What is a chaise lounge?

Chaise longue is an upholstered long chair that supports the legs. Made in France the lounge shaped like a recliner is literally translated to as long chair. It’s history is traced back to 16th century France, was manufactured by French craftsman for the super rich, the idea was a simple place to sleep or rest without retiring to the bedroom.

During the late Baroque movement it became a luxury item made from expensive material, the chaise longue became popular and a status symbol. In modern homes it is still regarded as a status symbol, however chaise lounge are more commonplace and made from regular upholstery.

What is the purpose of a slipper chair?

Where chaise lounge is used?

The lounge is used in many locations around the house, office or commercial shipping. They are perfect for lounge area, reading room, library, living room, bedroom, patio.

Things to consider before buying a Chaise Lounge

There are a few things to consider before buying a chaise Lounge. You need to look at the style or scale of the lounge, then pay attention to type of fabric.

Pay attention to style or scale

This type of lounge come in different styles or scale, if you have a small space then you need one that is relatively tiny, not every room can accommodate a chaise Lounge.

If you have a large living room then buy a large to medium sized lounge, work with the type of decor or furniture for a perfect balance.

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Pay attention to type of fabric.

Since they come in different fabric material it is important to pay attention to type of fabric. Common fabric on the lounger are tough stain, resistant fabrics or easy to clean material. Also look at the color, designs or print so they match the general theme of your living area.

Determine design best for you

Your style choices include the chair design, type of fabric, furniture finish and the components. Your choice of design options are arm or armless, round back, curved or flat.

Types of chaise lounge

Every chaise lounge is different based on the manufacturers design. Easy ways to differentiate them is by the design, furniture finish and material. There are Chaise lounge with armrests and those without armrest and those made for interior or outside use.

Chaise lounge with armrests

Chaise lounge with arms are Perigold, France and Son Pamana, Crate and Barrel, Overstock, 1st dibs, Zgallerie. Others are ikeo, Jayson home, Chairish, Restoration Hardware, Wayfair, interior Define, Havertys, Pottery barn.

Chaise lounge with arms

  • Perigold
  • France and Son Pamana
  • Crate and Barrel
  • Overstock
  • 1st dibs
  • Zgallerie
  • ikeo
  • Jayson home
  • Chairish
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Wayfair
  • Interior Define
  • Havertys
  • Pottery barn

Interior Chaise lounge

Interior Chaise lounge are perfect for indoor use, categories of the lounge chair includes the fainting couch and lounge chair.

lounge chair

A lounge chair although it has some similarities with fainting couch it has an adjustable back that you can recline almost flat with an elongated seat and perfect for office or library.

Fainting couch

It seems in Victorian times women were prone to fainting hence the fainting couch, the couch was placed in a quiet area for them to recover.

According to studies the fainting was a result of the heavy garments or corsets they wore in that era. They might have experience heat, fatigue, shortness of breath because of the heavy cloths.

Basic design of the fainting couch is a long lounge, half or no back couch with 1 or 2 armrest, low seat wide back. Perfect placement of the couch is beside a window for maximum ventilation.

Type of material on Chaise lounge


Ttypes of material found on the lounge chairs depends on the manufacturers design, choices include brocade, linen, silk , satin or velvet upholstery.

More material are leather like full grain leather, split grain, top grain, Nubuck Leather, bonded leather, faux, bi- cast. Others are polyester, microfiber.

Types of furniture finish are either wood, metal or synthetic material, different wood material are oak, pine, mahogany, cherry tree, birch, maple.

A common material on chaise lounge construct is metal. Different types of metal are satin, polished metal, brushed metal, hammered metal,
Antiqued metal.

Things to consider before buying an Interior Chaise Lounge

There are a few things to consider before buying a Chaise Lounge. Make sure you have appropriate space for the big furniture, then look at the functionality, best location in the house and price.


Space is a major consideration when choosing a Lounge, an average one is about 6 feet long with wide seat. Make sure the furniture you choose fits the space or it will not work.

Before purchase look at the product dimensions and if it requires assembling. The functionality or use of the furniture is very important, some have recliner function, armrest or no armrest, made from heavy duty material or lightweight alloy steel.


Your budget will determine the type of lounge you buy. Prices vary from one manufacturer to the next. Things that affect pricing is type of lounge, material, furniture finish. Price range is from $50 to $10,000.

Delivery options can add to the price of the product, find out about delivery fees, packaging, if it requires assembling and warrantees.

Where to buy interior chaise lounges

You have the option to buy interior chaise lounges in popular furniture stores in your area or online. You can order the product direct from manufacturers or merchantts. Buy from Amazon, All Modern, Overstock, Home Gallery Stores,Hayneedle and Wayfair.

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