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6 Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs of 2021

Best DXracer gaming chairs

In your search for the perfect gaming chair you will probably come across DXracer gaming chairs. This is because the chair is made with quality craftsmanship and has excellent build. Inspired by racers the unique ergonomic design is oaccommodating and perfect for average to intense gamers.

Elevate your game in premium comfort with the 90″ up to 135″ recliner action, multi-functional tilt and component material like foam, aluminium and metal.

Perfect for home and office somkoye are fitted with 4 D armrest, premium PU leather meticulously stitched for good appeal. Least we forget the cool anti-scratch PU casters that are dirt resistant with smooth rolling on different surfaces.

Once you have decided to buy a DXracer then you need to know the different types available in the market. We have highlighted the best of the bunch to narrow down your choice.

1. DXRacer P Series Gaming Chair

DXRacer P Series Gaming Chair has premium PVC leather, built-in racer style chair perfect for computer use. It has ergonomic design, racer style, office computer seat recliner, lumbar support and headrest. It comes in different colors like black and white, black or black and red.

DXRacer back style is cushion pillow. The chairs room type is office, form factor recliner while material used in it’s construct are aluminium, foam and metal.

DXracer Gaming chairs


  1. DXRacer P Series Gaming Chair
  2. Premium PVC Leather
  3. Racing Style
  4. Office Computer
  5. Seat Recliner
  6. Materials aluminum, metal, foam
  7. Ergonomic Headrest
  8. Lumbar Support
  9. Black and White color
  10. durable has highest quality craftsmanship
  11. meticulously stitched
  12. full metal frames
  13. high-density foam molded shape 14. 3 gas lift mechanism
    15 135 degree reclining backrest
  14. height adjustable arms
  15. 2” anti-scratch PU casters
  16. it will conviniently carry 200 lbs


This entry level gaming chair is durable has highest quality craftsmanship, DXRacer is meticulously stitched with soft synthetic breathable premium leather.

Designed in racing style it is inspired by the seat curved lines that accentuates every quality detail. Complete with full metal frames the high-density foam moulded shape offer full support and comfort.

Multifunctional it has a powerful 3 gas lift mechanism,135 degree reclining backrest and height adjustable arms including 2” anti-scratch PU casters.

Easily adjust height to 5’9″ and it will conveniently carry 200 lbs. Use the P series for extreme gaming and enjoy
the DXRacer’s premium brand best modern gaming chair.

What’s in the box?

In the box is one DXRacer with backrest, Seat base and armrests. Others include a Wheelbase, a Tilt mechanism, Hydraulic piston. More are Hydraulic sleeve and some Assembly Tools.

  1. DXRacer with backrest
  2. Seat base and armrests
  3. Wheelbase
  4. Tilt mechanism
  5. Hydraulic piston
  6. Hydraulic sleeve
  7. Assembly Tools


Specifications are base 27.5″ Nylon Base Casters / Armrests2″ PU Caster / 1D and Cover Material / Frame PVC Leather / Metal. More are Gas Lift Specification 80/10, Class 3, Adjustable Back Angle, 135. The Mechanism Type Conventional Tilt.

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2. DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office Executive, Video Game Chair

DXRacer G Series Module is an Ergonomic Office Executive Video Game Chair. It has replaceable seat cushion, angle adjustment from 90 to 135 degrees. Room type is office, foam factor recliner, material metal, foam and aluminium. This one is standard black and red.


DXracer is made by quality craftsmen and fitted with premium PU leather. It has enhanced breathability with adjustable backrest and 90 to 135 degree angle support. Use the 4D Adjustable armrest, height and width adjustment for comfortable office work or gaming. Enjoy the extra padded support, multifunctional mechanism, tilt function and scratch resistant casters.


  1. DXracer style gaming chair
  2. quality craftsmen
  3. premium PU leather
  4. enhanced breathability
  5. adjustable backrest and 90 to 135 degree
  6. 4D Adjustable armrest
  7. eight and width
  8. extra padded support
  9. multifunctional mechanism
  10. scratch resistant casters.


Specifications are 27.5â€, Aluminium Base, Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism. Others are Class 4 Hydraulic Piston, Hydraulic Sleeve, 5x Base Cover. More include 5x PU Casters, and 2x Shell. Height Adjustable recommended weight load 200 lbs, PU leather and other material metal. Base 27.3″ nylon base, 2 PU caster, seat with tilt mechanism.

