Different types of plastic chair explained

Worldwide plastic chairs have become popular in our homes and offices. This is because they are affordable, colorful and durable. They are a cheaper alternative to wooden or steel chairs.

There are many types of plastic chairs in the market therefore a buyer needs to evaluate his choices. Ways to determine best chair for the job is from the size of the chair, style, color and design. Here is an article that covers all you need to know before buying a plastic chair.

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Where to use plastic chairs

Plastic hairs are versatile and perfect for home or office use, places you find them are parks, drinking joints, entertainment centers, churches, hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets.

Plastic Chairs Price in Nigeria
plastic chairs

Places that use plastic chairs

  • home or office
  • parks
  • drinking joints
  • entertainment centers
  • churches
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • fast food outlets

Types of plastic chairs

Plastic chairs are made from different compounds based on the manufacturers preference. They include synthetic compounds like acrylic, pvc, polypropylene while manufacturing process are injectable molding process.

Types of plastic are foldable plastic chairs, plastic rocking chair, cushioned plastic chair, fancy plastic chair, ball chair, kids rocking chair, molded glossy chair, armless plastic chair, arm plastic chair.

Others are baby plastic chair, plastic shower chair, geometry design plastic chair, round plastic chair, plastic LED chairs, Plastic Dining Chairs.

More include Plastic Banquet Chairs, perforated, Low-Level Plastic Lawn Chairs:Plastic Easy Chairs, linked plastic office chairs.


  • foldable plastic chairs
  • plastic rocking chair
  • cushioned plastic chair
  • fancy plastic chair
  • ball chair
  • kids rocking chair
  • molded glossy chair
  • armless plastic chair
  • arm plastic chair
  • baby plastic chair
  • plastic shower chair
  • geometry design plastic chair
  • round plastic chair
  • plastic LED chairs
  • plastic dining chair
  • plastic banquet chair
  • perforated
  • low-level plastic lawn chair
  • pastic easy chair
  • llinked plastic office chairs

Foldable plastic chairs

Foldable plastic chairs have good weight capacity, are easy to store and carry. They are ideal for the beach, casual occassions and made from resilient plastic.

Stackable perforated plastic chairs

Stackable perforated plastic chairs are comfortable and ideal for garden or balcony. They comfortable have different colors are easily stored and fun chairs.

Linked plastic chairs

Linked plastic chairs are perfect for halls, schools, hospitals and waiting room. They come in a variety of colors, however they are not stackable.

Low level plastic lawn chair

As the name implies the chair is made for outdoor usage. Lawn plastic chairs are low seats for leisure sitting.

Plastic banquet chair

Plastic banquet chair are popular in public gatherings like wedding ceremony, corporate meetings, political gatherings.

Plastic LED chairs

Plastic LED chairs glow in the dark and come in beautiful colors, they are perfect for nightclubs or event centers.

Armless and arm plastic chairs

Armless and arm plastic chairs are the most popular chairs in Nigeria, they are used for all occasions and perfect for home or office.

Advantages of plastic chairs

There are many advantages to using a plastic chair, they are affordable and come in different varieties for any specification.

They are durable, lightweight and easy to move around. Other advantages are endless choice of color, are weather and termite proof. The chairs are easy to store because they are stackable while some are foldable.

Disadvantage of plastic chairs

They are not as durable as quality wood like mahogany, have shorter lifespan and are not biodegradable.

Plastic Chairs Price in Nigeria

Price range for the chairs start from N3,000 to N 35,000 NGN.

Popular types of plastic chairs

  • Kiddies Plastic Chair
  • Strong Plastic Chairs(Simple) Wholesales
  • Plastic Chair Iron Leg Wholesale
  • Plastic Fiber Chair With Wood Leg
  • Quality Plastic Chair
  • Malibu Plastic Outdoor Chairs
  • Restaurant Fiber Plastic Chair
  • Slim White Plastic Chair
  • Foreign Stainles Plastic Chair
  • Elephant Strong Plastic Chair
  • Bamboo Plastic Chair
  • Plastic Armless Chair Is Good in All Occasions

Where to buy plastic chairs

Most shops that sell plastic furniture or household items have plastic chairs for sale. You can buy them from online stores like Jiji, jumia or Konga.

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