16 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs

An average day in our lives is hectic, it involves daily commute, and long workdays. It takes up every ounce of our strength to relax or live a healthy lifestyle.

A solution is to have adequate rest, a good massage, exercise and eat healthy. Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours every night, do basic cardio, eat lots of fruits or vegetables and luxuriate in a self indulging massage.

The last bit is moderately challenging because most people have to visit a spa or local beauty shop for a massage, however there are a few homes with this luxury.

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16 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs
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We all know why good sleep, nutritious food and exercise is necessary, however very few know the benefits of massage.

In this publication we will highlight the 16 Key Benefits of Massage Chairs.

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16 key Benefits of Massage Chairs

1. General Wellness

The chair is known to fuster general Wellness which is a holistic approach that encompasses therapy, lifestyle choices, mental and physical health.

2. Boosts Energy Levels

Several minutes on a massage chair will boosts energy levels. This is because the functions and adjustments of the chair cause the muscles to relax therefore boosting energy levels.

3. Alleviate Stress and Health related issues

If you have health related issues you could do well with a few sessions on a massage chair. It is built to alleviate Stress in a calm relaxed way. It can help reduce stress, digestive problems, hypertension and back pain.

4. Mental health

Mental health issues involve emotional, psychological, and physical problems. Having good mental health is important in adolescence and adulthood, it aids oproductivity at home and work.

5. Increases workplace productivity

Having a massage chair in the work place boosts employee loyalty, reduces workplace accidents, relieves stress and increases work place harmony.

6. Helps problem solving

Using the chair helps you relax there by improving creativity and problem solving. A relaxed brain has sufficient oxygenated blood in the brain helping it function optimally.

7. Increases libido

Because the body is rested there is a tendency of increased libido, you tend to have more energy and stamina. A good massage improves general well being, muscle stimulation and testosterone levels in the body.

8. Reduced Headache

If you have a tendency of having regular headache then you should consider using a massage chair. Some scientific study have found that seasons on a massage chair decreases the frequency of headaches.

9. Boosts natural immunity

Studies have shown that having a massage can boost your natural immunity. If you use a chair before you sleep you enjoy low stress free periods, good sleep including good blood circulation.

10. Increased oxygen

Increased oxygen flow in the body is one of the benefits of the chair. The increased flow helps brain function, heart and other essential bodily functions.

11. Increase blood circulation

The key benefits of massage chair is increased blood circulation. The blood circulatory system includes the blood, blood vessels, cardiovascular system, and heart.

12. Reduces Sciatica discomfort

Sciatica is a common problem that affects 1.5 % of people in the world, it is caused by herniated disc or bone spur in the spine that presses on the nerve.

The condition causes pain along the sciatic nerve down the back, or legs. A massage chair is believed to reduce Sciatica discomfort in the legs.

13. Decreases stiff neck

If you have pain or a stiff neck you can rely on the chair to reduce the pain. Although it is not a cure a few sessions is helpful.

14. Reduced lower back pain

If your back hurts you can reduce the pain with a soothing massage. Back pain is difficult to diagnose because there are many causes.

Some causes of back pain are age, genetic pointers, poor posture, weight, lack of exercise, stress.

15. The Chair can Induce better sleep

A good session will induce better sleep. People who find it difficult sleeping can use the chair to relax the muscles for better sleep.

16. Reduced anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety are unavoidable in this jet age society, you need quality time to reboot. Taking out time on a chair will help reduce anxiety and stress.

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