Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style

Choosing the right furniture for your home is rather challenging, this is due to huge investment in the project. You need to find pieces that match you decor and style, that are not only durabile but pleasant to the eye.

In this post we have some tips on how to choose furniture that won’t go out of style in 10 years. Such furniture are usually timeless pieces made from quality material, are durable and elegant.

How to Choose Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style in 10 years

1.  Keep it simple
2. Choose functional pieces
3. Buy quality
4. Mix the furniture
5  Carefully Choose the Colors

Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style

Keep it Simple

The first rule is to keep it simple when  looking for furniture for your home. Complex designs are fun however you will get bored or tired of them in a few months.

Your best bet is to keep it simple, buy timeless furniture that are  simple or basic and the furniture should have some charm. Make sure the furniture falls within your budget and it looks right with the rest of the room.

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Choose functional pieces

Every type of furniture has it’s purpose however some trade functionality with complex designs. If you want one that lasts 10 years choose one that is functional.

For example if you want a dinning room table buy one that is function than fashionable, make sure it easily accommodates the number of dinner guest or your immediate family. You will always have room for a fictional item that meets your basic needs.

Buy Quality

You might be tempted to think about costs when buying a furniture rightly so, however think quality over cost. A quality item is not necessarily expensive, if you have a keen eye. all you need to consider is the type of material, design, functionality and furniture finish.

Quality item are more durable than cheap items that break or fade over time. You don’t have to replace quality items therefore the extra cost is justified.

Mix the furniture

To create a good balance you can mix the type of furniture you buy, look for classic ones alongside new modern ones. Make sure they fall within your budget and look for deals.

Carefully Choose the Colors

Choose cool colors as opposed to bright ones, cool colors have a calming mellow effect that lasts the entire day unlike load colors.

Cool colors are grey, blue, green, brown while bright ones are yellow, red, purple. You can add a few bright colors if you want to create contrast or focal points.

Timeless Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style in a few Years

Furniture That Won’t Go Out of Style

Decade old furniture that remain in style today are regarded as timeless furniture, however some modern furniture with the same classic look are also timeless pieces.

To survive that long they are durable high quality pieces and don’t have to be pricey to be regarded as timeless.

A good place to find timeless furniture are antique stores, or thrift stores. Here are examples of how to identify timeless furniture that won’t go out of style in a few years.

How to identify a timeless piece

The best way to identify a timeless piece is the craftsmanship, quality and most important the furniture finish. Furniture with distressed paint aren’t timeless however there are exception to the rules.

Look for items that are detailed but not fussy or over elaborated, however timeless pieces have classic scale. A modern furniture with details close to those obtained in the past can be regarded as classic.

How to identify a timeless furniture

  • The craftsmanship
  • Quality material
  • Durabile pieces
  • Good Furniture finish
  • Doesn’t have distressed finish
  • Detailed craftsmanship
  • Not fussy or over elaborated
  • Furniture with  classic scale


To choose a timeless piece look at the  craftsmanship, quality material and if it’s durabile. It should have good furniture finish and doesn’t have distressed finish. They often have detailed work that are not fussy or over elaborate and the furniture conforms to classic scale and size.

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