Different Types of Wardrobes

What is a wardrobe

A wardrobe is a large cupboard in which cloths are stored. There are different types of wardrobes from swivel door to wall mounted, sliding door or traditional style.

If you are interested in knowing about different types of wardrobes and how much they cost you are in the right place.

Let’s start of with classification of different types of wardrobes. They are identified by the type of doors, shape or design.

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Different Types of Wardrobes

Types of Wardrobe

There are different types of wardrobe in the market, we have the L Shaped Wardrobe, Wall Mounted Wardrobes, Armoire Wardrobe, and Swivel Door Wardrobe.

Others are the Walk-in closet, Sliding door, Sloped Wardrobe, Glass Wardrobe and Freestanding Wardrobe.


  • L Shaped Wardrobe
  • Armoire Wardrobe
  • Wall Mounted Wardrobe
  • Swivel Door Wardrobe
  • Walk-in closet
  • Sliding door wardrobe
  • Sloped Wardrobe
  • Glass Wardrobe
  • Freestanding Wardrobe

L Shaped Wardrobe

L Shaped wardrobes are corner pieces ideal for space maximization, this type of furniture is a combination of hinge door and wall hanging closet. They are also ideal for walk in wardrobes.

Armoire Wardrobe

Armoire Wardrobe is a standing closet used to store cloths, it has two large doors, shelves, hanging space and are sometimes fitted with drawers.

Wall Mounted Wardrobe

Wall Mounted Wardrobe are perfect for bathroom, and bedroom. They easily maximize space and are made from different material like plywood, birch, or oak.

Walk-in closet

A Walk-in closet is a large walk in wardrobe, dresser or room, it is usually large enough to accommodate one or several people. Walk-in closet have cabinets, drawers, hangers, cupboards, and shelves.

Sliding door wardrobe and glass wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe are wardrobes fitted with sliding doors while glass wardrobes is contemporary wardrobes with glass shutters , they are trendy fashionable and cool.

Freestanding Wardrobe

A Freestanding Wardrobe comes with cabinets and drawers, the have standard layout and easy to incorporate into your bedroom.

Wardrobe materials

Wardrobes are made from different material therefore you need to choose the one best for your bedroom. Common materials in wardrobe are plywood, Medium Particle Fibreboard, Particleboard, Glass, Solid wood,.

Plywood material for wardrobes

Plywood is the most durable material for wardrobes, they are lightweight and strong. Another advantage is the price, plywood is cheaper than most wood like oak or mahogany.

Medium Particle Fibreboard material for wardrobes

Medium Particle Fibreboard are wood residue hammered down. his type of wardrobes is around for a long time. They are smooth, easy to paint and a cheap alternative to plywood.

Particleboard material for wardrobes

Particleboard is engineered by using sawdust and waste wood chips.Tthis is a bio friendly alternative to plywood. It is lightweight and cheaper than plywood and Medium Particle Fibreboard.

Glass material for wardrobes

Glass has a stylish contemporary look, you will appreciate the clean lines and beautiful design.

Solid wood material for wardrobes

Solid wood material is the most durable material for wardrobes around. It has good longevity and heavier than most.


  • 4 Column Wooden Mobile Wardrobe – 205cm X 45cm X 170cm – Mint
  • Brd Modern Wardrobe With Drawers – 3 X 6 Feet
  • Mobile Wardrobe With Wheels – Red
  • Modern Multifunctional Wardrobe – 4ft x 6ft
  • Boa Furnitures-custom 2 Doors Wardrobe- 3 Feet
  • Brd Bridgton Armoire Wardrobe 4ft by 6ft
  • J Best Venture 3 Door Wardrobe With Mirror & 3 Drawers
  • Moveable Big Wardrobe – 6ft X 6ft
  • Wardrobe With Drawers – 3 X 6 Feet
  • Three Columns Foldable Wardrobe

Where to buy wardrobe

You can buy wardrobes from any furniture store that stocks bedroom furniture. Other places to buy them are online stores.

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