Different Types of Bar Stool

If you are looking to buy bar stools then this article is for you. We will highlight different types of stools, their uses and price.

Different Types of Bar Stool

Table of content

  1. What’s a bar stool
  2. Uses of bar stool
  3. Bar stool material
  4. Materials
  5. Types of bar stools in Nigeria
  6. Types
  7. How to choose a bar stool
  8. Price of bar stool
  9. Price of bar stool in Nigeria
  10. Whee to buy a bar stool

What’s a bar stool

A standard bar stool is a tall seat without support for back or arms that are found in drinking,or eating establishments. The pub chair comes with a footrest for the feet and some have midback and are perfect for high tables or counter.

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Uses of bar stool

First made popular in the 1800s the
tall stools are ideal for small spaces or to optimize seating in pubs or bars. The furniture ensures a customer stays longer as opposed to standing while having a drink.

Bar stool material

Made from different material the tall chair needs to be sturdy to carry the weight of the user. Another reason is the stool are usually located in hight traffic areas.

Bar stools are mostly made from wood or metal without padding on seat, arm or backrest, however some have footrest.


  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Metal
  • Cast block

Different Types of bar stools

You get the full range of bar stools in Nigeria, they include wooden bar stools, modern stools, flour mounted stools, stackable bar stools

More types are tall, extra tall stools, short, extra short and adjustable stools, regular wooden bar stools.


  • wooden bar stools
  • modern stools
  • flour mounted stools
  • stackable bar stools
  • tall, extra tall stools, short, extra short
  • adjustable stools
  • regular wooden bar stools

How to choose a bar stool

To choose a bar stool you need to consider surface length, surface length will determine the number of stool to arrange side by side.

The average space for a stool is about 21”-24”, therefore the number of stool is determined by the length of the counter divided by amount of space you want to reserve for each stool.

Price of bar stool

The price of bar stool depends on the material used in it’s construction. For example Round Short Bar Stools cost $10 while Quality Fibre Barstool is $50

Others are Quality Barstool for $60, Btudio Or Barstools $25 , High Back Plastic Bar Stools

Popular bar stool

  • Classy Gold Bar Stools
  • High Back Plastic Bar StoolsNon Swivel Short Bar Stools
  • Bar Stool Chair
  • Studio Or Barstool
  • Quality Barstool
  • Quality Fibre Barstool
  • Round Short Bar

Where to buy a bar stool

Buy them from any reputable furniture store or have an experienced carpenter build them. Places to buy readymade ones are furniture factories, shopping mall, local carpenter.

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