How to choose the right furniture for your restaurant

The first thing you notice in a well planned restaurant is the furniture, therefore choosing the right furniture, color scheme and decor is very important.

Getting it right involves proper use of space, furniture placement, artwork and the total ambiance.

There are a few things to onsider before buying restaurant furniture, you need to look at the space, type of clientele, and structure. Is the restaurant going to operate a booths or use an open plan system.

The cushion material should be tough and easy to clean while the choice of chair is a sturdy durable one.

Finally you need to consider the size and shape of the table. Are the tables square, or round, movable or affixed.The table base will determine the number of people each size of table can comfortably accommodate.

Knowing your customer base is the best way to determine the type of furniture you need. For example a “Mamma put” bucataria can use plastic chairs.

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restaurant furniture
restaurant furniture

Things to consider

  • Color scheme
  • Decor
  • Space
  • Artwork
  • Clientele
  • Furniture placement
  • Booth or not
  • Chair
  • Cushion
  • Table

List of furniture in restaurants

A few type of furniture are needed in a standard restaurant, they include Serving trolley, beverage dispenser, wine storage, barstool, bar counter, restaurant booth, high tables, canteen table, restaurant chairs.

The service trolley is used to carry food from kitchen to customers, beverage dispenser for beverages. It needs a wine storage , bar stools in the establishment has a bar and a bar counter. Finally many have booths, high or regular tables, canteen tables and chairs.

Furniture types in restaurants

  1. Serving trolley
  2. Beverage dispenser
  3. Wine storage
  4. Barstool
  5. Bar counter
  6. Restaurant booth
  7. High tables
  8. Canteen table
  9. Restaurant chairs

What types of chairs are used in restaurant?

There are different types of chair used in restaurants like the Wood chairs, Rustic chair, Armchair, Plastic chair, Bentwood chair, Chiavari chair, Aluminum chair.


  • Wood chairs
  • Rustic chair
  • Armchair
  • Plastic chair
  • Bentwood chair
  • Chiavari chair
  • Aluminum chair

Aluminum chair

An aluminum chair is made from aluminum tubes that provides a roundness and softness, they are available with or without arms, with solid or mesh back.
Some have high pressure casting or frame with powder coated die cast aluminum with nylon glides.

Bentwood chair,

Bentwood chairs a classical French chairs developed by a German in 1800s. Similar to Windsor chair the manufacturer bends the wooden rod to the required shape after heat treatment.

Rustic chair

A rustic chair is built using natural elements like logs, twigs, sticks to produce a natural looking chair. This type of chair is common in outdoor restaurants.

chiavari chair

chiavari chair has bamboo-like joints carved into its frame that is the major distinguishing feature from other chairs. They are lightweight and elegant with a sophisticated iconic look.

Wood chair

Wood chair is one of the most common chairs used in restaurants, this is because they are easier to make and sturdy.


Armchairs are ideal for formal restaurants with high-end customers. There are different types of armchair like those with highback or mesh back chairs.

Types of Restaurant Table and Chair

Restaurant/Banquet 4chairs And Aluminum Table

Restaurant Chair and Black Aluminum Table

Foldable Round Aluminum Table

Portable Aluminum Table

Folding Aluminum Table

Aluminum Round Table

Strong Aluminum Table With Chairs

Plastic/aluminum restaurant furniture

Where to buy restaurant furniture

Look for them at furniture stores, online stores or have them customized to order. There are many stores that sell plastic chairs which a cheap and affordable.

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