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4 Types of Lumbar Support for Office Chairs

Types of lumbar support for office chairs

Are you feeling sever backache and stress after several hours on the computer? you are not alone. Without proper support working long hours become a pain and your stress level increases. A chair without lumbar support causes back pain, stress, poor posture and low performance in the office. To mitigate bad posture, back pain and stress you need lumbar support. There are different types of lumbar support for office chairs.

lumbar support for office chairs

How to Maintain Office Chair Back Support

Lumbar back support has many benefits for your back and well being, it is essential to have good back support for long hours of work or play. Fortunately lumbar backrest come in different specifications, designs and functionality. There are portable ones, fixed ones in different shapes for maximum support and better sitting. Benefits of good lumbar support are proper shoulder placement, aligned hips, encourages natural curvature of back and lower spine.

Benefits of Lumbar Support

  1. proper shoulder placement
  2. aligned hips
  3. encourages natural curvature of back
  4. natural curvature of lower spine

Back Support and Ergonomic Feature

Chair options with good lower back support are ergonomic chairs, portable chairs with lumbar support. Others include adjustable chair with back support or using a pillow support.

  • ergonomic chairs
  • portable chairs with lumbar support
  • adjustable chair with back support
  • using a pillow support

Types of lumbar support for office chairs

  1. Chair with lumbar support

Portable lumbar support include inflatable, lumbar roll or curved cockpit shaped support. They are generally placed manually then easily adjust to your preferred specification. Chair with lumbar support are perfect for office chairs, this type of support reduces pressure on the back after long yours working.

  1. Adjustable chair with lumbar support
    Adjustable chairs with lumbar support are very handy furniture. Such chairs have easy seat height or lower adjustments to accommodate the persons lower back requirements. Further adjustment are to the backrest in combination with the seat height adjustment to support the lower back curve snuggly.
  2. Use a pillow
    If your chairs does not have adjustable features or you don’t have ergonomic chair then simply use a pillow support. Use a pillow to support your spine or lower back, adjust until you find a comfortable position. There are however some pillows specifically made for this type of hands-on lumbar support.
  3. Ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairs are your best choice if you are looking for a chair with lumbar support. Luckily there are many ergonomic chair that fit the curvature of your spine. Most have in-built lumbar support for your lower back for good posture and well being. There you have it four Types of lumbar support for office chairs

Office Chair for long hours

Lumbar Support article

Types of lumbar support for office chair

There are four types of lumbar support for office chair, they are the Dynamic lumbar support, Adjustable lumbar support, Fixed Lumbar Support and External Lumbar Support.

Types of lumbar

  • Dynamic lumbar support,
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Fixed Lumbar Support
  • External Lumbar Support

Dynamic lumbar support

Dynamic lumbar support privides comfort and support by automatically adjusting the firmness or depth according to your posture. This type of lumbar support is available in top end office chairs.

Adjustable lumbar support

Adjustable lumbar support is the second est alternative available in the market, it afords the user manual manipulation of the lumbar area to the specific red of the individual.

External Lumbar Support

External Lumbar Support are portable lightweight and has it’s own unique design that conforms to the shape of your spine. An example of external lumbar support is the cutting edge self AirCare Systems™ lumbar that adjusts to to the shape of the chair back. It is a Pump Up Lumbar Support
Self Inflating Lumbar Support Cushion.

Fixed Lumbar Support

A fixed lumbar support is when the lumbar factory fixed into the backrest of the chair.  Although effective, the downside is that you can’t modify or reposition it.

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