Wallpaper Price in Nigeria

Wallpaper beautifies our homes at an affordable cost, they are pleasant and easy to use. Use them in your living room, bedroom or bathroom and are a good alternative to paint.

Like most countries wallpaper is available in Nigeria, and come in different designs, colors, textures and patterns. In this publication we will explore different types of wallpaper, price range and local markets.

Wallpaper Price in  Nigeria

Things to consider before buying wallpaper

Things to consider before buying wallpaper are the design, type of paper if self adhesive or if it requires wallpaper glue. Other considerations are material of the paper, color and size of the wall you want to cover.

Types of wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper in the market. Some are flocking, non woven fabric, non woven wallpaper, polyester, damask, brown vinyl wallpaper, foil wallpaper, pill and stick.

Others are natural bamboo wallpaper, Vinyl Grass Cloth Wallpaper, Hand Screened Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Wallpaper, removable, mural, drop match, Mylar, moisture resistant, and printed wallpaper.


  • flocking
  • non woven fabric
  • non woven wallpaper
  • polyester
  • damask
  • brown vinyl wallpaper
  • foil wallpaper
  • pill and stick
  • natural bamboo wallpaper
  • vinyl Grass Cloth Wallpaper
  • Hand Screened Wallpaper
  • Self Adhesive Wallpaper
  • Removable
  • Mural
  • Drop match
  • Mylar
  • Moisture resistant
  • Printed wallpaper

Types of wallpaper available in Nigeria

Flocking is either vinyl or printed paper while non woven offers a sophisticated look to your living room. Pill & stick does not require glue because you simply pill and stick on your wall. In the case of Cork wallpaper they are made from natural things like grass or leaves.

Wallpaper price in Nigeria

Wallpaper price depends on the material, or design, they are sold per roll. Prices in the market starts from N2,000 to N8,000 per roll.

Price of wallpaper

5d wallpaper
N6500 per roll

Bamboo wallpapers
N4,500 and N8,000 per roll.

Regular wallpaper
N5,000 and N8,500 per roll

Vinyl wallpapers
N4,500 and N7,000 per roll.

3d Flock wallpaper
N4,000 and N7,500

Foil wallpapers
N5,000 and N7,500 per roll.

Liner wallpapers:
N3,500 and N5,500 per roll.

3d Flock wallpaper
N6,000 and N8,000 per roll.

Mylar wallpapers:
N3,000 per roll.

Prices of wallpaper in Nigeria

White Pe Foam 3d Self Adhesive Wallpaper Sticker – Extra Large

Brown And Grey Bricks Wallpaper

Water & Oil-proof Pvc Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Geometric 3D Wallpaper – Black & White – 5 Sqm

Vinyl Design Wallpaper

Where to buy wallpaper in Nigeria

Places to buy wall paper are Wallpaper Pavilion, 3D Panel Nigeria, Orbit, Wallpaper Mart, Decor City Nigeria, DeArtsy Interiors.

Where to buy the paper

Wallpaper Pavilion
3D Panel Nigeria
Wallpaper Mart
Decor City Nigeria
DeArtsy Interiors

Wallpaper Adhesive

To stick wallpaper on your wall you need adhesive glue. Wallpaper adhesive are specially formulated for the job. Five most common wallpaper adhesive are ready to use paste, paste the wall adhesive, heavy duty adhesive, all purpose paste.

It is important to choose the right one based on the type of wallpaper you buy. If you choose the wrong one it can spoil the paper.

Types of wallpaper adhesive

  • ready to use paste
  • paste the wall adhesive
  • heavy duty adhesive
  • all purpose paste
  • cold water paste

Types of adhesive

All purpose paste and heavy duty paste

All purpose paste is perfect for any type of wallpaper, it comes in ready mix or powder. Heavy duty paste is vinyl based instead of water based, they are perfect for thick wallpaper and are stronger and long lasting.

Cold water paste

The most common type of adhesive is the cold water paste, it comes in powder form and you only have to mix with water to form a paste. When you mix the cold water paste make sure there are no lumps and the paste has a good consistency.

Ready to use paste

Ready to use paste is more expensive than those previously mentioned and come pre mixed. It is convenient has good consistency and easy to use.

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