List of Chairs with Table Attached

Chairs with table attached add another level of convenience and functionality. They are easy to assemble, have good weight capacity with wide or tablet tables based on the manufacturers design.

They come in a variety of materials like foldable plastic, steel frame, aluminum, textile material. Some are foldable while other are either armless or armchairs.

Common armchairs with table attached are lounge armchairs or tablet chairs. While foldable chairs are mostly plastic and garden chairs are generally bench chairs. Here is a list of different types of chairs with table attached.

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Types of Chairs with Table Attached

There are different types of chairs with table attached in the market. Popular ones are the Folding chair with table attached, Lounge chair with table attached, and Camping chair with table attached.

Others are the Garden chair with table attached, Bench and Plastic chair with table attached.

Types of chairs with table attached

  • Folding chair with table attached
  • Lounge chair with table attached
  • Camping chair with table attached
  • Garden chair with table attached
  • Plastic chair with table attached
  • Plastic baby chairs with table
  • Bench with center table

Lounge Chair or Armchair with Table Attached

A type of armchair with table attached is a tablet armchair, this type of office chair is good for lounge seating, it has a moveable side desk design.

On the other hand Folding arm chairs feature a swivel design tablet that is easily tucked away next to the seat when not in use.

Some examples of tablet armchairs are Nova Armchair W/ Tablet Arm,
500lb. Capacity Oversized Fabric Guest Chair With Tablet ArmFolding , Nex Polyurethane Nesting Chair With Tablet Arm And Mesh Back.

Camping Chairs with Table Attached

Most camping chairs are made from textile material and PVC coating. Foldable, the chair is heavy-duty and can easily support weight of over 350 ibs. They are perfect for outdoor camping, director chair, beach or a balcony chair.

Garden Chair with Table Attached

Many garden chairs with table are actually benches with tables. The benches are arranged on either side of the table and good for gardens. Another type of garden chair with table attached is the loveseat garden chairs. This type of chairs have two chairs with a tablet table between them.

Plastic Chair with Table Attached

Plastic foldable lecture chair is made from electroplast steel and features a wide seat. Other notable features are the wide side table and heavy-duty seat. This type of chair is perfect for students because they are a reliable and convenient way to study.

Baby plastic chairs with tables attached
Baby chair

Baby plastic chairs with tables attached

Plastic chairs with tables attached are more common than most of the fore mentioned, they are lightweight, colorful and perfect for infants. This type of chair helps the infant sit and eat or do their homework.

Types of plastic chairs with table attached

Plastic foldable lecture chair
Plastic baby foldable chair with table

Material on chairs with table attached

Common materials on chairs with tables attached are plastic, wood, steel, fabric and aluminum.


  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Fabric
  • Auminum

Questions and Answers

What do you call a chair with desk attached?

A chair with desk attached is called a tablet chair or tabletarm desk.

Why are school desks attached to chairs?

School desks are attached to chairs to make them durable and sturdier.

Why buy a chair with a table attached?

A chair with a table attached is very convenient, it is easy to assemble and relocate at a moments notice. Many are foldable, lightweight with good support and weight capacity.

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