Price of Bed Frames in Nigeria

What is a bed frame

A bed frame is part of a bed that includes a based made to position and support a mattress. It folds the mattress in place which orevents it from gliding or falling off. A bed frame is either metal or wood with a head,foot or bed base and side rails.

Price of Bed Frames in Nigeria
Price of Bed Frames in Nigeria

Types of bed frames

Types of bed frames are wooden drawer beds, brass bed, and iron beds. Brass beds are either plain or elaborate based on the furniture makers design. Some have extensive ornamentation including those from the Victorian era, and Art decor.

Wooden drawer beds

Wooden drawer beds are bed frames made from wood with drawer compartment. The type of wood include oak, plywood, mahogany etc. Wooden frames are the most common type of bed frames in the market.

Iron bed frames

Iron beds have iron headboard and footboard made from steel, iron beds are handmade or casted including cold roll, use of heavy-gauge steel, tubing and solid bar stock.

Platform bed frame

Platform bed frame have a sturdy bade and doesn’t require box spring, they are modern practice and comfortable however this bed type is low to the ground.

Adjustable bed frames

Adjustable bed frames use remote control to lower or raise the headboard, they are good quality but pricey.


  • Wooden bed frames
  • Iron bed frames
  • Brass bed frames
  • Adjustable bed frames
  • Platform bed frames
  • Upholstered bed frames

How to Choose a Bed Frame

A mattress without a bed frame is like a bicycle without a seat, it will loose the frames support, stability and foundation.

The frame and bed work together for a comfortable sleep and a good night’s rest. Here is how to choose the right bed frame.

Things that determine the bed frame are your budget, size of bed and material. You need to determine how much you want to spend because bed frames cost anywhere from N60,000 to N300,000 NGN.

Bed frame size

Next you need to decide on the size of bed, the size of the frame will determine the mattress size. Sizes include twin beds, Twin XL, Full/Doubl 54” x 75”, King – At 76” x 80, Queen –60” x 80”, and California King – 72” x 84”.

Bed heights

To determine your choice you need to consider the bed height. Some are low beds, others 2 ft from the ground and some even heigher. Choose the height you are comfortable with before making a choice.

Box spring

If you want to use a box spring make sure the one you choose can accommodate box spring. Next determine the style of bed that is perfect for your bedroom, traditional Ed frames come with added features like upholstered headboard or Wood accents.

Choose the type of frame

As explained earlier there are 3 major types of frame wood, steel or brass, you need to choose the type of material that complement your room.

How do you know if a bed frame is worth the cost?

Because of the huge price disparity it is easy to buy a substandard bed for huge sum. However there are many ways to know if the frame is worth the cost, first look at the construction, type of material if it’s durable and high quality.

Then look at the stability and amount of support for the mattress. Many quality bed frames have large sturdy headboard and footrest.

Price of bed frames in Nigeria

Blekn – Bed Frame & Dresser Set

Bed frame and dressing table with two side drawers
Hog Furniture

Nk Storage Platform Bed(7 By 6)
₦198,000.00 Type is Platform

Platform bed frame design with chest of 8 drawers
Hog Furniture

Bed frame With Drawers And Bookcase
₦120,000.00 Type is Platform

Platform bed frame design with chest of 8 drawers
Hog Furniture

Platform Bed With Drawers And Bookcase

Bed Frame With Two Bedside Drawer – Mdf Made – 6ft X 6ft
₦120,000.00 Platform type.

Bed Frame With Drawers – 4ft By 6ft – Black

Where to uy bed frames

Places to buy bed frames are Viva furniture, MOUKA FOAM deport, Discounted Luxuries, EArthEood furniture. You can buy the furniture from HOG Furniture, Jumia, Konga.

How much does a bed frame cost on average?

Bed frames cost on a erage from N65, 000 to N360,000.

How much does it cost to build a bed?

It costs about N80, 000 to N110,000 to build a bed.

Benefits of a good comfortable bed

Once you have bought the frame you need a comfortable mattress, benefits of a good mattress are quality night sleep,proper form and posture. Others include good mental and emotional health.

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