If you are interested in buying or learning about different types of bookshelves then you are in the right place.

Bookshelves are universal and applicable to anyone who needs a safe place to keep their books or magazines.

In this publication we will highlight different types of bookshelf and price of bookshelf in Nigeria.

Where to find bookshelves

Common places you find them are people’s homes, offices or libraries. They come in different sizes, shapes, designs and materials.

You have the Diy bookshelf made to your specifications, popular Ikea bookshelf or wood based shelves like
oak wood shelves.

Types of bookshelf in Nigeria

There are different types of bookshelf in Nigeria, they are the Cube Bookcase, Ladder Bookcase, Wall Mounted Bookshelves, Corner Bookcase and Horizontal Bookcase.

Price of bookshelf in Nigeria


  • Cube Bookcase
  • Ladder Bookcase
  • Wall Mounted Bookshelves
  • Corner Bookcase
  • Horizontal Bookcase

Ladder bookshelf

Bottom shelves of a ladder bookshelf are generally larger than the upper shelves, designed like a ladder there are 2 types of ladder bookshelf the leaning and freestanding bookcase.

Cube bookshelf

There are 17 types of cube bookshelf to choose from, they include backless cube bookshelf, linear, urban, or traditional to mention a few.

Wall mounted bookshelf

Wall mounted bookshelves are shelves mounted on the wall, they are affixed to the wall by screw or nails and are permanent fixtures.

Corner bookshelf

As the name implies this type of shelves are placed in the corner. They are either movable or fixed.

Horizontal Bookcase

A horizontal bookcase is more traditional type of shelf, they are either large or narrow depending on the design. Horizontal bookcase can be modern or have basic features.

Price of bookshelf in Nigeria

Barrow Furniture 5 Wall Shelf Ladder Cherry Wood Bookshelf

Tree Shaped Book Shelf – White

Bookshelf – 4-Tier – Black

Ample Standing Book Shelf

Nk-kara Bookcase – Grey & Oak

Wall mounted bookshelf prices in Nigeria

Large Rectangular White Shelf Unit

Standard 2 Layered Wooden Book Shelf Rack – File Cabinet

Wall Mounted Book Shelf

Decorative Floating Wall Shelf

5 Shelf Asymmetric Wall Shelf 51” H x 45” W x 7” D

Decorative Bookshelf Room Divider

Bookshelf Materials

There are different book shelf materials based on the furniture makers specifications. We have Wood, Glass, Medium-density, fibreboard, Plywood, Particle board, Solid wood and Mahogany.

Materials in book shelf

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Medium-density fibreboard
  • Plywood
  • Particle board
  • Solid wood
  • Mahogany

Wood bookshelf

Wood bookshelf or solid wood is made from lumber planks. This type of wood is used for traditional bookcase or modern design. Often rustic and made from untreated wood it is perfect for cottage dwelling.


Mahogany is a variety of timber wood, it is high quality wood for top range book shelf. Other heavy duty wood are used for book case like oak, birch tree, Walnut.

Solid wood

Solid wood or hard wood is the strongest and more durable type of wood. However this type is not common in bookshelf construction.


Plywood is basically thin sheets of lumber in a stack, it is cheap and handy in bookcase construction. Apart from plywood other material common in bookcase are metal or plastic .


Glass bookshelves are elegant and pleasing to the eye. They are either the from end of an enclosed bookshelf or the entire shelf structure.

Medium-density fibreboard

Medium-density fibreboard is used to shape the walls of some bookshelves, they have consistent strength that adds to the durability of the shelve.

Where to buy bookshelf

Most shelves are custom made for a particular space, however there are branded shelves in the market. Buy them from furniture stores, online or have a carpenter build one.

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