Types of Dining Table Set

A dining table set is a piece of furniture specially designed for dining. It comprise the dining table and set of dining chairs.

Usually a set has same theme, style and design for both table and chair however this is not an ironclad rule. Today we focus on different types of dining table set including price, style and construction materials.

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Types of dining tables

There are different types of dining tables available in the market, they include Farmhouse dining table, pedestal dining table, and Mid century modern dining table. Others are Traditional dining table,
Trestle Dining Table Style, and Parsons Dining Table.

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Price of Dining Table Set in Nigeria
Dining table set

Types of Dining Tables

  • Farmhouse dining table
  • Pedestal dining table
  • Mid century modern dining table
  • Traditional dining table
  • Trestle Dining Table
  • Parsons Dining Table

Different types of dining table

Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse dining table are comfortable and expensive with a rustic farm house look. This elegant furniture is vintage inspired with an old country flare. Common material in farmhouse dining table is solid wood for good longevity and sturdiness.

This timeless furniture complements simple bench dining chairs or farmhouse dining chairs. Farmhouse dining table comes in three styles the classic formal farmhouse table, rustic farmhouse table, countryside farmhouse table.

Types of Farmhouse Dining Table

  • Classic formal farmhouse table
  • Rustic farmhouse table
  • Countryside farmhouse table

Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal dining table have wide table top on a large singular solid leg positioned at the center of the table. However modern interpretation comes in variety of styles including two leg pedestal dining tables.

The table top is either round, oval, rectangular or square. This type of dining table is stylish and fun, other types of pedestal tables are minimal marble pedestal table, modern dual pedestal table, cozy pedestal table.

Types of Pedestal Dining Table

  • Minimal marble pedestal table
  • Modern dual pedestal table
  • Cozy pedestal table

Traditional Dining Table

Traditional dining table have curved ornamental features, sturdy frame with quality finish. This large table come with optional upholstery and are versatile timeless pieces.

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Mid century modern dining table have mid century apeal with a modern twist. It is made from light wood has sleek silhouette, slender tempered legs and made from natural wood.

A timeless classic this table has been around for over 6 decades. Perfect for small spaces it has clean geometrical lines and comes in mid century chic twist, a good example is the Scandi modern vibes.

Types of Mid Century Modern Dining Table

  • Mid century chic twist
  • Scandi modern vibes

Trestle Dining Table Style

Trestle Dining Table Style was popular in midages, it has a tabletop supported by two trestle supports one at each end. Perfect for large gatherings they are stylish attractive and sturdy. Types of trestle tables are the modern style trestle, cozy rustic trestle.

Types of Trestle Dining Table

  • Modern style trestle
  • Cozy rustic trestle

Parsons Dining Table

Parsons Dining Table Style have a streamlined contemporary style perfect for fomal occassions. Types include modern rustic Parsons dining table, traditional Parsons, Parsons with sleek streamlined design.

Types of Parsons Dining Table

  • Modern rustic Parsons dining table
  • Traditional Parsons
  • Parsons with sleek streamlined Dining Table Set

Dining Tables

  • Table With 4 Dining Chairs – Brown
  • Table/Chair Set Type
  • Dining
  • Dining Table + 4 chairs-Black
  • Table/Chair Set Type
  • Dining
  • Dining Table With 4 Sets Of Chairs
  • Table/Chair Set Type
  • Marble Dinning Table With 6 Set Of Chairs. brown
  • Table/Chair Set Type, Dining
  • Creation Glass Dining Table with 4 Chairs
  • Table/Chair Set Type
  • Dining
  • Cross Leg Round Dinning Table With Chairs By 4 Seaters
  • Number of Chairs
  • 4 Chairs
  • Retro Dining Set
  • Table/Chair Set Type, Dining

Dining Table Material, Wood

Types of dining room chairs

There are different types of dining room chairs that make up a dining set, they have different features based on the material, design and style.

Dining room chairs based on style

Style of dining room chairs include the traditional style, shaker style with it’s minimalist design and modern style dining chairs. Other styles are the rustic chair, coastal chair and contemporary chair.

Dining room chairs based on material

We have the plastic dining room chairs which are the cheapest low end type of chairs. Others are the Wicker frame chairs, metal frame, wood frame chairs. Seat material is either plastic, wood, metal or leather.

Traditional style chairs

Traditional style chairs have carved wood design are detailed with rich texture, this timeless furniture is ideal for most dining room and a good addition to a dining room

  • High Class Leather Dinning Chair With Stainless Steel
  • Modern Leather Dinning Chair With Stainless Steel
  • Modern Dinning Room Chairs
  • Modern Elegant Upholstered Dining Room Table Chairs

Where to buy dining room chairs

Places to buy dining room chairs are furniture stores, online stores or carpenter workshops.

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