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Best Chair for Pressure Sores

Best Chair for Pressure Sores

What is Pressure Sore?

Pressure sores are bedsores or pressure ulcers are injury to the underlining tissues and skin of a person. It occurs due to prolonged sitting, laying on a bed or people that use wheelchair for long periods.

Symptoms of Pressure Sore

Symptoms of pressure ulcers are found on every part of the body especially base of spine, hips, elbows, or heels, it occurs to any part that is put under pressure.

Although pressure sores can form rapidly within a few hours they are more likely to form after several days or weeks.

Best Chair for Pressure Sores
Best Chair for Pressure Sores

What are the early signs or symptoms of pressure ulcers?

Early symptoms of pressure ulcers are painful itching in affected area, warm spongy or hard patch of skin and discolored skin when put under pressure. Others are purple, blue or red patches on the skin, blister, open wound or a deep/deeper wound.

What time to get medical advice

The best time to get medical advice is early symptoms of pressure ulcers. You need regular monitoring and treatment to stop the ulcers from advancing.

Seek help if you observe red or swollen skin, worsening pain or pus coming out of ulcer. It is important to get treatment early before the pus stage because at this stage there might be a serious underlining infection.

What are the Treatment for Pressure Ulcers?

The severity of the condition will determine the cause of treatment, pressure ulcers can be mild or life threatening if you develop complications like blood poisoning

How to Prevent Pressure Sores

Ways to prevent pressure ulcers is to eat a healthy balanced diet, if diagnosed apply dressing to speed the healing process.

Sever case might involve surgery while other preventive measures are use of airpump cushions, static foam cushions, static foam mattress and dynamic cushions and mattresses.

Best Cushion for Pressure Sore

Pressure sores occur when you sit or lay down for long periods, to relief the pain it is advisable to use pressure relief cushions.

To reduce the possibility of getting pressure sores a good cushion should maintain the natural shape of the body while evenly distributing the person’s weight.

With the cushion a person can sit for long hours, however they only reduce the possibility of the sores and don’t cure them.

To maintain a pressure sore cushion keep away from petroleum products and heat. Types of pressure relief cushions are low, medium to high design cushions.

Common material in top quality cushion are silicone gel, viscoelastic foam and airflow pressure sore cushion.

How to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Healthy Balanced Diet

A healthy balanced diet involves providing the body essential nutrients, micronutrients, fluids, adequate food energy, fibre, vitamins, and protein .

Avoid sweetened beverages or processed food and eat lots of fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Other recommendations are to maintain a healthy weight, reduce intake of fats or sugars and salts.

Healthy Foods

Healthy foods to consider are tomatoes, lean beef, beans, zucchini, salmon, bread, beans, grains. Others are cauliflower, squash, carrots, turkey, orange, snow peas.

Types of Dressing for Pressure Ucers

Specially dressing is used to treat pressure ulcers and speed the healing process, they include
hydrocolloid dressings, alginate dressings. Hydrocolloid dressings contain a gel that encourages growth of new skin cells in the ulcer while keeps the surrounding skin healthy and dry.

Surgery for Pressure Sores

Deep or hard to heal pressure ulcers require surgical intervention. The type of surgery is reconstructive surgery to remove dead tissue and treatment of wound cavity.

Airpump Cushion or Air Cushion

An Air cushion is specially designed to reduce the cause of pressure sores, it prevents pressure ulcers by relief areas of the back, bum, thighs. What to expect is a Conform Cushion,. Types of air cushion are Apex Sedens 500 Pressure Relieving Cushion, and Apex Sedens 410 Pressure Relieving Cushion.

Static Foam Cushions

Static foam cushions are designed to reduce pressure , cradle the body and deliver good weight distribution. It reduces the effect of pressure sores and allows better blood flow.

Static Foam Mattress

Static foam mattresses are made for comfort, and pressure relief, they are good for bariatric patients.

Dynamic Cushions

Dynamic cushions is used for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, they have unique horizontal cells with control panel and adjustable dial.

Best Chair for Pressure Sores

When choosing a care chair for people with pressure ulcers you need to first consider the size.
The size of the chair has to do with proper posture, knee elevation.

Next is the dept of the seat, it is important that the knee to hip angle is 90% therefore the upper legs are perpendicular allowing even distribution of weight. The armrest and lumbar support is an important aspect of a good chair for pressure sores.

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