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Aeron Chair: What’s so special about the Aeron Chair?

Aeron Chair: What’s so special about the Aeron Chair?

Aeron chair is one of America’s best selling office chair manufactured by Herman Miller Incorporated. Herman Miller is an American company that produces furniture and a leading brand in home and office furniture.

Herman Miller, Incorporated was credited with the invention of the ‘Action office’ in 1968 an earlier version of the modern office cubicle.

Noted for their quality office chairs, among their top collection are Aeron chair,Eames Lounge Chair, Noguchi table, and Marshmallow sofa.

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Action Office

Action office is a series of furniture manufactured by Herman Miller and designed by Robert Propst. Robert Propst was an American inventor credited with the earlier design of what we know today as the cubicle office.

Although his initial intentions were against the concept, his general thinking was an office space for better productivity, and promote health of workers.

Introduced in 1964 the action office I was quickly followed by a tion office
II series conceptualized around flexible semi enclosed works space cubicals.

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Robert Propst

Robert Propst was born in Colorado he was hired by Herman Miller in 1958 to use his inventive skills to design practical solution inside and outside the furniture industry.

Some of his inventions include mobile office for a quadriplegic, modular systems for hospitals, a quality control system for concrete and a vertical timber harvester.

Popular Robert Propst Inventions

Mobile office for a quadriplegic
Modular systems for hospitals
A quality control system for concrete A vertical timber harvester

Modern Cubicles

The modern Cubicles is a partially enclosed workstation or office workplace that separates the neighboring workplace by partitions 5 to 6 feet heigh.

First concepted by Herman Miller the furniture makers the design is popular in many business establishments today.

The concept of the Cubicles is to isolate workers and management in an open workspace despite the general open plan office.

Each cubicle has modular elements like shelves, drawers, overhead bins, work surfaces and walls. Common addictions are computers, laptops, mouse, keyboards and fluorescent lights.

The modern office cubicle is known by other names like office workstation, office cubical, pods, cubic farm, and cubicle desk.

Types of Cubicle

  • Modern office cubicle
  • Office workstation
  • Office cubical
  • Pods
  • Cubic farm
  • Cubicle desk

Aeron Chair: What’s so special about the Aeron Chair?

The Aeron chair was released in 1994 to 2010 by Herman Miller, the office chair became an instant hit due to its cutting edge design. Designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf the design received many accolades for it’s industrial design and now has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art collection.

Different Models of the Aeron chair

There are different models of the Aeron chair based on design and features. Some have adjustable arms, C size shape, fixed arms or armless.

Different designs are the Aeron Chair–C Size–Height Adjustable Arms, Aeron Chair–C Size–Fully Adjustable Arms, Aeron Chair–C Size–Fixed Arms, Aeron Chair–C Size–Armless.

More are the Aeron Chair–B Size–Height Adjustable Arms, Aeron Chair–B Size–Fixed Arms, Aeron Chair–B Size–Fully Adjustable Arms, Aeron Chair–A Size–Height Adjustable Arms, Aeron Chair–B Size–Armless.

Others include the Aeron Chair–A Size–Fully Adjustable Arms, Aeron Chair–A Size–Fixed Arms, Aeron Chair–A Size–Armless

Types of Aeron Chair

  1. Aeron Chair–C Size–Height Adjustable Arms
  2. Aeron Chair–C Size–Fully Adjustable Arms
  3. Aeron Chair–C Size–Fixed Arms
  4. Aeron Chair–C Size–Armless
  5. Aeron Chair–B Size–Height Adjustable Arms
  6. Aeron Chair–B Size–Fixed Arms
  7. Aeron Chair–B Size–Fully Adjustable Arms
  8. Aeron Chair–A Size–Height Adjustable Arms
  9. Aeron Chair–A Size–Height Adjustable Arms
  10. Aeron Chair–B Size–Armless
  11. Aeron Chair–A Size–Fully Adjustable Arms
  12. Aeron Chair–A Size–Fixed Arms
  13. Aeron Chair–A Size–Armless

More about the Aeron Chair

The Aeron Chair was Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. The award winning design has modern materials like ocean-bound plastic, Onyx, Mineral, Carbon and Graphite.

The modern design despite having same elements are more eco friendly and sustainable.

Very ergonomic the pioneer design goes further with a wide range of designs and body types. Popular for over 30 years it offers good co.fort and amazing support.

The Chair Offers Good Support

A benchmark for ergonomic seating the chair had different adjustable features based on the customers preference.

It has balanced recline, total spi Al support, smart weight distribution, adjustable posture.

Natural Design

According to Herman Miller the chair is designed for the elements like Onyx, 50% recycled material and come in 3 series Aeron’s three sizes – A, B and C.

The inclusive design include the seat width, backrest height, tilt mechanism.


Aeron Chair A size is height 870 to 978, width 699 to 744, depth 686 to 699. Aeron Chair B is height 933mm to 1045mm, width 719mm to 772mm, depth 699mm to 719mm.

While Aeron Chair C chair Height 8s 1016–1153 mm, Width 719–803 mm, Depth 699–719 mm, Seat Height 427–579 mm, Seat Depth 470 mm, Arm Height 191–292 mm.


Options inlude the Adjustable lumbar, PostureFit, tilt limiter, standard tilt, Fully adjustable arm , adjustable height, arm, no arm, upholstered arm.

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