How to Choose an Interior Designer

Choosing an interior designer is a herculean task because there are many designers in the market. It is difficult identifying the good and genuine ones because there are many people doing interior design work.

As a client you need things done perfectly to your taste and expectations, this is because after the job is done you are the one to live in that space.

Therefore it is extremely important to choose a qualified interior designer for the job. In this post we will highlight steps to take to choose the right interior designer.

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How to Choose an Interior Designer
Interior Designer

What does an interior designer do

The job of an interior designer is to offer advice on interior pieces. They help choose furniture, lighting, flowers, colors, fabrics, furniture placement.

Things to consider before you choose an interior designer

Before you choose an interior designer you need to know your style and make sure it is similar to that of the designer of your choice,  then take a look at their portfolio.

Other considerations are your budget, meeting a few designers and asking them lots of questions. You need to have an open mind to their suggestions after-all they are professional and know what works.

What to do before hiring an interior designer

  • Identify your style
  • Make sure your style is similar to designer
  • Look at their portfolio
  • Make a budget
  • Meeting a few designers
  • Asking them lots of questions
  • Be open minded
  • Listen to their suggestions
Interior Design
Interior Design

10 Steps To Follow When Choosing An Interior Designer

Step 1
Define your style

Everybody has there own style and taste when it comes to furniture or interior design, knowing what you want or expect will invariably determine the best choice for your project.

It is important to find designers with similar tastes or ideas this is because most designers have a signature style. If you are an antique furniture lover a designer with a style that feature antique pieces is your best bet.

Step 2
Study their portfolio

Every interior designer worth his salt has a portfolio of his work. To determine the best one for your needs look at their portfolio to find those that match your style. Make sure the portfolio is a true representation of their work and then interview the designer. Don’t get pressured to hire them until you have made up your mind.

Step 3
Look at your budget

Interior designing does not come cheap and is a major expenditure. Therefore you need to carefully consider your budget to meet your expectations. Set your budget and find out the fixed or hourly rate of the designer.

You need to factor the cost of the furniture and desiger fees, once you’ve done the maths this will narrow down your choice.

Step 4
Meet the designer

The first thing to find out is if they charge for the session, most don’t but some do. We don’t expect you to start spending your hard earned money for just meeting one, make sure you find out before go to meet the person.

Step 5
Ask the designer questions

When you meet the designer observe the surrounding, their personal style and personality, look or ask for any professional certificate, referrals or membership. You need to ask them many questions before you determine if you can work with them.

Step 6
Have an open mind

Although you have an idea of what you want you need to have an open mind after all they are professionals and know what they are saying. Try to listen to their suggestions even if they are different from yours.

Step 7
Make sure their estimate matches your own

It is important to make sure their estimate matches your own, so you don’t spend over your budget or go crazy. The best way to achieve this is to compare notes.

Step 8

Create time for the project

You need to create time for the project by modifying your schedule. Once you have come to an agreement and know when the project will start you need to work with the designer to bring your vision to life.

Step 9
Sign a contract

Before any work is done you need to sign a contract. The contract should cover the entire cost of the project so you don’t bare any unexpected costs.

Step 10

Make a plan

Designing a space requires moving or removing furniture around, without a plan the work can easily overwhelmed you. Make sure your plan works seamlessly with that of the designer.

Where to find interior designers

Once you have mapped out the strategy then you need to find the interior designer. The best place to start your search is online, all you need to do is type “interior designer near me” and you will get a whole lot of choices including paid adverts and locations.

Make sure you vist the websites and look through their portfolios, then search for customers impression of the company before finally visiting their show room.

Another way to find them is to look at local newspaper advertisements, search furniture magazines, and look at directories or yellow pages. If you have a friend who recently did some interior work get the reference from the person.

On your television there are many interior design programs all you have to do is reach out to a few. There are many online work hubs where you can find interior designers in your area, popular work websites are Fiverr, Upwork, Houzz.

Other places to find them are showrooms, model homes, local design magazines, from professional organizations like American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Where to find interior designers

  • Online quarries
  • Websites
  • Online job hubs
  • Newspaper adverts
  • Social media channels
  • Directories
  • Yellow pages
  • Television adverts, programs
  • Referral
  • Showrooms
  • Model homes
  • Local design magazines
  • Professional organizations American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Ask About their Professional Qualifications and Certification

To avoid hiring a quack you need to ask for their professional qualifications and certification. Are they a member of any recognized professional body.

Choosing the right interior designer is very important if you want to get the best results at a cost effective price. Always take your time to research, find references and study their portfolio.

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