Price of WC (Water Closet) in Nigeria

Current Price of WC (Water Closet) in Nigeria

WC water closets are an important fixture in your homes and offices, they provide a hygienic way to defecate or ease our selves. Found in our toilets we have a choice of different brands with both basic or automatic function.

When searching for the Current Price of WC (Water Closet) in Nigeria you need to consider the brand and functionality. It is essential to buy quality products to reduce the risk of bathroom accidents or poor waste disposal.

Other considerations are product material, design and size. The flush mechanism is usually manual, however there are those with automatic plushing system.

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Things to consider before buying a WC

Things to consider before buying a Water Closet are design, capacity, brand, size, quality of the product , manual or automatic. Others include the flush option and should be strong and durable.

water closet

Things to consider

  1. The design
  2. WC capacity,
  3. Brand, name
  4. Size,
  5. Quality of the product
  6. Manual or automatic
  7. Type of WC
  8. Flush option
  9. Strength and durability
  10. Price of WC

water closet price in nigeria

Twyford is a popular brand of water closet in Nigeria, it is strong and durable and comes in different sizes. It is sparkling white, clean with a wash hand basin for additional comfort.

Good and reliable they are easy to flush , a close couple with only seat is N29,000 while average price for a complete unit is N 35,000 NGN. (2022). Other WC brands and prices are A&S WC N50,000 to N60,000, Sweet home WC 50,000 to N75,000, Nismad WC N50,00 to N 75,000.

A&S WC toilet accessories

A&s 3 In 1 Toilet Accessories are 2 small size toilet carpets and a carpet seat cover. They are beautiful, easy to clean and offers a bit of elegance to the toilet . It costs ₦5,000 to ₦8,000(2022).

Types of toilet sinks in Nigeria

There are different types of toilet sinks in Nigeria. They include waterless dry sanitation toilet, composting toilet, gravity flush toilet, up flush toilet, double cyclone flush, dual flush, portable toilets, squat toilet.

Types of toilet sinks

  • waterless dry sanitation toilet
  • composting toilet
  • gravity flush toilet
  • up flush toilet
  • double cyclone flush
  • dual flush
  • portable toilets
  • squat toilet

Squat toilet

Squat toilet are mainly used in public toilets they are rugged and easy to clean. This type of toilet is fitted to ground level and cost from N8,000 naira.

Toilet seat

There are different designs of toilet seats from the standard flat seat to elevated or tilted seat. A toilet seat in Nigeria costs from N2,500.

WC Water Closet Price in Nigeria

Normal Size Twyford England WC Set
₦ 60,000

England Executive WC
₦ 95,000

Normal Size England WC
₦ 50,000

Twyford Normal Size England WC
₦ 50,000

Choice by Name England WC Set
₦ 75,000

WC Set With Good Flushing System Inside
₦ 42,000

Water Closet (Wcgold)
₦ 160,000

Hanging Water Closet
₦ 27,000

Complete Set of Top Flush Wc
₦ 45,000

Water Closet toilet Seat cover

Sometimes all you need to change is your water closet seat, the seats main function is to avoid direct contact with WC surface. Most seats are made from plastic, however there are many made from natural or synthetic material.

Types of toilet seat covers are marble, kohler, round, temporary, those with sensor, hindi, commercial,
American standard.

Price of water closet seat

Toilet Seat Cover – White
₦3,000 to ₦3,500

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover
₦2,800 to ₦5,600

Cover Fx Twyford Soft Landing To…
₦6,999 to ₦10,000

Comfy Cushion Toilet Seat Cover …
₦4,500 to ₦8,000

A&S Toilet Seat Cover

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