What’s in the box?

In the box are assembling tools, aluminium Wheelbase, hydraulic, class 4 hydraulic piston, anti-scratch casters, lumbar support cushion and headrest and Assembly Instructions & Basic Tool Kit.

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3. DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/N Office Gaming Chair

DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/N Office Gaming Chair is a black office chair made from polyurethane and metal. Item Dimensions L x W x H 32 x 26 x 50 inches, weight 65 Pounds.

This big tall chair has ergonomic design including multi-directional 4D Adjustable Arms, heavy Duty-T Tilt Mechanism. It has a strong aluminium base Aluminium Base, PU cover and 3″ PU Casters.

DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/N Office Gaming Chair


  1. DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/N Office Gaming Chair
  2. black office chair
  3. made from polyurethane and metal
  4. Item Dimensions LxWxH 32 x 26 x 50 inches
  5. weight 65 Pounds.
  6. big tall chair
  7. ergonomic design
  8. multi-directional 4D Adjustable Arms
  9. heavy Duty-T Tilt Mechanism
  10. strong aluminum base
  11. Aluminium Base
  12. PU cover and 3″ PU Casters.


DXRacer Gaming Chair Tank Series DOH/TS29/N with Pillows has Multi-directional with 4D Adjustable Arms. Enjoy the Heavy Duty-T Tilt Mechanism, Strong Aluminium Base for full load support.

Others are PU cover, 3″ PU Casters, Ergonomic design. It has comfortable headrest with lumbar support cushion. Breathable the extra high backrest protects the neck and spinal column.
The manufacturers offer lifetime warranty on frame alongside 24 months on parts.

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4. DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office Executive, Video Game Chair

DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office Executive, Video Game Chair is a powerhouse for serious gamers. It has 4D Metal Armrest with Replaceable Seat Cushion for full comfort.

This product comes in Standard, Black and Red color that gamers seem to love. A bit pricey it offers premium quality, good durability and functionality. The chairs Furniture base movement is rock, perfect for office use. Form factor is recliner while material is aluminium, foam and metal.

DXRacer G Series Module


  1. DXRacer G Series Module
  2. Ergonomic Office Executive,
  3. Video Game Chair
  4. 4D Metal Armrest
  5. Replaceable Seat Cushion
  6. Standard, Black and Red color
  7. premium quality, good durability
  8. material is aluminium, foam and metal
  9. premium PU leather
  10. meticulous stitching
  11. backrest, Adjustable to 90″ up to 135′ degrees
  12. multi-purpose tilt mechanism
  13. seat height adjustment
  14. anti-scratch PU casters


This item is DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office Executive, Video Game Chair. Expect quality craftsmanship from this product because it is built with premium PU leather, aluminium, foam and metal components.

It has enhanced breathability, soft synthetic leather put together from meticulous stitching. Expect the highest quality finish, good durability, functionality and an appealing product.

Top features are the adjustable backrest, Adjustable to 90″ up to 135′ degrees. Then use the 4D adjustable armrest for extra comfort. Additional features include multi-purpose tilt mechanism to adjust seat height to your preference.

The armrests have extra padding for soft support for your forearms and elbows when you are relaxing or working hard. DXracer has anti-scratch PU casters for greater resistance against debris with smooth rolling acting.
Pros and Cons


Quality craftsmanship
Premium PU leather
Durable components
Enhanced breathability
Soft synthetic leather
Meticulous stitching and highest Quality finish
Good durability
Multi-purpose tilt mechanism
Anti-scratch PU casters


High price ($400)


Recommended weight 200ibs, cover material frame PVC leather and metal. It has 27.5″ nylon base, Casters / Armrests 2″ PU Caster / 1D, mechanism type conventional tilt while gas lift 80/10 class 3. Maximum adjustable back angle 135″, item weight 56.2 pounds

What’s in the package?

In the box expect Lumbar Cushion & Headrest, seat-base with armrest. Others are DXRacer Backrest,
27.5†Inlaid Color Aluminium Base, and a Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism. They have included
Class 4 Hydraulic Piston, and Hydraulic Sleeve. More items in the package are 5x Base Cover, 5x PU Casters, 2x Shell, Assembly Instructions & Basic Tool kit.

