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Best chairs for anterior pelvic tilt

Pelvic Tilt: What Is It

Pelviic tilt in a layman’s terms regards the position of the pelvis in relation to the body. If the pelvic is tilted or out of position a person experiences poor mobility, motor control, posture and stability.
Pelvic tilt issues cause muscle tense in pelvic region and has to do with extensors or flexors in hip region. Pelvic floor muscles support organ function through muscle contraction and could lead to other underlining conditions.

pelvic tilt

Types of pelvic tilt issues

The direction the pelvic is fixed in relation to the body and indicative of the kind of pelvic tilt
There are generally three common types of pelvic tilt issues. We have the posterior, anterior and lateral pelvic tilt.

Anterior pelvic tilt

Anterior pelvic tiltlt is when front of pelvis rotates forward and back of the pelvis rotates up. Most pelvic tilt issues, impact spine health and is sometimes resultant of inactivity.

Causes of this condition may include static position from long hours of sitting. This may cause hip flexors tighten and cause change in pelvic position. Another cause include pregnancy issues or compromise in pelvic alignment.

Lateral pelvic tilt

lateral pelvic tilt is a side to side shift of the pelvis. This condition is when hip is higher than the other. This causes unilateral muscle imbalances in the entire body. Lateral pelvic tilt can make one leg appear shorter than the other.

Causes of Pelvic Tilt Issues

Common causes of pelvic tilt issues are tight hip flexor muscles, long hours of sitting, poor posture, during pregnancy issues or labor issues.

Corrective Exercises for Anterior Pelvic Tilt 

There are a few corrective exercises to consider for anterior pelvic tilt. Core and glute strengthen, half kneeling hip flexor stretch, Strengthen glutes and core stability, Glute and hamstring adjustment exercise. Others are Core and hip stabilization to align the pelvis, single leg reverse exercise for glute strength.laying glute bridge for glute and hamstring strength.

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Anterior Pelvic Tilt Corrective exercises

  1. Core and glute strengthen
  2. half kneeling hip flexor stretch
  3. Strengthen glutes and core stability
  4. Glute and hamstring adjustment exercise
  5. Core and hip stabilization to align the pelvis
  6. single leg reverse exercise for glute strength
  7. Laying glute bridge for glute and hamstring strength.

Corrective Exercises for Posterior Pelvic Tilt 

Common Corrective Exercises for Posterior Pelvic Tilt include seated hamstring stretch for stretches to tighten hamstrings of pelvis to aid backwards tilt.

Another exercise is used to strengthens weak glutes and lumbar spine. The popular cobra exercise is used to loosens tight abdominals. Others include leg raises to strengthen weak hip flexors, Standing Hip Raises for weak hip flexors and gluteal stretch to release tight glute muscles.

Corrective Exercises for Lateral Pelvic Tilt 

Common exercises are lying reverse leg raises, sranding reverse leg raise clamshell exercise and quadratus lumborum or oblique overhead Stretch.

Warning: This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

1. VONOYA kneeling chair with back support.

VONOYA kneeling chair is an ergonomic office chair for home or office use. It helps improve posture with it’s thick cushion and back support. Perfect for office it is foldable, item dimensions are 29.72 x 19.09 x 7.48 inches, furniture finish is leather. The chair accommodates different heights is foldable, adjumstable, easily collapsible for continent storage. It provides good side or back support, encourages good posture. The casters roll easily on different surfaces while the sturdy steel frame supports 198 IBS.

VONOYA kneeling chair with back support.


  1. VONOYA kneeling chair
  2. ergonomic office chair
  3. improve posture
  4. thick cushion and back support
  5. foldable
  6. Item dimensions are 29.72 x 19.09 x 7.48 inches
  7. furniture finish is leather
  8. accommodates different heights
  9. collapsible for continent storage
  10. casters roll easily
  11. sturdy steel frame
  12. supports 198 IBS

2. Office Chair, FelixKing

Office chair FelixKing is anErgonomic Desk Chair with Adjustable Height. Use the Swivel action and Computer Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support to adjust your posture and support back pain. It has Flip-up Arms, a Backrest with Breathable Mesh, the chair comes in black. The furniture base movement is swivel, ideal for office or living room. Item dimensions L x W x H is 25.2 x 25.2 x 37.4 inches. The chair back has 10cm Up and down lifting function including 90-degree storage armrest, thick chair surface and durable armrest with large seat surface.

Office Chair, FelixKing


  1. Ergonomic backrest
  2. Adjustable weight support
  3. High resilient double layer mesh
  4. Thick armrest available
  5. Comfortable seat cushion
  6. Stable gas cylinder
  7. 2mm thick explosion proof steel base
  8. Floor protected casters

Nada-Chair Back-Up with CushShins Premium Back Support System Turns to Convertible Pouch Bag


This furniture base movement rock, room type game or recreation use, the color is black, form factor foldable. The items dimensions are L x W x H 11.7 x 6.9 x 2.5 inches.

The Nada chair backup is comfortable, helps relief back pain and support pregnant women and people with lower back pain. It helps maintain correct posture, ease back pain and sit upright easily without compromising lower back.

Endorsed by World Chiropractic Alliance’s it provides extra cushion and comes with standard CushShins, which distribute weight 3x in shin area. Perfect for everybody the large cushion and back pad fits all. This wearable chair is foldable into portable pouch and easily carried anywhere.



