Different Types of workstations

What’s a workstation?

A workstation is a desktop or laptop computer terminal designed for specific work, either technical or scientific used by a single person.

It is usually connected to a local network or a PC connected to a network for internet service. The powerful PC are maximized with good memory capacity and software to perform specific work.

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Office workstation

Apart from the hardware solutions a workstation also comprises partitions and screens, especially office work stations. The furniture also includes chairs, tables, mobile drawers.

Office workstation furniture

  • Panel partitions
  • Privacy screens
  • Office chairs
  • Tables
  • Mobile drawers

Uses of workstation

A workstation is used for engineering task or intensive scientific work. However in modern times it’s used for business applications, graphic designers, 3d rendering jobs, freelancers, and remote office work.


  • engineering task
  • intensive scientific work
  • business applications
  • graphic designers
  • 3d rendering jobs
  • freelancers
  • remote office work

Things that comprise a workstation

Things that comprises a workstation are desktop, mouse, keyboard, CPU. Modem, powerful software.

The station has collaborative tools like video conferencing with two way multipoint reception and transmission that involves video and audio reception. This is used for organizational or group meetings or collaborative work.

A workstation should have high bandwidth internet service provided by a modem while video through a USB web camera. Some high-end workstation use powerful microprocessor.

Hardware for workstations

  • desktop
  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • CPU
  • Modem
  • powerful software
  • video conferencing
  • two way multipoint reception and transmission
  • high bandwidth internet service
  • USB web camera
  • powerful microprocessor

Features of a workstation

A workstation by definition is a PC operating systems and components to carry out specific work. It comprises different components based on the kind of work performed.

Features include high performance graphic card, operations system with advanced memory, powerful CPU with multiple processor sockets.

Others are ECC memory, memory sockets with registered modules, multiple display options, hardware from large PC vendors. An Office work stations has screen panels, drawers, tables, chairs.


  1. high performance graphic card,
  2. system
  3. advanced memory
  4. powerful CPU
  5. multiple processor sockets
  6. ECC memory
  7. memory sockets with registered modules
  8. multiple display options
  9. hardware from large PC vendors
  10. Office work stations

What are the advantages of workstations?

Advantages of a workstation are numerous from personalization of workspace, good productivity, and meeting place for conferences. It is highly expandable, customizable with good functionality.


  • personalization of workspace
  • good productivity
  • meeting place for conferences
  • highly expandable
  • customizable
  • good functionality

Different Types of workstations

There are different types of workstation like general, print or job workstations. Workstation by design include L shaped stations, cubical, linear workstation, cluster, side by side, back to back stations, Sit-stand electric height adjustable office workstations

Types of workstations

  • L shaped stations
  • cubical
  • linear workstation
  • cluster
  • side by side
  • back to back stations
  • Sit-stand electric height adjustable office workstations

Popular Workstations

Workstation electronic hardware

EPYC 7742 2.25 GHz
Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant DL20 Gen10 server 24 TB 3.4 GHz 16 GB Rack (1U) Intel Xeon E 290 W DDR4-SDRAM (P17079-B21)
5039A-iL Intel C236 LGA 1151 500W Mid-Tower Workstation Barebone System – Midi-Tower – Workstation barebone – Intel C236 – LGA 1151 (Socket H4) – DDR
ProLiant ML350 Gen10 – 2.2 GHz – 4210 – 16 GB – DDR4-SDRAM – 800 W – Tower (4U)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant ML30 Gen10 server 56 TB 3.4 GHz 16 GB Tower (4U) Intel Xeon E 350 W DDR4-SDRAM (P16928-421)

Complete office work station

Work Station With 4 Mesh ChairOffice Workstation – Blue
Double Seater Work StationOffice Workstation – 4 Units

How to choose a workstation

Before you choose a workstation look at your available space then the office layout. Make sure it’s ergonomic with adequate room for people and has proper space for hardware.

Where to buy a workstation

A major player in workstations in Africa is Senetic, According to Scenetic global they provide IT solutions for public organizations and businesses that require collaboration-friendly digital ecosystem.

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