soft, moderately comfortable and placed on the floor.

Top video chair brand name

There are top brands who have distinguished themselves in quality chairs. Top of that pack is DXracer, SecretLab, X rocker, Herman Miller, Maxnomic


  1. DXracer
  2. SecretLab
  3. X rocker
  4. Herman Miller
  5. Maxnomic

What is the best brand?

The best is not about just have a cool station but provision for complete experience. This involves having the right chair size, height, weight capacity, frame, upholstery and casters. Your body requires good support for you neck, back and arms while playing long hours.
Choosing the right chair will not only enhance your game and offer comfort it offers proper posture. In the office and gaming chair world some brands standout from the rest. We have included in our research the top office and video chair brands in the market.

  1. SecretLab
    The brand name SecretLab conjure an image of mad scientist in white lab coats in a highly classified secret location designing and building video chairs.

One of such creations is Titan Evo 2022. This branded tech chair has level seat base and racing back. It comes with 165 degree recliner and 397 IBS weight capacity. This chair is a players dream, although pricey it is ergonomic has built-in back support, adjustable with magnetic head cushion and 4D armrest.

Another chair of note is SecretLab Omega. This chair is affordable has racing seat, 165 degree recliner, and 240 IBS weight capacity.
Other features are the Velour memory foam cushion, armrest and tilt mechanism.

  1. NeueChair

For an office task chair it’s a damn good video chair. It is multifunctional perfect for home and office use. This brand has max 130 degrees recliner function with weight capacity of 240 IBS.
The manufacturers are so confident with the chair that they offer an astounding 12 years warranty!
Reasons to buy the chair are good support, comfort, sturdy frame and highly adjustable.
Despite it’s basic design the chair is purposefully built to last.

  1. DXRacer

DXRacer brand is a leading name in chairs. One of their premium brands is DXRacer Master it has racing seat, 353 IBS weight capacity, sturdy frame. It is modular has built-in lumbar support and comfortable. It has 4D armrest, a flashy design and costs less than $100.

  1. Corsair T3 Rush

Corsair T3 Rush is simple style racing seat chair. It has max 170 degree recliner, weight capacity 265 IBS, with breathable fabric and 4D armrest. It has memory foam lumbar pillow, perfect for people with small frame.

  1. Noblechairs Hero

If Corsair T3 Rush is perfect for people with small frame then Noblechairs Hero is for large people. This is because Noblechairs Hero has good lumbar support, large frame chair with firm seat and headrest. It is easy to assemble, very sturdy perfect for office or home.

  1. AndaSeat kaiser 2

This chair has a large frame, racing style seat, max 160 degree recliner, weight capacity 397 Ibs. It has a sturdy frame, perfect for big and tall although bulky it has unique build has premium PVC leather.

  1. LongiTech G Herman Miller

LongiTech G Herman Miller is an excellent gaming chair. It has unrivaled back support, high quality build and embody design.

Things to consider before buying a video chair

There are a few things to consider before buying a chair. You need to consider type of installation, warranty, features, product reviews, console compatibility, weight capacity, mobility, type of upholstery, ergonomic or non emergency design.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic designed chairs are optimized to enhance the playing expirence. They are adaptable, offer good support, improve productivity and efficiency. Ergonomic chairs are adjumstable, have lumbar support, have tilt mechanism and backrest.


Look for quality like type of material finish like wood or plastic. Other key features are type of upholstery like PU leather or real leather.

Back and armrest

Some come with or without armrest, high or low back support. Best type of armrest are those that are adjumstable.

Weight capacity

It is important to find out the weight capacity of the chair. Look at the description and weight capacity of the chair. Average weight capacity is from 250 pounds upwards to 500 pounds.

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