Price of Kitchen Sink in Nigeria

What is a kitchen sink?

A kitchen sink is a wash bowl or basin with a tap for washing plates, cups and other utensils. It is found in modern homes and made from different material like stainless steel or casted iron.

Uses of kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is

Price of Kitchen Sink in Nigeria

Used to wash:

  • Hands
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • cooking pots
  • Fork
  • Spoons
  • Knives

Description of kitchen sink

A kitchen sink is a washbowl shaped plumbing fixtures with a tap or faucet that supplies water and may include a sprayer. It has a drainage hole with a strainer to prevent food waste clogging they hole. Usually installed beside or in a counter another feature is the integrated soap dispenser.

Types of kitchen sink

If you are look for a kitchen sink you have a choice of 8 types. You have the Bowl sink, Dop in kitchen sink, stainless steel, solid surface, undermount, farmhouse sink, cast iron, fire clay.


  1. Bowl sink
  2. Dop in kitchen sink
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Dolid surface
  5. Undermount
  6. Farmhouse sink
  7. Cast iron
  8. Fire clay

What are the materials in a sink

Sinks are made from different material like ceramic, granite, glass, wood, terrazzo, stone, stainless steel, resins washbasin, Porcelain.

Others are soapstone, polyester, plastic, nickel, marble, granite, glass, copper, concrete.


  • ceramic
  • wood
  • terrazzo
  • stone
  • stainless steel
  • resins washbasin
  • porcelain
  • soapstone
  • polyester
  • plastic
  • nickel
  • marble
  • granite
  • glass
  • copper
  • concrete

Types of kitchen sink in Nigeria


Designed for high-end clientele undermount is a workstation sink with overhanging lip on front and back that acts as a track for sliding built-in accessories.

Concrete kitchen sink

concrete sinks are made out of a mixture of sand and gravel stones. They are heavy, durable material however not easy to clean.

Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sink is the most popular kitchen sink in Nigeria, they are durable, long lasting and lightweight.

Types of stainless steel sink are parker As229 Linen S/Steel Sink Corner 830X830Mm Drop In, Stainless Steel Sink With Tap – Double bowl.

Price of stainless steel sink

Stainless Steel Sink With Tap – Double Bowl- ₦100,000.00, Number of Bowls 2

Parker As229 Linen S/Steel Sink Corner 830X830Mm Drop In
Pennyware Distributors
Number of Bowls
One Bowl

Parker As84 Glass White S/Steel Sink 860X500Mm Drop In
Number of Bowls
One Bowl

Marble sink

A marble kitchen sink is the definition of style and luxury, fully customized stone, onyx or marble kitchen are pricey. They are strong, durable and easy to clean and come in different shapes and sizes. Types of marble sink are Marquinia Marble Sink, Calacatta marble, Carrara marble.

Price of marble sink

Marlene Poly Marble Supreme Basin 750

Marlene Poly Marble Slimline Basin 1600 Double Bowl

Marlene Poly Marble Slimline Basin 450

Porcelain sink and Ceramic sink

Ceramic sink are easy to clean and durable, similar to proclaim sink, they are heat resistant.

Quality Ceramic Sink
₦ 98,000

Ceramic Sink Available
₦ 65,000

Single Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sink with Side Tray
One Bowl

Granite kitchen sink

Granite sink is manufactured from a mix of acrylic resin and granite stone, the composite material is durable and a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Not common in Nigeria the sink is pricey starting from N180,000 NGN ($300) to N360,000 ($600). There are even more expensive ones that sell from N600,000 ($1200) to N1,2m.

How to choose the right kitchen sink

There are a few things to consider before chosing your kitchen sink, make sure it is the right material for your home. Then determine if you want a drop-in or undermount, measure the space for the sink to make sure you select the right size. Finally determine the cabinets location and buy either a single, side or double bowl sink

How to choose the right one

  • material
  • determine a drop-in or undermount measure the space
  • select the right size
  • determine cabinets location
  • buy either a single, side or double bowl sink

Whee to buy an entertainment center

You can buy your kitchen sink at any store that sell kitchen accessories.

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