Price of Center Tables in Nigeria

What is a center table?

A center 5able is a striking piece of furniture that resembles a small table placed in the center of the living room. They come in different shapes and sizes and are sometimes referred to as coffee tables. Although some people use the comparison coffee tables are usually lower 8. Height than center tables.

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center table
center table

Use of center table

A center table is used to provide form and balance to a sitting room arrangement, it is placed in the center of the chairs with enough space to move around.


  • A center table is used for aes6
  • Balances the furniture
  • Storage
  • Coffee table

Types of center tables

When to comes to center tables you have a huge choice based on designs. You have the mirrored center table, vintage aesthetic design, glass , oval coffee table, Eden center table, plaza table, wooden, contemporary metal center table. British classic, modern center table.


  • mirrored center table
  • vintage aesthetic design
  • glass
  • oval coffee table
  • Eden center table
  • plaza table
  • contemporary metal center table.
  • British classic
  • modern center
  • Wooden

How to choose a center table

To choose a center table the size of the table is an important factor, look at the shape or design to see if it matches your furniture. Other things to consider are functionality, shape, material and price

Choosing a center table

  • size of the table
  • shape or design
  • see if it matches your furniture
  • functionality
  • material
  • price

Price range of center table

The price depends on the construct material , size and design. Common material found on center tables are wood, glass, aluminum, steel, plast6.

Price of center tables in Nigeria

New Design Center Table Double Sided Drawer
₦ 70,000

Adjustable Cofee Table
₦ 50,000
Brand New

3in One Marble Center Table
₦ 350,000

Royal Center Table With Two Side Stools
₦ 330,000

White Center Table
₦ 75,000
Brand New

Quality Center Table
₦ 85,000

Executive Double Centre Table
₦ 375,000

Homely Center Table – Coffee Table Home Office Furniture

₦ 29,500₦ 60,000

Modern Homely Center Table – Coffee Table Home Furniture

₦ 27,950₦ 50,000

Multipurpose Center Table Coffee Table Chair With Book Shelf Furniture (Nationwide Delivery)-v2

₦ 29,500

Double-Deck White-Brown Center Table Coffee Table Furniture

₦ 23,990

Where to buy center table

Best pla6to buy center table are furniture shops, you have a choice of brandec products or to hire a furniture maker. There are some imported furniture from destinations like China or Europe. Popular shops are BoConsept, The showroomng, jumia, konga, Jiji

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