Types of Baby Cot

Baby cots have become popular with the middle and upper class parents around the world. This is because the baby deserve a nice safe place to sleep and rest.

Finding the right baby cots that is cost effective, functional and safe is moderately challenging that is why we have put together this publication.

If you are new or old parents finding the right cot for your baby is important, it helps them sleep blissfully which in turn fusters good development of the child.

We will highlight different types of baby cots, designs, shapes, and prices. Here are the different types of cot in the market.

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Types of Baby Cot

There are about 70 styles of baby cot however we can narrow them to a few types. Common types are round cots, convertible cots, standard cots and mini cots.

General types of baby cot

  • round cots
  • convertible cots
  • standard cots
  • mini cots

Types of Baby Bed and Baby Cot

  • Baby Bed With A Detachable Mosquito Net
  • Baby Bed Crib With Net – Multicolor
  • Baby Cot And Crib Net
  • Clippasafe Baby Cot Insect Net
  • Glims Detachable Baby Cot-colour multi
  • Patterned Convenient Baby Bed With Net
  • ComfyMama Baby Bed With Removable Mosquito Net & Carrier
  • Convenient Baby Bed with Removable Mosquito NetGlims Detachable Baby Cot- Multicolour

Different Styles of Baby Cot or Bed Designs

As baby cribs go there are many designs to choose from, we have highlighted some below.

Veiled swing cot

The Veiled swing cot is a hanging cot with a veil that closed around the cot. Purpose of the veil is to soften or reduce the light in the cot, the swing design has another purpose which is to provide ground space underneath the bed.

Wicker basket

A Wicker basket has a natural homely and earthy feel to your child’s sleeping arrangement. It is made with wicker basket that is movable and perfect for bedroom and living room. You can even move it to your home office and keep an eye on your kid while you work.

Vintage whitewash cot

vintage whitewash cot is made from Solid wood or plywood, designed as a rocking bed, the vintage white wash apeal is perfect for any room.

Wicker basket on wooden frame

Wicker basket on wooden frame is less handy than the regular basket. This one sits on top of long wooden legs.

Cots with Vintage rope

There are some cots hung with vintage ropes, the ropes securely holds the cot within easy reach of the mother.

Equestrian rounded bed

Equestrian cot features a rounded semi circle bed with an open entrance. The cot is made from wood that come with thin and thick rails interspread throughout the design.

Fit for a queen

This cot is literally fit for a queen, the spacious bed has a high back and sides with soft comfortable cushion.

Camping cot

Camping cot is made from canvas material is foldable and close to the ground. This movable camping cot does not have protection rails and suitable for kids 3 and above.

Free standing cot

Free standing cot comes is metal from and elongated bouncing legs. Despite their fragile look they are sturdy and durable.

Golden dreams

Golden dreams cot offers a touch of wealth or opulence. It has long rails that surround the bed like those of the traditional style cot. The rails are made from steel material and

Mesh cot

This cot uses mesh material to make the crib. Some are fitted with wheels for easy movement, our only concern is the amount of ventilation in the crib.

Multifunctional cot

A multifunctional cot is fitted with drawers or cabinets on one side. They are large units so you need to have lots of space for this crib.

Regal Prorphyry cot

Regal Prorphyry cot is a statement cot that follows the theme of dynasties or emperors. It has elaborate accent header and footer that blend the regal stone wood color.

Cot with simple clean lines

Cots with simple clean lines are elegant in a simple way. They have tall straight rail, white color and a secret drawer beneath.

Traditional bamboo

Traditional bamboo cots are simple, strong and durable cribs, they are made from bamboo making them lightweight and long lasting.

Flip down side cot

Flip down side cots are cots with flip down side for easy access to the infant. They are very practical and safe.

Carry cots

There are cots that have the basket theme ready to carry. They are made from wicker material with a large carry arc handle above the basket.

Rocking cot

This rocking cot is specifically designed to rock, it is a hanging bed that sways back and forth

House cot

There are some cots built to replicate a house, they have the basic skeleton structure of a house. House based cots are the house cot with tropical netting, mini-house, pink framed bed house, black/white them house.

Racing cot

A unique type of cot is one built like a racing car, it is ideal for older kids. The racing car cot is ideal for sports lovers.

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