Good Support
Complete Pain relief
Portable pouch


  1. Padded knee cushion
  2. Adjustable
  3. Portable
  4. Designed for back health
  5. Items dimensions are L x W x H 11.7 x 6.9 x 2.5 inches


A key features on DUOREST are the two backrest uniquely designed to offer full Vertical support for upper part of the body. It eleminates pressure on lower backbone by removing load on lower vertebrae.

Backrest are height and weight adjumstable to your preference. No more generic office chair but a DUOREST system perfect for office or home use. Made with PU synthetic leather it is durable and affordable.

Use the height adjustable arms to support arms and shoulders while the height adjustable headrest encourages good posture effectively reducing fatigue..

Other features are the Triple Y Urethane Caster Base, curved seat pan, and tilt tension lock. Item weight is ‎42 pounds, product dimensions ‎27 x 26 x 15.4 inches.



  1. DUOREST has double backrest
  2. uniquely designed
  3. full Vertical support for upper part
  4. backrest are height and weight adjustable
  5. perfect for office or home
  6. Made with PU synthetic leather
  7. durable and affordable
  8. Triple Y Urethane Caster Base
  9. curved seat pan
  10. tilt tension lock
  11. Item weight is ‎42 pounds
  12. product dimensions ‎27 x 26 x 15.4 inches

Best Seat Cushion For Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Buying Guide

Best seat cushion for office chair offers support to truck drivers, office, kitchen or wheelchair. It offers pain relief, soothes coccyx support. It Relieves Back Pain, Tailbone, Sciatica, and Hemorrhoid. Here is a list of best seat çushion memory foam.

Best Seat Cushion For Anterior Pelvic Tilt

  1. CYLEN Home-Memory Foam
  2. Memory Foam Pillow relax oak original Orthopedic
  3. SITTS Posture
  4. Calily Coccyx Cushion
  5. Effective Posture Correction cushion
  6. Seat Cushion for Office Chair
  7. Chesna Coccyx Seat Cushion
  8. Seat Cushion
  9. Feagar Memory
  10. FORTEM Seat Cushion
  11. CYLEN Home-Memory Foam

CYLEN Home memory foam comes in Black, Bamboo or Charcoal color. It has Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion perfect for Car and Wheelchair, It is Washable and has Breathable Cover.

  1. Memory Foam Pillow

This memory pillow supports your back and head. It helps relieve knee pain. Use as a chair footrest, or under desk cushion it relieves leg or knee pain including sciatica pregnancy hip and joint surgery. The memory pillow offers better circulation, has gentle comfort and alleviates pressure.

  1. RELAXOBAKOriginal Orthopedic

RELAXOBAKOriginal Orthopedic Sacroiliac Seat is a pelvic stabilizer and tailbone shield. This orthopedic seat keeps your spine aligned while supporting back and hip. It holds about 300 ibs and comes in single black color.

  1. SITTS Posture offers Wedge Non Slip Surface has Medium Firm Integral Skin 4 inch Tilt. SITTS relieves Back Pain in Sciatica. Use it while Playing Cards at home, Office Chair or vehicle. Ideal for meditation it effortlessly adjusts your Posture
  2. Calily Coccyx Cushion is an Orthopedic Tailbone Seat Cushion. Use it in your Office Chair, Car, Truck or Wheelchairs. The cushion provides Relief form prostrate, pelvic pain, tailbone, lower back pain and Lower Sciatica.
  3. Effective Posture Correction Cushion

Effective Posture Correction Cushion is ideal for your car seat, travel or office chair. It helps relieve Sciatica, back pain and has good lumbar support.This Orthopedic Wedge Pillow is made in the USA.

  1. Chesna Coccyx Seat Cushion is a Premium Comfort Foam Pillow for Back Support.
    It offers pain relief supports tailbone and has non+ slip bottom. Very portable the cushion is washable and comes with a cover and handle for Travel.
  2. Seat Cushion,Feagar Memory Foam Chair Pador Coccyx Pillow for Car Seat, Office and Computer Chair.

It is ideal for wheelchair, orthopedic use, It has Breathable material, Ergonomic features for Sciatica,Tailbone and Pain Relief

  1. FORTEM Seat Cushion

FORTEM Seat Cushion is an office computer hair cushion. Use the memory foam in your car chair, wheelchair, or office chair. It is washable, has non-slip bottom that helps improve posture.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Causes, Diagnosis, and Exercises

Anterior pelvic tilt is caused by gluteal muscles imbalance. It includes imbalance in the hip or lower back.

Anterior pelvic tilt is the anterior arc rotation of the pelvis over hips when the upper body is upright or stationary. Test includes standing, flat on back or bending examination.
Causes are week core muscles, poor posture, obesity. Treatment include strengthening core muscles, physical therapy, exercise. Exercise for anterior pelvic tilt is slow stretching, body weight squats, kneeling and leg raise, kneeling hip flexor stretch, glute bridges, plank.

Benefit of ergonomic for anterior pelvic tilt

Ergonomic chairs provide full comfort for long hour use. They are very handy to prevent different conditions. Ergonomic chairs improve posture, help and prevent anterior pelvic tilt. Other benefits are prevention and reduction of lower back pain. The chair allows user change position, make sitting comfortable.

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