Top Benefits of a Vertical Mouse

Innovators have added a new twist to your common mouse by developing the vertical mouse. A vertical mouse is cutting edge technology to remove the stress of table mouse and offer the user better functionality.

There are clear ergonomic benefits to using a vertical mouse, in this publication we will highlight the Top Benefits of a Vertical Mouse. First of all what is a vertical mouse and how does it function.

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Top Benefits of a Vertical Mouse
vertical mouse

What exactly is a Vertical Mouse?

A vertical mouse is a computer mouse that allows the user manoeuvre the mouse with the forearm as opposed to manoeuvring the mouse with your wrist.

It reduces pressure on the wrist while keeping the underside of the wrist of the table effectively reducing the pressure in that region.

Benefits of a Vertical Mouse

There are many benefits to using a vertical mouse than a table mouse. Advantages include easy maneuverability, less strain on the wrists, proper grip and control of the mouse.

One of the major disadvantages of table mouse is that it might cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) which leads to tingling and pain in the wrists and fingers. Such side effects are reduced when you use a vertical mouse.

A Vertical Mouse effectively reduces muscle contractions be ause it keeps the forearm in their more natural position.

Advantages of Vertical Mouse

What are the types of vertical mouse available in the market

There are different types of vertical mouse available in the market, you have the Penguin Vertical Mouse and the Anker’s Vertical Mouse.

Penguin Vertical Mouse

The Penguin Vertical Mouse has convenient programmable buttons that allow the user easy manipulation and comfort. Branded it has a patented shape that is ergonomic that encourages a natural handshake position .

It reduces the possibility of forearm twisting with an additional thumb button for enhanced performance. You can adjust the speed control without releasing the mouse by deploying the speed control on the side of the mouse.

Anker’s Vertical Mouse

Anker’s Vertical Mouse has an ergonomic design for a smooth comfortable use. It’s sleek look is because of the rubbery matte design, it has 6 button with 2 dedicated to backwards and forwards movement.

Ergonomic Table mouse

Apart from ergonomic vertical mouse there are many ergonomic table mouse. Some ergonomic table mouse are goldtouch bluetooth usb comfort right handed mouse, semi vertical mouse wired right handed medium.

4 Benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse

An ergonomic mouse offers the user many benefits than a regular mouse. However there are many table mouse that are very ergonomic. Here are 4 benefits of an ergonomic mouse.

1. Reduce risk of mouse arm syndrome

An ergonomic mouse reduces muscle tension and discomfort in the arm and wrists. A Vertical Mouse reduces the risk of mouse arm syndrome , mouse arm causes tingling or numbness in the hand.

2. It prevents Prevent Carpal Tunnel, RSI

Carpal Tunnel, RSI is caused by the median nerve becomes compressed or squeezed.

To prevent Prevent Carpal Tunnel, RSI you need to take a break occasionally, use good posture, stay less time on the computer and exercise regularly. Finally use an ergonomic mouse to reduce the stress at your workplace.

3. Pain free work reduces fatigue

An ergonomic mouse makes difficult tasks simple and simple tasks easier, pain free work reduces fatigue thereby increasing productivity.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a constant state of tiredness that is counterproductive and dangerous this can lead to stress fatique and high blood pressure.

Therefore little things like getting enough sleep or working with tools that improve productivity while reducing stress is import to your overall well-being.

4. Ergonomic mouse is better for Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis is a debilitating condition that restricts regular movement of certain parts of the body. Many people expirience this condition worldwide.

Using an ergonomic mouse is better for people suffering from the condition.

5. Benefits of ergonomic mouse on your health

The arm keeps your wrist and forearm in a natural position, this reduces muscle pain, pronation and keeps yourwrists off the table.

Vertical Mouse versus Regular Mouse

The vertical mouse was invented by Jack Lol in 1994. He developed the mouse to operate on a handshake design to reduce discomfort when working on your computer.

A Vertical Mouse features an aggressive slop for a more natural handshake position. While the regular.ouse operates on a horizontal posture.

How to operate the vertical mouse.

To operate the vertical mouse is to make sure your fingers are relaxed on the mouse, rest weight of hand on pinky finger. The rest entire arm on tableand pivot from elbow then lift forearm slightly to operate the mouse and make sure the wrist is still.

Second method you can use to operate the mouse is to pivot wrist back and forth.

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