Types of Television Stands

A television stand or tv stand is a furniture used to stand your television above the ground up or about the height of a viewer.

The stand is typically used in residential homes and are common n guesthouses, hotels and offices. Some stands are fitted with storage units like drawers, cabinets or shelves.

If you are interested in different types of tv stand then we have you covered.


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Price of Tv Stands in Nigeria
Tv stand

Things to consider before buying a tv stand

There are a few things to consider before buying a tv stand they include size of the television, design of the stand and furniture finish.

Most people place the television in a strategic location making it the focal point of the living room.

Other considerations are price, material used in the construction and if it has cabinets or not.

Things to consider

  • Size of the television
  • Design of the stand
  • Furniture finish
  • Price of the stand
  • Your budget
  • Branded or customized
  • With or without shelves
  • Material in the construct

Types of tv stands

There are different types of tv stands based on material, design and style, they include the industrial stand that replicates factory floor visuals with the gunmetal darkshades and hard steel rough metal look to the rustic stand.

Others are the modern stand with cutting edge form, traditional stand and it’s solid natural appearance, then the contemporary stand.

More include the glass stand, sturdy metal tv stand, entertainment center, wall mounted floating design stand, swivel tv stand set on a rotating platform.

Additional tv stand designs are the cabinet tv stand, stand with audio tower, console stand and open shelving design.


  • industrial stand
  • rustic stand
  • modern stand
  • traditional tv stand
  • contemporary stand
  • glass stand
  • metal tv stand
  • entertainment center
  • wall mounted floating design stand, swivel tv stand
  • cabinet tv stand
  • console stand
  • open shelving design

Industrial tv stand

An industrial tv stand is a heavy duty stand made from durable material like solid wood. The living room entertainment center has shelves for flat screen tv from 60 to 70inch. Some come with floor mount in dark congnac wood.

Rustic tv stand

Rustic tv stand are built to have an old rustic look, they are modern with large cabinets , console shelf and even a fireplace. Expect a farmhouse rustic design and undertones that will give your living room a lovely look.

Modern tv stands

Modern stands push the boundary of style, elegance and design. The stands design depends on the manufacturers vision, choice of material and furniture finish.

Traditional tv stand

Traditional wood universal tv stand can accommodate 60 inch sets, they are made from wood have cable management features and fixed or adjustable shelving.

Glass tv stands

Glass tv stands are made from clear glass with chrome legs. They have floor mount, metal material and cable management features.

Tv Stands

  • Beyond Modern Tv Stand With Glass Doors
  • Sadia Tv Stand
  • Tv Stand For Tvs Up To 78
  • Modern Television Stand With Adjustable Drawer – 150cm X 34cm
  • Media Console Shelf And Cabinet Storage
  • Living Room Television Stand – 1.5m
  • Extendable Wooden Tv Stand – Brown & White – 3ft by 1.2ft
  • Television Stand With LED Light
  • Tv Stand For Tvs/media Up To 70 White
  • Klowy Tv Stand & Storage
  • Demetra Tv Stand
  • Floating Wall Tv Stand Unit – 4ft
  • Valle 6ft TV Stand
  • TV Stand – 6Ft – Grey & White
  • Explorer TV Stand Wall Unit with Light – 45inches

Material in television stands

Common material found on tv stands are wood, metal and glass, others are steel, aluminum. Wood is the most common material used in the stand while glass stands have steel or metal legs and frame for structural integrity.

Where to buy tv stands

You can buy tv stand in any electronic store that sells televisions. Other places to find them are online shopping sites, furniture shops or carpenter sheds.

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