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5. DXRacer FH11/NR in Black and Red is part of the Formula Series. It has a beautiful Racing Bucket Seat perfect for Office use. The Chair Gaming is Ergonomic with Lumbar Support and carry a maximum weight load of 265 pounds.


DXRacer FH11/NR formula Series has Racing Bucket Seat is Ergonomic with Lumbar Support. Item Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 25 x 45 inches, Material are Vinyl, ABS, Nylon, Textile, Steel. Recommended maximum weight is 265 Pounds, 110 Pounds.

Designed for comfort it has soft a cushion, height and angle adjustment to any degree. This chair exceeds international standards and pass Germany SGS. If you combine the huge weight, resilient armrest surface, Multi-directional ergonomic design, Universal casters and excellent comfort you have a monster of a chair.

The manufacturers have added a new aluminium base with footrests and
rocking function, set the seat at any desired positions and you will appreciate the Lifetime warranty on frame, 24 month warranty on parts.


  1. DXRacer FH11/NR formula Series
  2. Racing Bucket Seat
  3. Ergonomic design with Lumbar Suppor
  4. Dimensions LxWxH 20 x 25 x 45 inches
  5. MaterialVinyl, ABS, Nylon, Textile, Steel
  6. Recommended maximum weight is 265 Pounds, 110 Pounds
  7. soft a cushion, height and angle adjustment
  8. Multi-directional ergonomic design
  9. Universal casters
  10. Excellent comfort

Who is this chair good for?

The chair is good for people 13 years and a above.

6. DXRacer PC Gaming Chair Racing

This DXracer gaming chair is stylish and ideal for office. Its a perfect computer desk chair with seat and height adjustment with recliner function.

DXracer PC comes in standard Black/red with lumbar support and ergonomic design. Material used in the construct are metal, foam and nylon.



DXracer PC Gaming Chair Brand was established in 2001 as the pioneer brand. Completely original it has become a premium brand in many countries. It is perfect for entry level gamers, because the formula series is affordable and ideal for slim people.

Recommended maximum weight is 200lbs and height up to 5’8″. Made from high-quality materials like full metal frame for good stability including higher-density mould shaping foam .

Other components are class 4 gas, tilt mechanism, adjustable seat height, fully adjustable arms, and 135-degree reclining backrest,. More features are smooth rolling casters.


  1. DXracer PC Gaming Chair
  2. premium Brand
  3. affordable
  4. ideal for slim people
  5. Recommended maximum weight is 200lbs
  6. height up to 5’8″
  7. high-quality materials like full metal frame
  8. higher-density mould shaping foam
  9. class 4 gas
  10. tilt mechanism
  11. Adjustable seat height, fully adjustable arms
  12. 135-degree reclining backrest

Buyers Guide for Best DXracer Gaming Chair

We have highlighted the best DXracer gaming chairs in the market. The question is why choose a DXracer amongst the huge choices of chairs. The answer is simple the chairs like few in their class are purposely built computer desk chairs for gamers.

DXracer is very comfortable, with ergonomic design. Others are the frame material, size and dimensions suitable for different sized individuals. The chair has an appealing look and aesthetically pleasing.

Why choose DXracer gaming chair

  1. purposely built computer desk chair
  2. very comfortable
  3. ergonomic design
  4. frame material
  5. Accommodate different size individuals
  6. appealing look and aesthetically pleasing.

Purposely built

The main attraction to DXracer chairs is that they are purposely built. Every design feature is developed for comfort and usability. They have adjustable headrest, armrest, footrest for complete relaxation and gaming expirence.

Aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye the symmetrical design, ergonomic look, bright colors all add to it’s look. Least we forget the racer style seats, smooth rolling casters.


Very comfortable the chair accommodate different sizes. Use the gas lift mechanism, tilt action and seat width and height adjustment to your preference.

Frame material

It has a sturdy frame because of the material used in its construct. Materials include aluminum, foam and metal. The strength of the material allows load of 200 IBS.

Ergonomic design

DXracer has Ergonomic design that fits any users purpose. It has nice racer bucket seats with width and height adjustment.


We have highlighted all you need to know about this premium brand DXracer gaming chair. We hope the article has provided enough information to guide you in the choice of a good office desk chair.

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